Two Second Task: Now You See (Might) See It. Now You (Hopefully) Don’t.

Spider Webs in the Hard to Reach Window at

I’ve talked about this particular spot in my kitchen before. This almost-impossible-to-clean spot.

My dislike of climbing up on counters at the age of 41 is the reason I’d pretended to not see those cobwebs in the top picture?

What? You don’t see them? Oh good. Maybe the people who have been in my home since they appeared at least a month ago didn’t see them either.

In the photo, you can see the web in the corner of the window on the far right. In real life, there were equally dusty webs in two other places that didn’t show up in the picture.

I finally took the less-than-a-minute to walk to the nearest closet where I keep a *long handled dusting thingy and dust away those cobwebs.

Just to be clear, the less-than-a-minute included the walking to the closet, the walking back, the dusting, the walking back again to put the duster back in the closet, and several sneezes.


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2 Minute-Task – Cleaning the Fryer

Two Second Task Clean the Fryer (that I Used Last Week!) at

I mentioned on facebook over the summer that I was excited to find fresh okra at our local Farmer’s Market.

I. Love. Okra.

So much.


Sorry. I got distracted.

Anyway, I googled my own recipe for what I don’t hesitate to declare is the very best fried okra ever.

I also dug around in a cabinet and found my fryer.

I almost never use that thing, but when I need it (like, when I find farm-fresh okra), I’m glad I have it. I spent a few hours frying okra, (eventually) cleaned up all the other items for that insanely messy endeavor, and then left the fryer sitting on the counter.

And ignored it.

For more than a week.

At some point, Hubby emptied the grease to put out with the trash, but I still ignored it.

Finally, I washed it out (which took no time at all) when I had the brilliant idea to make “homemade” doughnuts (Grands biscuits with a hole torn in the middle) for the last day of summer break. Right. I washed it out so I could use it again.

After I used it, I left sitting on the counter. Un-emptied and un-washed.



Thankfully, on Monday, I was in a rather thorough mood as I worked to get the kitchen back on track. Instead of pulling the classic I’ll-bet-that’s-a-really-hard-thing-to-deal-with-so-I-just-won’t-deal-with-it-at-all-and-maybe-it-will-go-away trick, I stopped to think.

I grabbed a pickle jar that I hadn’t been using for anything else and poured the grease into it. I gently placed that in the trash can. I then washed the fryer and dried it and PUT IT AWAY.

Can you believe I did ALL that??

And it took a whole two minutes. Or less.



What two second tasks have you done lately?


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Two Second Task – Test the Pen

Two Second Task: Check the Pen!! at

I’ve written before about my resolve to not keep pens that don’t work.

And about how that is strangely difficult for me.

But I’m adding another Personal Life Law.

I shall henceforth and forevermore test every pen discovered during a decluttering project immediately, BEFORE placing it in the Pen Drawer.

Really. I’m not sure why this wasn’t obvious to me. When I discovered the pen in the picture above (at the bottom of an obviously dusty pile), I started to take it where it goes. Right then.

Because that’s what I do.

And then I thought . . . . “Ummmm, what if it doesn’t even work?”

And then I thought . . . “Well, if it doesn’t, I’ll throw it away like a good girl would.”

And then I thought . . . “HELLO?? What is wrong with you?? Why not test it right this very second and save that moment of frustration down the road??”

And then I thought . . . “Wow. She’s mean. But she’s also right.”

So I tested it. And it worked!

Really, my natural put-it-off-if-it’s-at-all-putoffable tendencies get on my nerves.

(As does that rude girl in my head!)


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