Is It Really Lost If I Put It There?

Losing Things after I Hide Them. Ugh. at

Recently, I’d been missing my cast iron skillet.

And my favorite medium-sized knife.

Oh. And my potato peeler.

All of these are things I use all the time, but I had NO idea where they were for at least several weeks.

Since I do have another skillet, and a bigger knife will do, I just managed.

I was pretty irritated to have to peel potatoes with a knife, though. Barbaric.

But as I tend to do, I just went on through life. Making do with whatever I happen to have.

Until one day, as I performed the now-rote task of reaching under the sink for a dishwasher tablet . . . I thought I caught a glimpse of something.

Waaaayyyy back in the back. So I contorted and twisted and reached waaaayyyyy back and pulled out . . .

My cast iron skillet. Ohhhhh. That’s right. Sometimes, when the dishwasher is full-to-capacity and already running and it’s time for the doorbell to ring, I shove extra dirty dishes under the sink.

And then (obviously), I forget about them.

I can’t even blame it on the fact that the skillet is black and was hidden in the shadows, since once I looked around, I saw my favorite knife and my peeler right there in the very front, not hidden behind anything at all.





So THAT’s How My New Chairs Look

Finally Seeing My Living Room Put Together after two Weeks at

I’ve been missing for a while. I had big plans to write ahead and have posts scheduled to go up while I took Spring Break off to be with my family. And then, the Monday before Spring Break was a completely unexpected Ice Day.

With everyone home, I was determined to spend time with them instead of working ahead on this blog-thing I do. I had big plans for Tuesday morning, but had completely forgotten that I had a rather major (three hour) dentist appointment scheduled. They called as I got home from the gym. I went sweaty. And stinky. (Though I did brush my teeth . . . )

Add this, that, and the other, plus a little yada yada yada, and I left town last week with two little ol’ posts scheduled.

And as it seems to go, my house reflected this craziness-of-life.

Remember those new chairs? The ones I (gleefully) didn’t have to set up and arrange when we canceled our church’s home group meeting due to that unexpected ice storm? Well . . . the next week was another missed group meeting because of Spring Break.

I guess it’s just wasn’t in me to spiff things up without an impending doorbell.

Boxes STILL in the Living Room at

And when there are two humongous boxes, it’s hard to care about all the other stuff that gets strewn across the floor and more.

So after a full two weeks, I finally got to see my living room company ready and decided that I do love our new setup.

I like to think that if the past two weeks had been a little less-crazy, I’d have fixed things up just because.

But I like to think a lot of things.

Just for reference, here’s a picture of the living room all put together with the old loveseat:

Before the New Chairs at


Pretty Sure This Is NOT What They Mean . . .

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t stress so much about people coming into your home. You shouldn’t feel the need to change things. You should let people see how you really live.

But I’m pretty sure this is NOT what they mean:


Photo - So Many Reasons for My Cluttered Living Room at


This isn’t actually how we “live” if you define “live” as the prolonged state and purposeful design of a living area.

It’s the result of finally getting my two new recliners that will replace our loveseat.

So I have two new recliners, their packing material, two huge boxes which together create an awesomely spacious playhouse, AND the loveseat which will HOPEfully leave my home later this week.

And when you have all that, what’s a little bit of extra clutter?

So . . . I was pretty sure the “Let people see how you really live” philosophy didn’t apply to me last weekend when I was stressing about what we were going to do about hosting our Sunday evening home group.

I’d have managed. I’d have shoved things around and possibly into the garage. But I was more-than-a-little giddy when ice began falling from the sky and we had to cancel.

Icy Sidewalk

Here’s to figuring out a solution before next Sunday evening . . .


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