Using Dawn to Clean More than Just Dishes

Cleaning the Fish Kitchen with Dawn Dish Soap

I’m excited to once again serve as a Dawn Wildlife Ambassador!

Two years ago, I traveled to California with Dawn to experience firsthand the work done by The Marine Mammal Center. Dawn is a huge supporter of this organization and so many other wildlife organizations including The International Bird Rescue.

This relationship between Dawn and wildlife rescue is real. You’ve seen the oil-covered birds being washed in Dawn, right? Well, Dawn is used all over The Marine Mammal Center as well, though not on the animals.

Photo Credit - Susan Goldman

Photo Credit – Susan Goldman

While we were there, we had the chance to help out the volunteers in their day to day duties around the center. The center is basically a hospital for marine mammals who are injured in the wild, and brought in for rehabilitation. We used Dawn to clean, well . . . ummm . . . . everything.  We cleaned the entire kitchen (where they grind up the fish for “yummy” fishshakes for the sea lions) with Dawn, and we cleaned the crates they use to transport animals. They spend so much time and energy getting injured animals to the center and healed animals back to the wild. (Did I mention that the people working there are volunteering their time?)


We even cleaned the trucks using Dawn.

So even though I already used Dawn for many different cleaning tasks in my home before that trip, over the last two years I’ve expanded my bag of cleaning-with-Dawn tricks.

I always squirt a little on a wet dishrag as I’m wiping down counters. I love to sling a circle of Dawn around my sink to give it a good (and super fast) scrubbing with a dish scrubber. I squirt some in small buckets of water and hand them to my kids so they can clean outdoor furniture, or their bikes, or anything else that needs cleaning.

My daughter used one of those Dawn-plus-water buckets to spiffy up her play kitchen that she’ll be selling soon.

And, of course, I use it on Scruffy:

Oh my word, isn't she even cuter when she's wet??

I decided if it’s good enough for the birds . . .

No, really. I’ve heard from so many people since I started working with Dawn about all of the ways they like to use this versatile not-just-for-dirty-dishes cleaner. One thing I hear over and over again is how people who deal with puppies love to bathe them in Dawn. It’s safe for the dog while also being amazingly effective.

One way I haven’t tried using Dawn, but definitely will is on grease stains on laundry. I despise grease stains on my kids’ shirts (fine, and my shirts), and it makes sense that Dawn’s grease-cutting power would be effective on those stains.  I’ll let you know my results.

61% of Americans use dish soap for other purposes besides cleaning dishes!

Tell me the ways you use Dawn! 

Disclosure: I’m a paid ambassador for Dawn, but the obsession with using it to clean as many things as I possibly can is all mine! 


Attending Cleaning School and Another Swiffer Giveaway!


I have renewed my gig as a Swiffer Ambassador for another year!

It wasn’t a difficult decision since I love Swiffer, y’all love Swiffer, and they are a very fun company to work with.

As part of the deal, I traveled to New York with this year’s other Swiffer fanatics and attended Cleaning School.

Not really, but we did learn about what’s going on in the world of cleaning technology and advancement at Swiffer.

A few things that stuck in my memory that will interest you as fellow cleaning nerds:

(Note: you can totally be a cleaning nerd without personally having a perfectly clean home. Obviously . . . )

Some study they referenced showed that expectations/desires for a clean home have changed over the past several years. Now, the majority of people want their home to be an 8 on a scale of 1-10, with ten being absolutely perfect.

This makes so much sense to me. People are busy. I want a clean home, but am fine with a clean enough home. I just want to get it done, be healthy and comfortable, and move on to other things we have going on as a family of five. Swiffer can get your home to a 10, but their commitment to making cleaning quicker and easier and honestly . . . a little more fun fits well with this shifting in the typical person’s cleaning goals.

Swiffer is always listening to their customers. I was so impressed hearing all about the science behind Swiffer products when I attended the “immersion program” in 2015, so it was fascinating to hear about all they’ve been working on over the past year. Some things I can’t reveal yet (top secret stuff, y’know), but what got us excited was their improvements to the Swiffer WetJet. The common complaint people had about this product was that it left streak marks on wood floors.

It all comes down to AGM, which stands for Absorbing Gelling Material, which is science proprietary to Swiffer. (Proprietary = no one else can use the material they developed.)

Swiffer old WetJet vs new WetJet

Basically, it’s the stuff inside the Wet Jet pads that absorbs liquid and holds it in. So they improved the AGM and added a special purple strip thingy so it locks in the liquid (therefore drying the floor) much more quickly, and that helps eliminate the streaking.

They are not advertising this as “new” because that would involve packaging changes, etc. and their goal was to get it out to the consumer as quickly as possible. Look for the pads with the purple Absorb and Lock Strip.

I learned a lot more, but the trip wasn’t all presentations and pencils.

Swiffer is a FUN brand to work with, and they embrace the fun. We watched their history of hilarious commercials that I totally remember seeing over the years. And then we went and had some fun.

Fun, like learning a dance routine from two former Rockettes. We spent an hour to learn a one-minute routine, but it was so so fun.

Me, dancing with Rockettes!

I’m the one in the middle.

We also got to decorate cakes at Carlo’s Bakery, in the same kitchen where many cooking competition shows are held.

Our Swiffer cake creations at Carlo's Bakery

The only catch was that we had to clean up our own mess with the Swiffer stuff. My family was quite disappointed that I chose to donate my cake to a nearby shelter instead of bringing it home. Bringing it home on the plane didn’t sound the least bit fun to me. 

I didn’t get to even taste any since it had chocolate in it and I’m allergic. (Yes. Really.)

I’m excited again to host a giveaway for another Swiffer green box! Just leave a comment on this post (click on the title of the post to get here if you’re reading via email), and tell me what kind of floors you have in your home. One comment will be chosen (I’ll use to choose a number), and that person will have 48 hours from the time I send them an email to respond with their mailing address. Continental U.S. only. (Sorry!) The giveaway entries will close on October 24, 2016 at 9 p.m. Central time.

Included: Swiffer Sweeper Small Box Starter Kit, Wet refills, Dry refills, Swiffer Duster, Duster refills

Approximately $50 value.
Disclosure: I am a paid ambassador for Swiffer! Fascination with cleaning science is all mine. 

Cleaning the Bathroom, Protecting My Hands, Maintaining My Sanity #protectthis (A Sponsored Post)


We all know I have issues, right?

No? Well then, welcome.

The biggest issue I have with bathroom cleaning is the grossness. The ickiness. The feeling that if I deal with one nasty spot I’ll have to take a shower, so why not wait until I have time to deal with every last little nasty spot. Why not wait until I have time to take a shower? And wash my hair.

So not only does a mess have to break through my Slob Vision, it also has to be shower-worthy.

But shower-worthy messes are, in general, overwhelming. So I put them off even longer.

It’s a vicious cycle, people.


But, like so many of my beloved vicious cycles, it can be broken with one good DUH moment.

Like, cleaning gloves. So when Full Circle asked me to clean something while trying out their new Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves, I said “duh.”

Not to them, but to myself. Of course I have something I can clean while wearing cleaning gloves, and it was a definite bonus that these cleaning gloves are cute.

Here’s the thing. That vicious cycle I talked about can drag on long enough that I need a little stronger cleaning product, which is yet another great excuse to procrastinate and puts me through another loop of the cycle.


So I pulled on the gloves (which fit my non-petite hands quite well) and started on this spot.


I know. So awful, right? We had what I thought was an awful, horrible problem that would surely require a plumber, but then Hubby fixed it pretty quickly once I told him about it. (We have separate sinks, so I’d just been using his . . . )

I had waited long enough, though, for the sink to be fully disgusting and awful. I started out with my normal, non-scary cleaning methods, and didn’t make much headway. I had to pull out the hard stuff.

I sprayed it with some potent cleaners, and got to scrubbing. Thankfully, because I was wearing the cleaning gloves, I didn’t feel the gross-griminess or the panic that powerful cleaners were seeping into my pores. I didn’t feel the need to jump into the shower once I was done.

Which was good, because this grossness took multiple sprays and multiple scrubs. Every time I walked by, I pulled on the gloves and worked a little more. Finally, it looked like this:


Yay for gross jobs done without a full hazmat suit!

So what makes Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves different from other gloves I’ve used?


The inside is soft. They’re natural latex, but there’s a fuzziness-something inside that meant my hand didn’t get sweaty like it sometimes does inside cleaning gloves.

I also like the drip-catching “sleeves” that meant if I accidentally held my hand upright (like if I waved at myself in the mirror), I didn’t accidentally cause cleaning product to drip down my arm and send me running for the shower.

When I was done, I rinsed the gloves and then hung them on a hook under my bathroom counter.


I thought about taking them to the Laundry Room where I keep most random cleaning items, but decided I would be more likely to use them quickly when needed if they were hanging right in the place where I use them.

But most of all, these gloves are cute. And cuteness helps a lot when you’re doing something you really don’t want to do.


And . . . leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a pair of Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves! Just tell us what intimidating mess you’d clean while wearing them! One commenter will be randomly chosen as winner using, and that person will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If they don’t respond, they’ll forfeit the prize, and I’ll have to use to find another winner. You must leave a comment on the post on the site. Email responses can’t be counted. If you’re reading by email, click the title of this post and leave a comment on the site. Continental U.S. only. Read all my giveaway policies here.



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