Stress-Free School Supply Shopping? It’s Sortof Possible

I posted this on FB, and then realized I should put it here for those of you who aren’t on Facebook. Really, this has significantly reduced my Back to School Stress.

It’s also an opportunity for affiliate links.

Before my oldest kid started school, I had visions of strolling down the school supply aisle, leisurely filling our cart with fresh crayons and puppy dog notebooks.

That aisle is like a war zone, and with three kids and our town’s short supply of plastic folders WITH BRADS in specific colors, it is a dreaded day at the end of summer. This year, though, I got almost ALL of our school supplies early one morning, while the kids slept and I sat at my kitchen table in my pajamas. Most were comparable in price to what I’d spend at the store, so I’m done except for the things I KNOW are always super-cheap and plentiful this time of year, like crayons and notebook paper.

Glue is 52 cents at the time I’m posting this. It’s an add-on item, which means it ships free with a qualifying order over $25, but I hit that with no problem shopping for three kids.

And typing the words “3 inch binder” into a search bar is SOOOOO much easier than driving to four different stores in two different towns to find the world’s most ridiculously big binder. (So thankful they gave the option of a 2 inch one this year.)

Oh, and of course this is an affiliate link. FYI, I ordered yesterday morning, and the vast majority shipped last night and is supposed to be here tomorrow. Yay for Prime. If you don’t have it, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Someone Has to Teach Them

Someone Has to Teach Them at

Like almost every mother since the beginning of time, I found myself thinking, “How did my son not see that huge mess??”

My 13yo recently had a highly brag-worthy modeling job. The back of his head will appear on the cover of my mother’s book that will release in September.

That’s the bigtime, y’all.

Anyway, with the money he earned, he had enough to buy a certain flat screen tv he’d been eyeing. It was the cheapest one he could find with the best reviews. Evidently, the 798 pound even-bigger not-a-flat-screen TV we had in the gameroom was the wrong shape. He found this out at a friend’s house when he saw that on modern-shaped televisions, you can actually see the score of the basketball/baseball/football XBox game you’re playing.


Who woulda thought?

The square TV cuts that off (along with some other important stuff) .

The new TV arrived on an evening when I wasn’t home. Other than dad helping him move the Mammoth Old TV, he set it up all by his very self!

He did a great job, other than what seemed to ONLY be obvious to me: the insane amount of dust under the new CLEAR-BASED TV.


Like, nothing whatsoever to hide the dust that had been hidden for a very long time.

So I taught him. I had him lift his new pride and joy so I could dust underneath.

These are the moments when I have to remind myself of a story I told in a recent podcast.

I was working at a summer camp, cleaning bathrooms. As bathroom cleaners, our instructions were extremely detailed and I knew for a fact that I’d done every single thing required of me.

But when the woman in charge came in, she pointed out the faucets on the sinks. I had absolutely no idea what the problem was with these faucets.

I’d wiped them down. I’d followed the directions. I was done.

But she explained they weren’t shiny.

I had never even noticed. But once she taught me to look for shininess, I noticed. Now, I always notice and I actually enjoy shining the faucets.

But someone had to teach me.

It’s my job to teach him.

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Do You Do That, Mom?

Do You Do That, Mom at

On our trip in July, there was an unfortunate incident.

There is one member of our family (I won’t name names) who has an extreme aversion to . . .

Ummmm . . . .

(How exactly do I put this??)

. . . wet undies.

Now, before you defend this unnamed person, let me explain that I completely and totally agree that no one should have to walk around in wet undies. Really. But this Nameless Loved One tends to FREAK OUT at the tiniest bit of dampness caused by all sorts of things that others seem to not even notice.

Freak. Out.

Well, after driving ALL day and then getting settled in our hotel room to sleep before leaving for the airport VERY early the next morning, we were down to one pair of clean undies per person.


Add that edge-of-the-undie-cliff situation to the unfamiliarity of a hotel bathroom and shower, and I’m sure you can guess what happened.

This solitary pair of necessary undergarments for this certain wetnaphobe got wet.

Oh. The horror.

This resourceful mama looked around (completely missing the hairdryer hidden under the sink) and decided to iron these undies.

The Child Whom I’d Really Like to Name But I Won’t was properly appreciative.

And I was proud. In a wow-what-an-awesome-mom-I-am kind of way.

Until this Appreciative-But-Too-Honest Child asked: Do you do that, Mom?

Supermom: What? Iron underwear? No way. (Deep breath to prepare for further instructive witticisms.)

Child-Whom-I-Kind-of-Wish-Wasn’t-So-Honest: No, Mom. I mean iron. Do you iron?

Slob Mom: Yes!! I most certainly do iron! At least twice a year, thank you very much! You just don’t see me do it. You know that thing on the back of my closet door that pulls dow . . .

Will You Please Stop Talking Child: Oh mom, I don’t need to know all that. I just wanted to know if you ever iron.



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