Cleaning the Bathroom, Protecting My Hands, Maintaining My Sanity #protectthis (A Sponsored Post)


We all know I have issues, right?

No? Well then, welcome.

The biggest issue I have with bathroom cleaning is the grossness. The ickiness. The feeling that if I deal with one nasty spot I’ll have to take a shower, so why not wait until I have time to deal with every last little nasty spot. Why not wait until I have time to take a shower? And wash my hair.

So not only does a mess have to break through my Slob Vision, it also has to be shower-worthy.

But shower-worthy messes are, in general, overwhelming. So I put them off even longer.

It’s a vicious cycle, people.


But, like so many of my beloved vicious cycles, it can be broken with one good DUH moment.

Like, cleaning gloves. So when Full Circle asked me to clean something while trying out their new Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves, I said “duh.”

Not to them, but to myself. Of course I have something I can clean while wearing cleaning gloves, and it was a definite bonus that these cleaning gloves are cute.

Here’s the thing. That vicious cycle I talked about can drag on long enough that I need a little stronger cleaning product, which is yet another great excuse to procrastinate and puts me through another loop of the cycle.


So I pulled on the gloves (which fit my non-petite hands quite well) and started on this spot.


I know. So awful, right? We had what I thought was an awful, horrible problem that would surely require a plumber, but then Hubby fixed it pretty quickly once I told him about it. (We have separate sinks, so I’d just been using his . . . )

I had waited long enough, though, for the sink to be fully disgusting and awful. I started out with my normal, non-scary cleaning methods, and didn’t make much headway. I had to pull out the hard stuff.

I sprayed it with some potent cleaners, and got to scrubbing. Thankfully, because I was wearing the cleaning gloves, I didn’t feel the gross-griminess or the panic that powerful cleaners were seeping into my pores. I didn’t feel the need to jump into the shower once I was done.

Which was good, because this grossness took multiple sprays and multiple scrubs. Every time I walked by, I pulled on the gloves and worked a little more. Finally, it looked like this:


Yay for gross jobs done without a full hazmat suit!

So what makes Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves different from other gloves I’ve used?


The inside is soft. They’re natural latex, but there’s a fuzziness-something inside that meant my hand didn’t get sweaty like it sometimes does inside cleaning gloves.

I also like the drip-catching “sleeves” that meant if I accidentally held my hand upright (like if I waved at myself in the mirror), I didn’t accidentally cause cleaning product to drip down my arm and send me running for the shower.

When I was done, I rinsed the gloves and then hung them on a hook under my bathroom counter.


I thought about taking them to the Laundry Room where I keep most random cleaning items, but decided I would be more likely to use them quickly when needed if they were hanging right in the place where I use them.

But most of all, these gloves are cute. And cuteness helps a lot when you’re doing something you really don’t want to do.


And . . . leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a pair of Splash Patrol natural latex cleaning gloves! Just tell us what intimidating mess you’d clean while wearing them! One commenter will be randomly chosen as winner using, and that person will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If they don’t respond, they’ll forfeit the prize, and I’ll have to use to find another winner. You must leave a comment on the post on the site. Email responses can’t be counted. If you’re reading by email, click the title of this post and leave a comment on the site. Continental U.S. only. Read all my giveaway policies here.



Mr. Clean’s Classic Jingle Gets an Update! (Sponsored Post) #mrclean #fbf

A sponsored post!
Mr. Clean's Jingle Gets a Flashback Friday Update

Are you a jingle lover, too? I may not remember a thing from Algebra II, but I can belt out catchy commercials that I haven’t heard in 20 years, word for word.

When I was a freshman cheerleader (yes, really), I volunteered to write and direct our squad’s skit for cheerleading camp. I took a great idea from a friend and had the Generic Family speak only in commercials. It was a huge hit because everyone knew every word, and as soon as they realized which commercial Kerry (or Jerry or Terry or Mary) Generic was reciting, they joined right in and said it (or sang it) with us. Such fun memories.

I am happy to join in the fun of sharing the update to Mr. Clean’s classic 1958 jingle for #FlashbackFriday! Same recognizable jingle with a modern twist for millennial households.

I wasn’t around in 1958, but I either remember some version of the jingle or it’s just catchy enough that after about 15 seconds, I feel like I remember it!

Do you recognize the tune? Do you remember the tune?? How many seconds before you started singing along?

Mr. Clean changed how people clean back in the 50s, and I’d say he’s done it again in my generation with Magic Erasers. I’ve been trying out some of Jonathan’s tips and am working my way through de-griming my kitchen cabinet knobs and icky by the doorknob grossness! That doorknob in the pic below was so ridiculously quick to clean with no muscle oomph required.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on icky doorknob areas.



Keeping a Move-In Ready House Clean With Swiffer Giveaway!! (Sponsored post)

fun with my friends at swiffer keep house move in ready at

That’s me in the middle.

If you know who that is, you’re excited!

But you might also think something looks a little funny. Here’s the real picture:

with Jonathan Keeping home move in ready at

Within moments of posting that photo, a friend edited it.

I met Jonathan Scott (and only Jonathan) at a Swiffer (and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) event recently. (Remember, I’m a Swiffer ambassador this year.) He’s a spokesperson singing the praises of using Swiffer products to make it easier to keep things clean after a move. Here he is sharing his cleaning tips on video.

Jonathan Scott sharing move in ready tips at

Y’all, he was so nice. Very funny, very excited to talk to anybody and everybody, and just generally fun.

Some of my favorite tips Jonathan (my friend Jonathan . . . ) shared that are perfect for those selling a house or moving into one (or anyone else, really):

If your hardware (drawer and cabinet pulls and handles) is in bad shape, clean it with a Magic Eraser. He says that many times, these pieces are just grimy and a good cleaning makes a huge difference.

Pay attention to the areas around doorknobs and lightswitches. They get nasty. Use a Magic Eraser to clean them off easily.

Use a Magic Eraser to easily remove stickers and their residue from the bottoms of coffee cups, etc.

Chat Bubble 4


OK. Now that I’ve written the tips I remember, I realize they’re all about Magic Erasers instead of Swiffer. But we all know how much easier cleaning is with Swiffer, right? If you’re not sure, see the other posts I’ve written as a Swiffer ambassador here and here.

I also loved that Swiffer gave me an assignment to gift a recently-moved-or-moving-soon friend a set of Swiffer goodness! I knew immediately who I would surprise with the two green boxes. My friend, just moved into a home with all wood floors. She (and her cutie-pie) were excited to get the tools. This is something that Swiffer often does for people who move Habitat for Humanity homes, giving them the tools they need to maintain their new places!

The daughter of my just-moved-in friend opening their Big Green Box of Swiffer fun!

And y’all, because I know how excited you get, I get to do ANOTHER Swiffer giveaway!!! Same old rules, but I’ll state them again.

You must comment on this post to be entered. (If you’re reading via email, click on the title of the post to get to the blog and leave a comment.) U.S. residents only. (Sorry!) One commenter will win. One comment per person. Prizes are provided by Swiffer, not me. I’ll use to pick a comment number randomly. If (and this is the most important part) you are the winner, you MUST reply to my email within 48 hours of the time when I sent it. So pretty please, use an email address you check regularly. The giveaway will end at 9 p.m. Central time on June 20, 2016. See all my giveaway policies here.

Here’s what’s included:

Swiffer Sweeper Small Box Starter Kit
Wet refills
Dry refills
Swiffer Duster
Duster refills
About a $50 value.
Yay! And happy commenting!!!

Keeping a Move-In Ready House Clean With Swiffer pin at


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