Meet Tina of Girl Meets Globe

I’m glad to say I got everything done that was pressing on me this week. I figured out taxes and caught up on several drama-writing-related obligations.

I’m not glad to say that today I don’t feel so great.  I had big plans of writing a decluttering post about my boys’ room, but that will have to wait for Monday.

But I did want to send you over to meet a real-life friend who also has a blog. I have a special place in my heart for travel and living abroad, but I did all that as a single person. I always wonder what it would be like with a family.

My real-life friend, Tina of Girl Meets Globe, has just made the move across the pond with her family of five to live near London.  She’s lived in several places in Europe, and I love reading about her adventures as they get settled over there.

They took fifteen bags on their flight and I suppose that might sound like a lot to some.  But not to me. The first time I flew to Canada to stay for a whole six weeks, I took FIVE bags full-on suitcases just for myself.

Yes. I have issues.

So, while I clean up a little around here go take a nap, you can go meet Tina.  I had so much fun brainstorming with her about blogging and can’t wait to see where her blog goes in the future!

Things I’ve Written Around the Web

Enjoy your weekend!  It’s a long one for us, which is my favorite kind!

Here are some links to things I’ve written around the internet lately:

Over at I talked about the new outfit I bought to wear to all of my no-overlapping-guests Christmas and New Year’s parties.

At About One, I shared about one of my family’s favorite traditions – a family talent show!  (Yes, I was a theatre teacher pre-kids.)

Also at About One, I talked about our (very necessary for this scatter-brained mama) homework routine.

And finally, I just guest posted at Savings Lifestyle (formerly Mommy Snacks) about how I save money on dishwashing liquid by doing the dishes more often. Yes.  Really.



A Few Links for the Weekend

I generally don’t post on Saturdays, but thought I’d share a few links to things I’ve written around the web lately.

I guest posted over at Raising Arrows yesterday, sharing how honesty has probably been the biggest factor in my deslobification process.

My next article at All You is also upLove that magazine and am having a blast doing some writing for their online version.

And . . . since several asked . . . here’s today’s reminder about voting for A Slob Comes Clean.  No idea what I’m talking about?  Go here to read my explanation.

Yes.  I do realize how narcissistic this post is.  Sorry.

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