Dealing with Rust Stains on My Stainless Steel Appliances

Dealing with Rust Stains on Stainless Steel Appliances at

About four years ago, I got stainless steel appliances.

I love them, but they are definitely hard to clean. To clarify, though, I’m not one to notice little smudges here and there so all appliances of any finish or color or type are “hard to clean” for me. I generally don’t see any issues until I know a guest is on her way.

For the first time.

Second and third time guests get a much more realistic view of our home.

I did the deep clean recently, though. On most deep cleans, I do a general wiping down and shinyfying, but I decided to get a little crazy on this one and try to deal with the small rust spots which didn’t go away with normal cleaning.

I scratched at one with my fingernail, and it rubbed off.

Yay! But I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my fingernails, so I grabbed my handy dandy go to cleaning scraper, an old credit card that I keep by the kitchen sink.

Seriously, I use this thing all the time, y’all. It’s plastic and doesn’t scratch, and is perfect for scraping burnt on food off of almost anything.

I tried all sorts of different ways, but here is what I found to work best.

Removing Rust Stains on My Stainless Steel Appliances at

Spray generously with stainless steel cleaner (this is my affiliate link to the kind I use on Amazon) and wipe off according to the cleaner’s directions, letting it sit longer according to how dirty your appliance is.

Once it’s clean other than the rust spots, spray the stainless steel cleaner generously onto the spot and then, going with the “grain” of the stainless steel, use the side of the plastic scraper or credit card (one you don’t need to ever use again) to scrape off the rust.

And that’s it.

Here are some before and after shots.

Rust Stains on Appliances before after 1 at


Rust Stains on Appliances before after 2 at

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of teeny-tiny rust spots on stainless steel? It’s hard. Really hard.


If the thought of dealing with nitpicky stuff like this stresses you completely out because you’re overwhelmed with your house as a whole, listen to this podcast from a few weeks ago.

How to clean rust spots off your stainless steel appliances at



The Great Thing About an Empty Sink

I’m going to sneak an affiliate link in here. You’ve been warned.

The Biggest Benefit of a Kitchen Cleanup Routine

I’m not really sure how it happens (again and again and again).

And I’m really not sure why the people who make refillable-for-a-discount stuff for movie theaters, amusement parks, etc. can’t make them out of something I could stick in the dishwasher.

Anything that holds food but can’t be stuck in a dishwasher isn’t my friend.

A few years ago I shelled out the money for the refillable popcorn and soda containers at our favorite movie theater. My kids were completely shocked. For their ENTIRE lives (one was eleven at the time), they’d never had a single snack at a movie theater unless they went with someone else. Mama said movie theater snacks were ridiculously overpriced and mama (that’s me) doesn’t bother with stuff that’s overpriced, definitely not with stuff that’s ridiculously overpriced.

But then I saw so many people carrying these buckets into the theater with them when we went to the fifty cent movie one summer morning. I glanced sideways at enough of them to finally see they said “2.50 refills” on the side.

I decided to leave the less-than-riveting movie to at least find out how much the initial purchase was. I must have felt generous that day, because I decided $11 for a bucket of popcorn, a large drink and a package of candy was a good deal. Especially when I was told I could get a FREE refill that day with my receipt.

My kids still tell the story of watching me come back into the movie carrying snacks. They almost passed out when I left and came back with the second serving.

Now, we get snacks.

But we never remember to wash the containers right away. Ever. And they get gross. Particularly the cups, which often contain a sugary drink.

So, a bleach bath is just the thing, don’t you think?

Every time I fill my sink with bleach water, I find myself so grateful that even though I’m dealing with an irritating would-a-non-slob-ever-have-to-deal-with-this mess, I’m not having to first deal with a day’s (or six days’) worth of dirty dishes in order to get to the sink to use it for soaking.

Yay for that.

Boo for the other, but yay for that.


One more thing. I know why they don’t make these containers out of dishwasher safe stuff. They’re trying to spend less so they can make more money. I guess I can handwash them to be able to get a “good” deal.

If you click on that affiliate link to see what qualifies as one of the WORST movies ever for a parent to have to sit through, don’t buy it. It’s SOOOOO bad. But you should totally buy something else while you’re over there. Something you actually need. Like laundry detergent.

Oh. Yes. We’ve come far enough that we now have TWO sets of refillable containers. I guess I’m a big-spending pushover now.


The Benefits of a Kitchen CleanUp Routine


Onions in My Flipflops (And Other Problems Caused by Messy Kitchen Counters)

What kinds of things happen when I leave the kitchen counters messy Crazy things.

I was sitting in a meeting.

It’s wasn’t an intense meeting, but it wasn’t a take-your-shoes-off-and-figure-out-what’s-between-them-and-your-feet meeting, either.

As I sat, attempting to concentrate so I wouldn’t be incoherent if called upon to give an opinion, I moved my feet in my flipflops.

Something was wrong.

I’d run out of the house mere minutes before the start of the meeting, slipping on the first pair of flipflops I saw as I left the kitchen. They were silver, and silver matches (almost) anything. In my hurry, I didn’t notice anything wrong.

But as I sat, I felt something. Somethings. Between my feet and the flipflops. Many very small somethings, and I tried to think what they were.

Had I crossed a bed of nails? Pushing the bottom of the shoe up into tiny bumps? Had I left the flipflops outside and the soles bubbled up in the Texas sun?

Surreptitiously, I slid them off and glanced down. Whatever it was was white.

And I still had no idea.

Then, the next morning, as I made lunches, grabbing chips and bags and such from the corner of my kitchen countertop that tends to re-clutter oh-so-easily, I saw a pile of onions. Technically, it was a pile of dehydrated onions, which is why I hadn’t smelled them first.

And that was when I realized the mysterious white stuff in my flipflops had been onions. Onions in my flipflops.

While throwing together dinner in time to eat before I needed to leave for the meeting, I’d searched for onions and grabbed these when I saw them. They were in a pile of stuff, and maybe probably that’s why I didn’t realize the lid wasn’t actually attached.

Onions onions everywhere

Onions went everywhere.

All over the counter, all over the floor.

I did sweep them off the floor and brush them off the counter.

But obviously, I missed a lot.

Kitchen clutter

A whole lot.

For the same reason I missed the fact that the lid wasn’t on them: I couldn’t notice Onion Details in the midst of a big pile of stuff.

That’s what happens when I let this space get/stay cluttered. I don’t see things. I miss obvious clues that cause big messes. I was completely unaware that I’d created an even bigger mess under the main mess. And the new mess made it harder to deal with the main mess when I suddenly realized it was time to tackle this corner again.

But I did it.

I took a whole less-than-five-minutes and threw trash away, moved things to the cabinet below (where they actually go) and:

Decluttered Kitchen Counter

Aaaaaah. Much better. Much easier for onion-spotting, don’t you think?


Various notes:

Don’t use dehydrated onions? They’re awesome. Since we like a little onion flavor but can’t handle chunks of onions, I just sprinkle some into a recipe when it needs onion flavor. And they sit in my cabinet, waiting until I need them without going bad. And they don’t make me cry. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here is my affiliate link to some on Amazon, though I’m not convinced that’s a good price. I think I usually pay about $1 for a regular-spice-sized container.

Don’t understand the egg cartons? Me neither. I think they’re ones Hubby plans to take to work to give to someone who has chickens. I guess he considered this a good spot. It’s not. Hubby, if you’re reading, I put them by your work bag in the dining room. Please don’t ever shove them in this corner again. Your Slob Wife can’t handle it. I love you.

Onions in My Flipflops (And Other Problems Caused by Messy Kitchen Counters) pin at



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