How a Zaycon Pick-Up Works

How a Zaycon Pick-Up Works at

I’ve shared my love of filling my freezer with Zaycon chicken many times.

But I know it’s weird. I mean, drive to a parking lot and get MEAT out of the back of a truck?

Ummmm, okay.

Zaycon’s offer to pay me in bacon to write some posts about the process was great motivation to remember to take pictures of the pick-up I did recently so I could share them with you.

And boy did I learn more that day than I expected to learn. I promise I didn’t do this on purpose to see what would happen, but I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MY PICK-UP!!!

Really. I’ve never done that before.

I have had a lot going on lately and stress tends to make my brain all jumbly and I had somehow neglected to put my pickup date with an alert into my phone like I usually do. So one random morning when I needed to leave for a speaking engagement at noon and had planned out every single second before my departure, I checked my email at 8:30 a.m.

I saw an email that said my pick-up time was starting. Right then. At 8. And it went to 8:30. Which was when I was reading the email!!!

I. Freaked.

Thankfully, the email had a phone number. The lady who answered the phone was amazingly nice and understanding and helpful. She re-scheduled my order to be picked up in the nearest pick-up location where the truck was headed next. The place was about 30 minutes from my house and the pick-up time was 10:00 a.m.

Whew. While I didn’t love having my well-planned morning totally interrupted, I was soooo happy they found a way to make it work for me.

When I drove up to the new-to-me location, I saw the enter sign at the road showing me exactly where to go. The truck makes it hard to miss the location, but they also do a good job telling you where to drive.

How Zaycon Works at

You stay inside your car, and the driver comes to your car window.

The driver immediately knew I was the one he’d missed at his last pickup spot. He explained that he was about to call me to remind me to come pick-up when my order disappeared from that location on his tablet and moved to the next location.

As he always does with the chicken, he asked where I wanted my box o’ meat and put it inside the car for me. (I told him to put it on the other side so it would be easier to take a picture! Please ignore the trash!) With chicken, he always places a plastic sheet under the box to protect my car. Zaycon brings the box right to your car

I got home and transferred the bacon to my freezer. It came already-frozen in three pound packages. This made the putting away process ever-so-much simpler than the chicken.

Bacon from Zaycon - How it all works at

I asked the driver if he always calls people who miss their pick-up, and he said that he tries. With chicken, he is sometimes so much busier than he can’t.

And speaking of chicken, Zaycon announced today that they have taken the price of chicken back down to 1.89 for the upcoming event!! Those who paid 2.49 are being credited the difference! Go check your location now to see if you can still order!! In my area, orders need to be placed by Nov 13, but don’t wait because they do run out! (I’ve missed it before because I waited!)

So how’s the bacon?

I like it, but my 12yo (who considers himself a bacon aficionado) . . . loves it. L-O-V-E-S it.

Go here (through my referral link) to see which events are coming to your area soon.



How International Bird Rescue Partners with Dawn

Disclosure: I’m a paid brand ambassador for Dawn and am sharing a series of posts this fall highlighting their commitment to saving wildlife. All opinions and experiences are my own, and I truly have loved learning what goes on behind the scenes of organizations who are committed to saving wildlife!

Dawn partners with International Bird Rescue to release birds back into the wild.

A release by International Bird Rescue on World Animal Day. Photo credit – Susan Goldman

I’ve always been an animal lover, but it wasn’t until I was a married woman that I had my own furry friend. My parents successfully remained resolute through my tear-filled childhood speeches detailing all the reasons I needed a puppy.

But I did have birds. Zebra finches. Their names were Prettyboy and Prettygirl.

Super-creative, huh?

And my chosen Girl Scout Camp Name was Ducky.

While I’ll take four paws on my lap any day, I have a special place in my heart for birds, and I’ve always loved seeing the images of oil-covered birds being washed in Dawn.

When I was in California last month for Dawn’s Day in the Wildlife event, I heard the director of the International Bird Rescue speak. I loved learning what really goes on behind the scenes of those commercials and images we see.

Things I learned:

It’s loud. While we see images of sweet, sudsy birds and hear calm music in the background, the volunteers often can’t hear one another speak over the squawking.

Birds don’t understand they’re being helped. They often fight the volunteers because of their own survival instincts.

With certain birds, volunteers have to put sheets or towels between the birds and themselves to avoid “imprinting.” You know the cartoons where the baby bird hatches and bonds with the first person it sees? Volunteers work hard to keep this kind of attachment from forming because it will make the bird’s release back into the wild more difficult.

The washing process takes one hour per bird. The biggest job the IBR has done was in Capetown, South Africa where they washed 20,000 birds. Do that math!

Dawn is a huge supporter of the International Bird Rescue. The director explained that Dawn mobilizes to get them what they need all over the world. While only the huge oil spills make the national news, there are smaller ones that they deal with on a regular basis. These volunteers stay busy.

How did Dawn get started in its commitment to saving wildlife?

In 1978, unbeknownst to Dawn, “International Bird Rescue founder, Alice Berkner, secured a Chevron grant to test all major dish soaps for cleaning birds and discovered that Dawn worked the best, cutting the oil faster than any other soap.” The organization had tried all sorts of other cleaning methods before this, and nothing worked as well as Dawn.

In 1988, Dawn officially began its partnership with IBR and has since branched out to support other wildlife organizations like The Marine Mammal Center I visited.

For more information about the Dawn family of products and how to get involved in helping save wildlife in big or small ways, visit Dawn’s website. You can also share your own experiences by tagging #DawnDayintheWildlife at or

I love this video that shows a day in the life of an IBR volunteer:

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)




How a Storage Unit Saved My Sanity (and a GREAT Giveaway from Extra Space Storage!)

Big Giveaway from Extra Space Storage

When Extra Space Storage asked if they could sponsor a post and an AWESOME giveaway here, I was excited to do it.

There was a time in my life when renting a storage space saved my sanity.

We’d moved. We had two little boys and didn’t know a soul in our new town. It was a good move for us, but I had been very happy where we were.

The stories we’d heard and hoped would happen to us (the ones where someone puts a house on the market and it sells the first day) hadn’t happened.

We tried having my husband live here with his sister until the house sold. Two weeks of attempting to keep the house perfect while also dealing with a 2yo and a 3yo on my own changed our mind. (I was a future Slob Blogger, after all.) We decided it was worth stretching our budget as far as it could possibly go (maybe a little farther) to rent a small house until our old house sold. We wanted to be together.

We moved everything we needed and left a normal-home’s worth of furniture in the house that was on the market.

(Did you catch that? We had enough stuff to fill two houses . . . )

We didn’t park in the garage of the rent house because it was filled with boxes.

It was a two-car garage.

Right after we moved, we found out I was pregnant. We were thrilled, but hormones combined with the stress of a home not selling combined with the fact that I could not seem to make a single friend sent me into a very dark place.

When our house finally sold five months later, things didn’t immediately improve like I’d assumed they would. At the exact same time our house sold, every house in our new (small) town that was a possibility . . . also sold.

AND, we now had EVERYthing we owned (which was WAY too much stuff) in that rent house.

Every wall was hidden behind boxes stacked to the ceiling.

As my daughter’s due date approached and this mama’s claustrophobia became almost unbearable, we made the decision to rent a storage unit.

I hadn’t wanted to rent one. This was a temporary situation. I kept thinking that ANY day we would find our new home and this difficult period would be finished. My excessive frugality and Make It Work!! personality had such a hard time justifying the expense when technically, we had “room” for the boxes, our beds, and our bodies.

We didn’t have room to walk around, but walking around? That’s a luxury.

Thankfully, the pregnancy hormones won. I can’t even express the relief and peace I felt after all that STUFF was in storage and we could finally LIVE in our temporary home.

I’m all for idealism. Now that I’ve been decluttering like a crazy woman for five years, I’m definitely all for purging down to what will actually fit in my house (my CONTAINer).

But I’m mostly for sanity. And for NOT tripping over things that are “temporarily” being stored in the living room because there’s no more room in the garage.

If renting a storage unit means your family can live (not just survive) in your home during a transitional period, it’s money well spent.

It definitely was for us.

The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, the house we live in now went on the market. We put a contract on it within a week. She was two months old when we moved in, but we enjoyed those two months with her in our small, free-of-boxes-in-the-living-room rent house.

According to Extra Space Storage, most people rent storage units for these reasons:

  1. Moving/downsizing
  2. Life event (going to college, death of a loved one, divorce, etc.)
  3. Infrequently used items (holiday decorations, seasonal equipment, etc.)

About Extra Space Storage: We pride ourselves on being the best in four different areas – customer service, cleanliness, convenience and security. Our goal is to make the self storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible for our customers. We’re in the business of storing people’s belongings, keepsakes and memories and we take that very seriously. This is why our facilities implement the highest security technology, perimeter fencing and the majority have a manager that lives on site.

If something truly needs to be stored, and you don’t have real storage space in your home (the master bedroom doesn’t count . . . ), a temporary rented storage space is a great option.

Now for the giveaway details!!! (Y’all, I’m so excited about this!!)

winner of ess

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Jen whose comment was randomly chosen by the WordPress Plug-in called: And The Winner Is . . .

The Prize: Extra Space Storage is giving away a $500 Home Depot gift card to be used to help one lucky winner become more organized in their lives.

That’s one lucky winner HERE at A Slob Comes Clean!!!

Restrictions: Winner must be a U.S. resident and be 21 years of age or older.

So how do you enter?

Share a photo of a decluttered space in your home on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #ESSandslobcomesclean !! Then come back here and leave a comment with the url to your entry!! (I’ll explain how to do that in a moment!)

A decluttered space!! That’s great motivation! And you DON’T have to show a before picture!!!

I know that’s a bit of work, but it’s a $500 Home Depot giftcard! Just think what you could get with that!!

So what do you need to do?

  1. Declutter a space. It can be a cabinet, a drawer, a closet or an entire room.
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Post that picture on Facebook (to the A Slob Comes Clean page or the Extra Space page), to Instagram, OR to Twitter using the hashtag #ESSandslobcomesclean in your post.
  4. Copy the URL of your social media post (detailed photo instructions are below!) and paste it in a comment on THIS post. (Replies to the email by email subscribers won’t count. You need to click on the title of the post in the email to get to the blog to comment.)
  5. Repeat for one of the other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) in a NEW comment.
  6. Repeat again for the last of the three social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) in a NEW comment.
  7. Get an extra entry by liking Extra Space Storage on Facebook and leaving ANOTHER comment saying you did that. (You only need to post a picture to one social media site to be eligible for this additional entry.)
  8. Get even more entries by following Extra Space Storage on Twitter and Google+ and leaving comments saying you did!

Don’t forget that each entry needs to be in its own comment.

Stressed yet? Don’t be. You can enter by only making it through step 4! (But once you’ve done that, why not grab those additional entries!)

And here are instructions (with photos) for grabbing those URLs you need for your comments!


How to get the url of a specific tweet

For Instagram:

how to grab an instagram URL

For Facebook, you can post in this way to either my page or the Extra Space Storage page. Don’t post it on your personal profile or it may not show up.

How to Post and Grab a Time Stamp on Facebook

Please feel free to ask for help!

Now go declutter!!!



Legal Stuff:

No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.  One entry per person.  To be eligible, entrants must submit a photo of their decluttered  space. Entrants must be a legal resident of the United States and at least 21 years old.  Contest begins October 15, 2014 and ends October 24, 2014.    After the deadline, Extra Space Storage will select one winner out of all eligible entries in its sole and exclusive discretion.  The winner will be notified by October 25th via email and must respond within 48 hours or will forfeit the prize. The prize will be mailed to the winner by Extra Space Storage within thirty (30) days of being selected.  Any taxes on any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.  Prize is offered “as is.”  Extra Space Storage is not responsible for late, lost, or incomplete entries.  Extra Space Storage reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or prematurely conclude the contest for any reason.


A few more things for my own sake: is not responsible for the delivery of the prize. I am being compensated for my time writing this post and hosting this giveaway, but the story about the baby and the stuff-overwhelm and the boxes everywhere is my own.





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