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Dana is in the last weeks of writing her book. And she needs YOU, her “Slob Club,” to help her out! If you have discovered the thrill of streamlining your meal planning and getting supper on the table for your family by pre-cooking, big-batch-cooking, freezing your chicken and ground meat, would you please tell her about it?

You can fill out the handy form below (or click here to go straight to it) and let her know how it’s changed your life. Or simplified your life. Or improved your quality of life. Or whatever. Your words and testimony are what she’s looking for, and they may end up in her new book or other projects!

Feel free to state your name as anonymous. “Nony” totally understands.

Freezer cooking isn’t your thing? That’s okay. We’ll have new and exciting posts coming out for you soon. Would you like to learn more about how pre-cooking her meat has changed Dana’s life? Check out the posts below!

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When You Have to Run It Anyway

When You Have to Run It Anyway at

I don’t make a decision about running the dishwasher every night. I can’t. I don’t trust myself to make the right one.

Removing this decision means I view those leftover spots in my not-quite-full dishwasher differently. They’re not reasons to not run it (because I don’t get to make that decision). They’re reasons to look for other things to stick in there since I’m going to run it anyway.

Usually, it’s full or overfull after another visual sweep of the kitchen or the rest of the house. I’ve usually forgotten something, and I usually end up with a very full dishwasher after 24 hours of a family of five eating a few meals and not using disposable products.

But when there’s a space, and there are really, truly no more dirty dishes to fill it, I can still find something. Like dusty blue vases displayed above my kitchen sink.

I grabbed the only one I could reach, put it in for the run, and the next morning it was back to the shiny blue that makes my heart sing.

I’m focusing on that instead of on the now-significantly-more-noticeable-dustiness of the other blue glass.

Oh well.

Since I Have to Run My Dishwasher Anyway at

So, A Place for Everything But Not ALWAYS Everything In Its Place? Huh.

A Place For Everything But Not ALWAYS Everything in its Place Huh. at

That’s a how-interesting-so-that’s-the-way-it-works kind of “huh.”

Not a Texan version of “Pardon me?”

I love (affiliate link alert) my dishwand. I’ve blabbed about it already this week. And I really love using my favorite mug to keep it clean and dry and out from under dishes in the sink.

But alas, about three weeks after I’d come up with this oh-so-fabulous-and-couldn’t-be-any-more-perfect solution, my face fell when I saw it in the bottom of the sink, its handle in the garbage disposal.

I’m not sure how it got there, out of its designated home. I could probably pin it on one of the kids, but it’s not like I’ve never done that. By “that” I mean: come up with a perfect solution/spot/routine, and then life happens and I don’t put the item back in that spot and all is lost.

The “all is lost” part is overly-dramatic, but it’s how I roll.

I think that attitude is why the “place for everything” concept that Fancy Homemakers chant with a smile makes me tilt my head slightly while my eyes glaze over.

I felt the sadness of another failed solution, another not-put-back-in-its-place item, but then I realized I didn’t have to be sad.

I didn’t have to mourn another System Gone Wrong.

All I had to do was put the dishwand back in the mug.

My Must-Have Kitchen Cleaning Tool at 3

Which is so much easier than crying. Y’know, with the tissue and the blotchy face and the runny nose and all.

And it hit me that A Place for Everything is how people pick up their houses so quickly. They don’t have to moan or groan or stare at an item for ten minutes wondering where to put it. It’s not that nothing EVER gets out of place. It’s just that when it does, there’s an angst-free place to place it.

Getting rid of A LOT of stuff and asking myself my two (and ONLY two) decluttering questions means most of my stuff does have a place. (Not all, but I’m excited to say most.)

My dishwand has a place.

So put it there.

Huh. Pretty easy. Who knew?

So, A Place for Everything But Not ALWAYS Everything In Its Place Huh. at 2

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