Because They Just Don’t Care as Much as I Do

A better blogger might name this post “Labeling Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles to Keep Teenage Boys from Washing their Hair With Conditioner,” but I have a very hard time believing anyone would search for that.

Because They Just Don't Care as Much as I Do Shampoo bottles at

In case you’re one to follow along closely, you know about our broken shower.

Which might mean that when I mention it’s still broken you’ll have a much better idea of how long it has been broken than I do.

I have T.P.A.D., y’all.

Hubby has adjusted to showering on the other side of the house, and I’ve become accustomed to washing my hair in the bathtub. And I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of picking out tile. And mostly . . . T.P.A.D.

Anyway, I decided my curls needed better conditioning than I could provide with the little conditioner I had left in my bathroom, so I took a shower. I planned to use some of my daughter’s conditioner and glob it on good.

shampoo conditioner teeny tiny indistinguishable to 42 year old eyes at

As I held the bottles in multiple lights and at various distances to let my 42 year old eyes read which was shampoo and which was conditioner, panic rose in my chest at the realization that my less-observant teenage boys might not be going to as much trouble.

Even with their youthful and not-yet-betraying-them eyesight.

There’s a very high chance that they’ve been “washing” their hair with conditioner instead of shampoo, because the fact is: they don’t care as much as I do. 

They just don’t. Just like they don’t care when there is dust under a TV stand.

So I found my trusty Sharpie (<-that’s an affiliate link, FYI) and labeled them.

Because we are long past the days of helping them wash their hair, but this mama has to do what she can to make herself feel better.

And teenage boys need clean hair.


Confession: Fine. I’m glad to not have to squint and search to figure out which bottle is which.

Another confession: I made POO bigger because I’m pretty sure my kids will think that’s funny.

One more confession: Fine. I think it’s funny, too.


Since I love affiliate linking to things like Sharpie markers in hopes you’ll click out of curiosity (to see how much they go for over on Amazon) and then remember you need to order a new pair of running shoes while you’re there, did you know you can get shampoo and conditioner on Amazon too? You can even put them on Subscribe and Save so you never run out! Here’s my post about how Subscribe and Save works. 

Labeling Shampoo Conditioner Containers Because They Just Don't Care as Much as I Do at


My Blinking Problem

My Blinking Problem at

I’ve been having a blinking problem lately.

Every time I blink, my boys seem to change. There’s nothing gradual about it, and their stairstep ages (20 months apart) doesn’t seem to spread it out at all. They’re neck and neck (literally) in the game of Who’s the Tallest?

Over the summer, constant reassurance was necessary, many back-to-back moments, proving they’d outgrown mom.

Now, in early October, I’ve been left behind. No one even asks anymore. I’m most definitely looking up to make eye contact.

Perhaps it’s this won’t-slow-down thing that has been going on that made it especially painful to find this while searching for an empty hanger in my Laundry Room:

My Blinking Problem - Itty Bitty Ties at

Little bitty ties.

Little bitty clip-on ties.

One of the boys asked for ties for Christmas one year. He wanted to dress like Daddy.

Now they ask for Xboxes.

Again, I was blinking. Blinking back tears.

Their little-boy-ness was gone so fast, and it will never come back.

I want to hold on, and these ties are things I can physically hold.

So I kept one. It’s okay to keep one. The other can go off into Donation Land to be found by someone else’s still-little boy who wants to dress like his Daddy. But I’ll keep this one. Off on the same shelf where I hid the one favorite baby outfit for each. I’ve proven to myself once again that just one little item can bring back all the memories and emotions. No need to keep them all, the one tie does the job this Mama needs it to do.



Stress-Free School Supply Shopping? It’s Sortof Possible

I posted this on FB, and then realized I should put it here for those of you who aren’t on Facebook. Really, this has significantly reduced my Back to School Stress.

It’s also an opportunity for affiliate links.

Before my oldest kid started school, I had visions of strolling down the school supply aisle, leisurely filling our cart with fresh crayons and puppy dog notebooks.

That aisle is like a war zone, and with three kids and our town’s short supply of plastic folders WITH BRADS in specific colors, it is a dreaded day at the end of summer. This year, though, I got almost ALL of our school supplies early one morning, while the kids slept and I sat at my kitchen table in my pajamas. Most were comparable in price to what I’d spend at the store, so I’m done except for the things I KNOW are always super-cheap and plentiful this time of year, like crayons and notebook paper.

Glue is 52 cents at the time I’m posting this. It’s an add-on item, which means it ships free with a qualifying order over $25, but I hit that with no problem shopping for three kids.

And typing the words “3 inch binder” into a search bar is SOOOOO much easier than driving to four different stores in two different towns to find the world’s most ridiculously big binder. (So thankful they gave the option of a 2 inch one this year.)

Oh, and of course this is an affiliate link. FYI, I ordered yesterday morning, and the vast majority shipped last night and is supposed to be here tomorrow. Yay for Prime. If you don’t have it, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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