Three Ways Your Laundry Routine Can Keep You From Ironing

Hate ironing Adjust your laundry routine instead!

Doing laundry is required. Ironing is (usually) optional.

I actually don’t hate ironing as long as I have plenty of time available to do it properly. And as long as there’s no clutter piled on the ironing board.

Hahahahaha!!! As if! Plenty of time . . . do it properly . . . no clutter?!?! (Let me catch my breath!)

Here are ways I’ve learned to adjust my laundry routine so I can avoid ironing whenever possible.

1. Don’t overload my washing machine or dryer.

I mentioned this in Friday’s post. It’s still true today. When you shove too many clothes into a load, they come out wrinkled. When my aunt told me this, I nodded knowingly (I’m good at that), but I didn’t know. I was a chronic shover, and would get frustrated when a freshly washed-and-dried load was wrinkly.

If clothes don’t have room to move around in the washing machine and dryer, they’re never going to be able to stretch out enough to not be wrinkled. And honestly, they can’t get as clean when they’re shoved in tightly, either.

2. Fold clothes as I take them out of the dryer and put them away immediately.

I’ve written about this before (many times), but it’s really/truly/honestly THE thing that has had the biggest impact on my overall Laundry Outlook. Whether you’re a one-load-a-day person or are as in love with the get-it-over-with-in-a-day Laundry Day like I am, putting clothes away immediately will rock your laundry life.

Folding immediately and delivering to drawers and closets around the house takes about 10 minutes. Or less. Once those ten minutes are gone, so is the laundry. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and off my Stress Plate.

And best of all, the clothes are not wrinkled. When I hang or fold warm clothing straight out of the dryer, wrinkles aren’t even an issue. For someone who is generally running later than she planned to be as she’s getting dressed, it’s so nice to not need to factor ironing into my timing.

3. Even when clothes are wrinkled, avoid ironing by using my dryer.

While the best part of following tip #2 is that clothes don’t (usually) need to be ironed, we do occasionally end up with a shirt or pair of jeans that has to be de-wrinkled (because some lovely child shoved it in the bottom of a closet), the dryer comes to the rescue. With any dryer, you can wet a clean kitchen towel and stick it into the dryer with the wrinkled clothes. The moisture in the towel plus the heat of the dryer helps steam the wrinkles out. (I use a kitchen towel because I like the smaller size and the lack of lint that might transfer to the other clothes.)

But with my new dryer, I love the steam feature. In about 20 minutes, the dryer runs a cycle that includes steaming the clothes (it’s somehow hooked up to water) and then tumbling them to the point where they’re wrinkle-free.

Samsung Dryer with steam Wrinkle Away Feature

Do you iron? Do you love it or hate it? What are your best tips for avoiding ironing your clothes?


Thanks to Nebraska Furniture Mart and Samsung for this fun project. I was provided with a new washer and dryer from Samsung in exchange for two posts, but received no other compensation. All aversions to ironing and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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Samsung Laundry Pairs at Nebraska Furniture Mart
how to avoid ironing by adjusting your laundry routine


My Laundry Room Before and After and New Samsung Washer/Dryer Set from Nebraska Furniture Mart! (a sponsored post)

Features of my Samsung Washer and Dryer from Nebraska Furniture Mart

My Laundry Room could have been worse, y’all.

But it was bad enough. Bad enough for its own regularly scheduled decluttering/rearranging/general-clean-up post.

The need became urgent when I received an exceedingly lovely email from Nebraska Furniture Mart (a HUGEmongous furniture-and-more store here in the Dallas area and in other areas of the U.S.) asking if I’d like a new washer and dryer from Samsung in exchange for talking about them here on the blog.

Ummm, yes please!?!?!

I had a newish washing machine that was fine, but I was in desperate need of a dryer. Mine worked, but it was significantly smaller than my washing machine. Washing bigger loads of clothes isn’t helpful if you can’t dry them all together.

Since not caring about having a matching set hadn’t worked out well, I was excited to have a new set (and to give my not-even-that-old washing machine to my niece and her husband who are expecting Baby #2!).

Want to see the before and after pics of my Laundry Room?

Do a Washer and Dryer need to match

Fine. Here’s the real before pic. But y’all, that’s its own decluttering project post. I’ll share the excruciating details of that cleanup soon.

Messy Laundry Room Before Picture

Isn’t the new set pretty? I once thought I didn’t care about such things, but I love the matchy-matchiness!

But pretty isn’t enough, so I’ll share what you actually want to know. How do they work? I’ve now done three laundry days with these machines, and I’m very satisfied with how they perform.

Things I love about my Samsung Washer/Dryer Set from Nebraska Furniture Mart:

Features of Samsung Washer and Dryer Set

  • They match. Matching capacities for washer/dryer really is important. Really, really important. My aunt explained once that clothes come out extra wrinkled if you shove too many into a load. Having a bigger washer than dryer meant I was pretty much always putting too much into my dryer. Having a big dryer to go with my big washer means my clothes come out wrinkle-free!
  • I love that the Samsung washing machine has a special setting for waterproof items (photo #1). My older-but-still-pretty-new machine had a warning to not wash waterproof items, and that stressed me out. What about windbreakers? What about shower curtains? I like knowing I can wash those things safely.
  • The dryer has a steam feature to help me refresh and de-wrinkle that last load of last week’s laundry that I sometimes don’t get around to folding and putting away until the start of the next Laundry Day.
  • The ba-jillion (<-technically an exaggeration) buttons on both the washer and dryer are actually very self-explanatory and easy to use.
  • Not that other dryers don’t have this, but I’ve never had it: I like the inside-the-door lint screen (photo #2)because it is so much easier to change than the kind on top of the dryer (like I’ve always had before). This means I actually clean it with every load like I’m supposed to!
  • Last, but definitely not least, THERE’S A SINK ON TOP OF THE WASHING MACHINE! (photo #3) Seriously. The washing machine has a built in sink for handwashing and pre-soaking (though there’s a soak feature in the main part of the machine as well). Water pours into the little sink, and it’s ridged like a washboard so you can even scrub if needed. LIKE A WASHBOARD! Little House on the Prairie meets the Jetsons, y’all. I can’t even tell you how happy this sink-in-the-top makes me. I have a very small Laundry Room (though I’m grateful to have one at all), and often sighed in self-pity, wishing I had a sink in there. While I can’t give the dog a bath in this sink (seriously, the instructions say not to), it’s such a nice thing to have. I soaked some socks in bleach in it, and just lifted it slowly and the water and socks poured right down into the main part of the machine.

Things to get used to:

Features I'm adjusting to with my Samsun Washer and Dryer

  • The washing machine is tall. And the tub is deep. I’m not tall but I’m not vertically-challenged either, and I need a stool (photo #1) to reach all the way down into it to get clothes out.
  • The sink is kind of a head-banger when you’re reaching into the washing machine (photo #2). It’s not bad, though, and I adjusted quickly and have avoided additional bangs. (For the record, the instruction book warns about this.)
  • The tops of the machines are slanted. While this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, it means I can’t pile stuff (as easily) on top of the dryer. I’m still deciding how I feel about this.
  • The dryer door opens sideways instead of down. Since I’m now an annoyingly passionate fan of folding-straight-out-of-the-dryer, I was a little panicked at first to no longer have the folding space I was used to for stacking the clothes coming out of the dryer. But, since the slanted top-of-the-dryer is clutter free, I’m using that space (photo #3).
  • The machine is smarter than I am. As a bit of an intellectual snob (translated: know-it-all), this takes some getting used to. I’ve learned that if I just let the machine do its job (starting and stopping during the steam/de-wrinkling process), things turn out wonderfully.

The delivery process:

Nebraska Furniture Mart Delivery Service

The delivery from Nebraska Furniture Mart went smoothly. The delivery men hooked everything up and moved my old not-a-set out to the garage to await new owners. They were a little surprised when I started taking pictures, as they had no idea this was for a blog post. But they still smiled!

Nebraska Furniture Mart Delivery Service Installs New Washer and Dryer


Everything was tested and working properly before they left!

See the features on video here:

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Thanks to Nebraska Furniture Mart and Samsung for this fun project. I was provided with the new washer and dryer from Samsung in exchange for two posts, but received no other compensation. All messy laundry rooms, mismatched before pics, and opinions are mine and mine alone.

Samsung Laundry Pairs at Nebraska Furniture Mart


Bleach Tablets by Clean Shot – How Do They Work?

This is a sponsored post, but the opinions and messes are all mine.

How do Clean Shot Bleach Tablets really work A sponsored post at

It was Chicken Day and I needed to try out Clean Shot Bleach Tablets. Talk about two tasks that go together perfectly.

I’m a big fan of buying chicken in bulk and then trimming it all, cooking a bunch, and bagging a bunch all in one day. It’s so much work on the day when I do it (and I never, ever look forward to doing it) but the months when I don’t have to trim a single chicken breast make it worth the day of work.

Saturday was my Chicken Day, so I cleared everything off of the counters near the sink and prepared to start the process. I was dealing with 40 pounds of chicken. FORTY pounds, y’all.

Trimming 40 pounds of chicken makes a huge and scary mess!

But once all that chicken has been trimmed and packaged, I still have work to do. This germaphobe can’t rest until every area of the kitchen that chicken touched has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Because, chicken.

Of all the things that freak me out, chicken causes the most freaking for me.

It was a perfect time to pull out the Clean Shot Bleach Tablets. Basically, I’m hyper-conscious at all times while dealing with raw chicken. I decided to fill up my over-labeled Bleach Solution spray bottle with some water and part of a bleach tablet. According to the directions on the bottle, for cleaning, you dissolve one tablet in a gallon of water. I did the math (after Hubby looked up How Many Ounces are in a Gallon? for me) and decided I needed a quarter of a tablet for my 32 oz spray bottle. I put the tablet in a plastic bag so I wouldn’t have to touch it (or go search for gloves) and it broke easily.

Breaking up the Clean Shot Bleach Tablet inside a plastic bag.

I ended up removing a few ounces of the water from the spray bottle so I could shake the bottle and make the tablet dissolve faster.

Spraying Down the sink

After wiping down the area well, I sprayed it all with the bleach solution, let it dry and then wiped it down with a wet paper towel.

I then tried the Clean Shot Bleach Tablets with my Chicken Laundry (that’s laundry that might have been exposed to Chicken Juice, not clothes worn by chickens . . . ). Because I wash my hands fifty-ba-jillion times (approximately) while dealing with all that chicken, I make sure all the towels I use are ones I’m willing to wash with bleach. I also wear an old, white, bleachable t-shirt. I then run a special Chicken Load.

Using a Clean Shot Tablet for laundry.

I loved using the tablet for laundry. Just drop a tablet in the drum and go. I shook out a tablet into the bottle’s lid to avoid touching it. (Note: the bottle doesn’t say you can’t touch them, but I’m extra-cautious like that.)

Clean Shot Tablets How they work!

Yay for being able to rest easy, not worrying about Chicken Germs after a long day of chickenizing.

And then, to see how one more suggested use works, I dropped two tablets in a toilet when I started writing this post. They don’t dissolve immediately, but I went back 20ish minutes later and they had dissolved and were ready for me to swish the toilet.

IMG_6244 (900x600)

I couldn’t get a picture that showed them dissolved. (If you’ve never tried to take a picture of a bleach tablet dissolved in a toilet, it’s not easy. Trust me.)

The camp where I worked in the summers (where I learned all about professional bathroom cleaning) had us use bleach to clean the toilets once a week. We used other cleaning products the other days of the week. I really like the idea of starting Bathroom Cleaning Day by dropping these tablets in the toilets before I start cleaning so they’ll be ready to scrub the toilet when it’s time.

My General Thoughts on Clean Shot Bleach Tablets:

These things remind me SO much of the chlorine tablets the lifeguards use in our local pool. They look and smell like miniature versions of those things. I used the Regular Scent, but two other scents are available.

In the course of about eighteen hours, I used the Clean Shot Bleach Tablets in three different ways. They were easy to use and I like that they come in a compact container that doesn’t take up a lot of room in my laundry room cabinet. They’re definitely worth keeping on hand.

They do have “childproof” lids, but obviously need to be kept well out of the reach of children. And they’re bleach. So they cannot be mixed with any other cleaning products.


Would you like to win 3 bottles of Clean Shot ($12 value)? Just leave a comment below telling me about the mess you’d tackle! One commenter will be chosen using, and when I email the winner, he/she will need to respond within 48 hours or I’ll have to choose another winner. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, and the prize will be fulfilled by Clean Shot. You must leave a comment on this blog post, so if you’re reading by email click the title of the post to get to the site and enter. This giveaway will close on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 9 p.m. Central time. See all my giveaway policies here.


This was a sponsored post, but all experiences, opinions, messes, and germaphobia struggles are mine!!!


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