Two Second Task – Test the Pen

Two Second Task: Check the Pen!! at

I’ve written before about my resolve to not keep pens that don’t work.

And about how that is strangely difficult for me.

But I’m adding another Personal Life Law.

I shall henceforth and forevermore test every pen discovered during a decluttering project immediately, BEFORE placing it in the Pen Drawer.

Really. I’m not sure why this wasn’t obvious to me. When I discovered the pen in the picture above (at the bottom of an obviously dusty pile), I started to take it where it goes. Right then.

Because that’s what I do.

And then I thought . . . . “Ummmm, what if it doesn’t even work?”

And then I thought . . . “Well, if it doesn’t, I’ll throw it away like a good girl would.”

And then I thought . . . “HELLO?? What is wrong with you?? Why not test it right this very second and save that moment of frustration down the road??”

And then I thought . . . “Wow. She’s mean. But she’s also right.”

So I tested it. And it worked!

Really, my natural put-it-off-if-it’s-at-all-putoffable tendencies get on my nerves.

(As does that rude girl in my head!)


Two Second Task: De-Grossifying the Washing Machine

Photo - Two Second Task De-Grossifying the Washing Machine at

I’ll put this one under Things That Have Bugged Me Forever that I Still Put Off For Way Too Long

We’re not talking about using some fancy-schmancy washing machine cleaner. I’m just talking about wiping off the amazingly icky top of the washing machine.

I don’t like to think about what the ickiness actually is, so I don’t.

It took somewhere between 2 seconds and three minutes to clean it off with a handy-dandy Clorox wipe.

Actually, this was my first “after” picture:

Oops. Missed a Spot at

It’s amazing how an “after picture” helps you see you’re not quite done.



Two Second Task – New Drawer Pulls

Photo - Two Second Task New Drawer Pulls at

I haven’t posted a two second task in a while.

I have to post this one. OH my word, how irritated I get with myself for putting off such SIMPLE things.

Simple things that make a huge difference.

This dresser was mine as a child. When I was decorating my first child’s nursery, my mother repainted it for me.

In white. But the old drawer-pulls-from-the-70s were off-white.

So I bought some really cute ones with blue-gingham checks on them. But the blue wasn’t quite the same blue. So I planned to return them. (But ended up decluttering them years later instead.)

Meanwhile, I grabbed some cheap and lousy plastic white ones that were waaayyyy too easy for my kids to twist off.

And then I gave up.

With drawer-pull-twisting-off being a favorite pastime around here, I just didn’t see the point in getting new ones.

And we lived with almost-impossible-to-open drawers in there for a very long time. And almost-impossible-to-open drawers mean little girls learn to just not close them. And not closing drawers means things get crazy even more quickly.

And painted dressers show the effects of not having drawer pulls.

But while decluttering the kids’ rooms last week, I realized the error of my ways and then actually remembered to stop by Home Depot and grab four new drawer pulls while we were out.

Photo - New Drawer Pulls on an Old Dresser at

Which cost me a whopping eight dollars.

And now those drawers can open and close as needed, without breaking fingernails or grunting or groaning or anything like that.

(And all children have been properly threatened about drawer-pull-twisting.)


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