Parmesan Pepper Seasoned French Fries Recipe

Parmesan Pepper Seasoned French Fries Recipe at

This isn’t really a recipe. It’s more of a What I Did post.

But I had to share. My family insisted.

I’ve seen recipes online for french fries tossed in stuff. I’m sure that information was hiding in the depths of my brain when it burst forth without specifics this summer.

Basically, this is a “recipe” born out of guilt. Out of one too many evenings when all cooking inspiration had been washed away during that afternoon’s trip to the local pool.

Rather than serve plain old frozen french fries one more time, I decided to spice them up.

Delicious French Fry Seasoning at

I placed the hot, just-baked fries into a large bowl, sprinkled them liberally with parmesan, semi-liberally with pepper and significantly-less-liberally with salt.

How to Make Frozen French Fries more Exciting at

I tossed.

I served.

I feigned modesty as my family declared these the best fries they’ve ever eaten. I nodded demurely as they begged me to make them again soon.

I pretended to shush them when they bragged about them to their friends.

Seriously, people. This is so super easy and so crazy good.

An easy (and delicious) twist on frozen french fries at


Four Crazy-Easy, Super-Quick Dinners

Four Crazy-Easy Super-Fast Dinner Ideas at

Last week was Show Week. My two boys were in a play and I was directing. A busy (somewhat-stressed) mom plus limited time to get dinner on the table makes it hard to resist the allure of a drive thru window . . . but I succeeded!

(Monday through Thursday. I had no intention of cooking on the weekend!)

Each night, I used my pre-cooked and frozen ground beef or chicken. These are HUGE time-savers.

(In case pre-cooking meat seems like a huge task, here’s some perspective. I browned eight pounds Sunday evening while making tacos. It took about 15-20 minutes of extra time to cook the extra meat. I let it cool while we ate dinner and then packed it into freezer bags. I was motivated because I knew how much easier it would make my week.. I also froze some this way.)

Chicken Fried Rice at

Monday night was my most ambitious. I threw together chicken fried rice in less than 20 minutes. I used chicken I’d cooked in the Crock Pot and then shredded with my hand mixer. The rice was leftover from Thursday night’s dinner the week before. Want the chicken fried rice recipe? Go here.

Super Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches (Perfect for Picnics) at

Tuesday was extra crazy with baseball practice at 5 and rehearsal from 6-8. We needed food on the run, so I made “chicken salad” by mixing more of that pre-cooked chicken with ranch dressing. Yes. That’s all I did.

It was a little painful to pay 3.99 for six croissants, but chicken salad on croissants is a whole ‘nuther level up from chicken salad on regular bread.  And it was either $3.99 for croissants or $20+ for fast food. With chips and carrots, I call this a meal.

These were a hit and we’re definitely adding them to our baseball season picnic repertoire. (See all my picnic recipes here.)

Wednesday was a field trip. A field trip that involved a choir competition at a place with an all-day pizza buffet. I “might” have encouraged my boys to eat one last round before we left at 3:30 just so I could NOT cook that night.

But then . . . Hubby and my daughter wanted to eat. (Whatever!) I almost declared it a Fend For Yourself Night, but then had this idea:

Meals in Minutes - Nachos with Pre-Cooked Ground Beef at

Frozen, pre-cooked ground beef microwaved on 10% power for one minute to thaw, then spread over blue (UN-photographable) tortilla chips and sprinkled with shredded cheese to melt under the broiler. Mmm-hmmm. That’ll do.

Thursday, we ended up with a little extra time (baseball practice was cancelled) so I made a “real meal” in a hurry.  Spaghetti. Not anything earth-shattering, but such a great example of how much easier dinner time is with pre-cooked meats.

Quick Spaghetti Using Pre-Cooked Ground Beef at

I often just put the meat into the pan frozen, and then add the sauce and let the meat thaw as the sauce warms.

So there you go. Four easy ways to keep from eating out. It’s how freezer cooking works in our house.

What are your favorite ways to use pre-cooked meats?





Mexican Lettuce Wraps

Mexican Lettuce Wraps at

This was one of those meals that was totally made-up and actually turned out great.

I was excited.

I do lots of made-up meals, but they don’t always turn out great. 

I decided, impromptu, to make my Mexican Casserole out of my pre-cooked, frozen ingredients.

I started pulling things out of the freezer and throwing them into the skillet when I realized I didn’t have any corn. Not that corn is totally necessary, but I was irritated. (This happens a lot.)

And while thinking of what to do and what veggie to include, it hit me that this stuff would make a great filling for a lettuce wrap. Or lettuce taco.

So here goes.


Pre-cooked and frozen rice

Pre-cooked and frozen ground beef

One can (or the equivalent of precooked and frozen) chili beans

One package (or the equivalent) taco seasoning

Oh. You want amounts? Sorry. I have no idea.


Mexican Lettuce Wraps filling

In a large skillet, combine partially thawed (one minute at a time on 10% power in the microwave until crumbly) rice and ground beef with the beans. Add taco seasoning and 1/2 cup of water.

Stir until hot and bubbly.

Serve with lettuce leaves as the taco shells.

Lettuce Wraps at

Tell your kids that if they don’t want to eat it that way, they can tear up their lettuce leaves for a salad and eat the filling with a fork. Add in a lecture about kids who don’t get enough to eat and would be happy to have a lettuce wrap.



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