Chicken and Noodles – Comfort Food in Less than Fifteen Minutes

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Again with an embarrassingly easy meal idea using pre-cooked and frozen shredded chicken breast.

We’ve been spared any major sicknesses lately, but have had some Days of General Ickiness happen to each member of the family over the past month or so. Hubby had a cold, two Sunday nights in a row two different kids had fleeting stomach bugs, and others have suffered from general malaise.

Side note: I love the word malaise. LOVE it. And love even more that when I looked it up, I found out I’d used it correctly.

Score one for the former English teacher!

Anyway, I made this two weeks in a row as a perfect meal for those feeling malaisicious.

Which isn’t a word at all. Oh well.

Did you notice how I referred to this as a “meal idea” since it’s really too simple to be an actual recipe? In my mind, a “recipe” would involve cooking the bone-in chicken from scratch and using its broth as the base.  I’ve done that and it’s really not hard, but this is easier.


One 16 oz package of egg noodles. (I’ve made this with no-yolks noodles and with regular Aldi brand egg noodles. My family preferred the regular ones.)

3 quarts chicken broth (Be fancy and use your homemade stuff. Or be like me and use whatever you have on hand. Canned, bullion, whatever.)

Some frozen, pre-cooked and shredded chicken breast. (I added about a cup and a half of shredded chicken. Add more if you like more. Less if you like less.)

Pepper and other seasoning as desired. (If your chicken broth tastes bland, poultry seasoning does wonders.)


Boil the chicken broth.

Chicken and Noodles Comfort Food Idea at

Add the noodles.

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When the noodles are almost soft enough, add the hunk o’ frozen pre-cooked and shredded chicken to the boiling broth.

When the chicken is defrosted and warmed through (which happens super fast) and the noodles are perfect, serve.

You could use more broth if you want it to be chicken soup. I didn’t. You can also add veggies such as peas and carrots or celery. My sickies were craving as plain as possible, so we served our veggies on the side.

There you go. Comfort food that makes my family feel warm and fuzzy and loved, ready in the time it takes to boil egg noodles.


Did you see the similarly fast chicken and spinach alfredo “recipe” I shared last week? Have you seen how I pre-cook 25 pounds of chicken breast and then shred it ALL in minutes so I can freeze it?


Super Fast (And Almost Embarrassingly Easy) Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Spinach

Quick and Easy Recipe Chicken Alfredo and Spinach Pasta at

Last week, I told you how I shred twenty-five pounds of cooked chicken breasts in minutes.

I promised I’d share some recipes I make with that shredded chicken. This one comes together in minutes.

Chicken Alfredo Spinach Pasta is one of my kids’ favorites. It’s so easy it’s embarrassing to post it as a “recipe.” Especially since I still haven’t attempted the from-scratch-alfredo-sauce that many of you claim is super quick and easy. If I do, I’ll share it in a new post.

Emphasis on the if.

For now, I’m getting the Alfredo sauce at Aldi for 1.69 a jar.

Please note that I am listing the ingredients for a recipe that serves our family of five with zero leftovers. The pictures, however, are for the doubled recipe, which I thought would be perfect since we depend on leftovers for Hubby’s lunches. It was too much, so next time, I plan to use a box and a half of pasta and a jar and a half of sauce.  Adjust as needed for your family.


Ingredients for super fast one dish meal at

1 box bowtie pasta

1 jar Alfredo sauce

Some frozen spinach

Some pre-cooked and shredded chicken, straight from the freezer



Boil the pasta.

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When it’s almost done (about a minute left), throw in a hunk of frozen, pre-cooked chicken and a hunk of frozen spinach.

Freezer Cooking that Doesn't Involve Casseroles at

The boiling water will thaw and warm those things in that last minute of cooking. (It might take a minute-and-a-half to two minutes since the frozen stuff will cool the boiling water slightly.)

One Dish Chicken Alfredo at

Dump it all in the colander to drain the water.

Easy Chicken Recipe at

Dump it back into the pot and add the Alfredo sauce.

The hot pasta, chicken and spinach will warm up the sauce. You can warm it more on the stove if you want.


For real, y’all. How easy is that? And my kids eat all the spinach in it even though they claim to dislike frozen spinach.

A one dish meal (veggies included) that the entire family loves done in the time it takes to boil pasta. Yay for that!


See how I fill my freezer with pre-cooked chicken here. (That link also includes LOTS of links to other recipes in which I use the frozen pre-cooked chicken.) See all my other easy recipes here. See how I make freezer cooking work for me since I don’t love casseroles!





Two Hour Crockpot Lasagna (Perfect for Practice Nights)

How to Make Crockpot Lasagna in 2 Hours at

I have a whole repertoire of portable meals for game nights, but practice nights are difficult. Gymnastics, basketball and baseball practices all seem to happen smack dab in the middle of the hour when I’d like to have dinner as a family.

We end up getting home right at the edge of what I personally consider an acceptable dinner time.

In an ideal world, I’d always think to make a crockpot meal for those nights. I don’t live in an ideal world, though, so I’m always looking for things I can prep before practice that can be eaten immediately when we get home.

My whole family loves my Skillet Lasagna so I thought I’d try making it in the crockpot. It worked!! Each kid gave it a thumbs up.

Things to consider:

I can do this in 2 hours because I pre-cook and freeze my ground beef.

It’s not gourmet. The lasagna noodles aren’t as perfect as they are in a legit lasagna. At an hour and forty-five minutes, they’re slightly al dente, but my family thinks they’re great.


How to Make Lasagna in the Crockpot at

One 24 oz jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce (or equivalent amount homemade spaghetti sauce)

Equal amount of water (I fill the jar with water and swish it around.)

1 lb pre-cooked and frozen ground beef (no need to thaw)

8 oz (or so) shredded mozarella

Coupla’ shakes of parmesan cheese

8 oz (or so) lasagna noodles, broken into bite-sized pieces



Uncooked Lasagna noodles for quick crockpot lasagna at

Place cooked ground beef (unthawed or partially thawed to the point where you can break it up is fine) into crockpot with spaghetti sauce and water. Stir in broken noodles until they’re covered in liquid.

Skillet Lasagna in the Crockpot at

Cook on high for 1.5 to 2 hrs. I usually get it going about 5:25 and it’s ready when we get home at 7:15.

When you are ready to eat and the noodles are soft, stir in the mozzarella and parmesan. These melt right away. Amounts should be according to taste. I put WAY too much in last week, but even though each serving included strings of melted cheese reaching from the crockpot to the plate, my family declared it was fine.

Hubby Stirring in the Cheese at

That’s Hubby’s hairy arm, not mine. I had to show at least one of the TEN pictures he and the boys took of him dumping and stirring the cheese. I had to run an errand so he finished it up for me. (He has embraced his role as Husband of a Slob Blogger.)


I’ll be sharing other meals I make that are perfect for practice nights, so be sure to subscribe by email so you don’t miss them! Subscribing by email is THE best way to be sure you see all new posts. (And it’s free!)


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