Hope for My Kids??

Hope for My Kids at

Last week, as we were barely hanging on in the midst of final-week-of-rehearsals craziness, I was experiencing what you might call . . . despair.

A toilet had overflowed because a child claimed there was no toilet paper left in the house and had therefore chosen to use a paper towel.

Even though there was toilet paper in the house.

Actually, there was toilet paper in the cabinet four feet away . . .

That, plus tripping a few more times than normal, meant I was in a why-oh-why-can-I-NEVER-ever-get-the-whole-house-clean-at-the-same-time funk.

Saturday morning, in an attempt to regain sanity, I declared it was Bathroom Cleaning Day and gave out assignments. The boys took care of their (particularly scary) bathroom, the girl cleaned the half-bath, and I did the master bathroom.

And that was when I saw a little glimmer of hope. My 12yo declared that he and his brother did NOT need the laminated Bathroom Cleaning Checklist anymore. They KNOW how to clean a bathroom thankyouverymuch.

Well, okay.

I’m not going to argue that one.

And I felt a little bit better.

My despair comes not just from my house turning disastrous once again, but from the fear that my example to my children has once again failed. That there’s no hope whatsoever for them to NOT struggle like I do.

But the focused (though not necessarily consistent) efforts I’ve made have paid off. They know how to clean a bathroom. And they know that they know how to clean a bathroom.

Keeping it clean? We’re still working on that whenever mama remembers to work on that.

And then? After cleaning her room on Saturday, my daughter told me  that when she woke up on Sunday she noticed her room was messy again.

“So I did a five-minute pick-up!”

Be still my Slob Mama Heart!!!

I honestly hate that I can’t be the Slob Blogger who gets it together once and for all and then tells everyone else how to be perfect too. But I can say that even in the midst of continual failures, fits and bursts of focused child-training and just keepin’ on keepin’ on is worth it.

My kids are watching me. They watch me succeed, they watch me fail. And then they watch me get up and start again.

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And since it’s getting close to the time of year (SUMMER!) when I focus on teaching my kids cleaning skills, I’m putting Teaching Kids to Clean (an e-book in PDF form) on sale for all of May for only $3. Just use the code: SUMMER14


How to Use Reusable Cloths to Clean the Bathroom Without Being Gross

I put an Amazon affiliate link in this post. I couldn’t help myself.
How to Clean the Bathroom with Re-Usable Cloths without Being Gross at

I’m all for green cleaning. Really.

Is it bad to admit, though, that my cheapness is more of a motivator than my sense of activism and earthiness?

Oh. It is bad to admit? OK. Then I’m not admitting anything.

I was just asking hypothetically.

One of the biggest draws of disposable cleaning products (wipes and paper towels) is that I can throw germs in the trash and never see them again. (Not that you can see germs, but in my imagination I can.)

Also, on my Bathroom Cleaning Chart for Kids, I make a BIG deal about using a new wipe on different parts of the bathroom. I can’t bear the thought of someone “cleaning” the sink and faucet with a rag that just cleaned the potty.

The potty used by . . . boys.


So here’s my new trick.

I used a permanent marker to label the microfiber cleaning cloths so ANYone (anyone who can read, at least) knows exactly where it’s okay to use that cloth.




Chore Charts for Kids

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Printable Chore Charts for Kids (Some Free) at

As mamas settle into the school year, we also work to get our kids back on track with their own household responsibilities.

Here’s my philosophy on chore charts:

Do whatever works.

Once it stops working, do something else that works.

Once that stops working, do something else that works.

Repeat as needed.

Here are a few options if you’re looking for chore charts for your kids:

FREE – The printable chore chart I created that we’ve used for several years now. We aren’t completely consistent, but it works well for us every time we re-focus.

FREE – MyJobChart This is an online chore chart for kids that allows you to set up incentive systems. It’s free, but that is my affiliate link (which means I make a little $ when you sign up after following my link).

Connie from Smockity Frocks came up with this paint chip chore system for her family of 10. It’s a little more work intensive to put together, but SO visually appealing!

The Chore Jar is an e-book on sale through the end of September for only $1.

Easy Peasy Chores Cover

Easy Peasy Chores – This printable chore system is a PDF Download. It’s fairly expensive, but is a VERY detailed system with lots of pictures that’s customizable.





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