Got a Messy House? (A Giveaway of a Zep Cleaning Products Gift Pack!!!)

It’s another sponsored post! With a giveaway!

I seriously don’t know how it happens every year at the same time, but Spring Cleaning Fever is a real thing. For me, some years are better than others, depending on how well I’ve been keeping up with the everyday stuff. There is something about nice weather that makes me want to clean a little deeper and stop ignoring things that were once easy to ignore.

This post contains TWO exciting things:

  1. A reminder about the BIG contest Zep Commercial is hosting that’s a total fit for this blog’s audience.
  2. A (waaayyyy smaller, but awesome) cleaning supplies giveaway here on A Slob Comes Clean that’s super-easy to enter!

Now for details on #1:

This is a reminder that Zep Commercial is hosting an awesome contest to find America’s Biggest Hot Mess. I hope HOPE HOPE one of you wins! (Though I have nothing to do with choosing a winner!)

America's Biggest Hot Mess Contest by Zep Commercial

Here are the contest details:

Zep Commercial is searching for America’s Biggest Hot Mess—that person who is undeniably and hopelessly challenged when it comes to keeping their home clean.

Zep Commercial will accept photo and video submissions for America’s Biggest Hot Mess at between Feb. 6 to March 6, 2014.

Users can nominate themselves and are also encouraged to submit evidence of their friends’, family members’ and coworkers’ messy ways. If a person you nominate is declared one of the three overall winners, then you (the nominator) will receive $5,000.

Nominations and submissions should include a photo or video of the mess and story behind why that persons deserves professional cleaning help. Videos must be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length, and photos should not exceed 100MB. Acceptable formats for submissions include .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .mov, .mpeg, .mwv or .mp4.

Starting March 7, a team of cleaning experts at Zep Commercial will judge all eligible entries based on:

  • The Story Behind the Mess (40%)
  • Creativity (the funnier, the better!) (35%) and;
  • Unbelievability Index (just how disgusting is the mess?) (25%)

From all eligible entries, the 10 entries with the highest scores will be named finalists.

The public will then vote on their favorites, and the three submissions with the most votes will be declared winners and will receive a complete house cleaning from Zep Commercial and $5,000 to help keep their home clean for one year. If the winners were nominated by someone else, the nominator will also receive $5,000!

Winners will be announced on or about April 7, 2014.

How cool is that? Start snapping pictures and taking videos!

Click here to read more details and to enter!

And details on #2:

Prize Pack from Zep Commercial Cleaning


I’m so excited to host this giveaway of a gift pack of awesome cleaning products from Zep Commercial. New cleaning products arriving in the mail is great motivation to tackle those extra icky spots. One commenter on this post will win!

Anyone can enter. Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll use the “And the Winner Is . . . ” WordPress plugin to randomly choose one winner.

If you want more chances to win, link to your entry (or entries) into Zep Commercial’s America’s Biggest Hot Mess Contest. You can enter that BIG contest (like, with a professional cleaning AND $5,000 as its prize) once each day, so for each entry you’ve made there, you can get one more entry to win this (comparatively) little ol’ giveaway here. Just leave an additional comment for each additional entry on this post with the URL to your entry in the America’s Biggest Hot Mess Contest. (Once someone has entered the contest, and their entry has been approved and posted on the contest page, there’s a “share” button they can click that will give them a URL to their post!)

I’m excited to see your entries there!

The prize pack offered here will be a $55 value and will look similar to the one above (though it may have a few different things in it). Giveaway will close Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 9 p.m. Central.

Leave your comment(s) here on this post on the blog. If you’re reading via email, just click on the title of the post to get to the blog to enter. Replies to email subscriptions won’t count as entries.

I will use the And the Winner Is . . . WordPress plugin to randomly choose a winner and that winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and provide a shipping address. If the winner does not respond in 48 hours, he/she will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen. Zep Commercial will provide the prize and ship the prize directly to the winner. This is a sponsored post which means I was compensated for writing it and for coordinating the giveaway of the gift pack of cleaning products. I am in no way involved in the America’s Biggest Hot Mess contest and you must read and follow all rules on that contest’s website. See all my giveaway policies here




Outsourcing Meal Planning – (eMeals)

My Experience Using and a Giveaway! at

This post contains affiliate links!

Have you noticed I haven’t shared many menu plans lately? (Like, all year.)

It’s not that we haven’t been eating.  It’s also not that I haven’t been following a plan.

Do you remember back in January when I talked about our new teamwork philosophy? (January was last week, right?)

The overall concept was that I need to start being realistic about how I can’t do it all.

I can’t.  So I don’t.

Last fall, as I was settling in to my routine, I realized that I was relying too heavily on our Survival Meals.

I love my pre-cooked meats and other ingredients that allow me to get home-cooked meals on the table in minutes. And we were only ever eating the very easiest of these meals.

Over and over.

Time always felt squeezed, so I was letting meal planning slide. I would run into the store, grab the ingredients I use all the time, and then decide at the last minute which of my easy meals to throw together.

So when eMeals offered to give me a year’s subscription, I decided that was a good idea.  Partly because it meant I could share my experiences with you, but mostly because I was desperate.

I had heard about eMeals for years, both on commercials during the Dave Ramsey show, and from a friend who used the service. The friend was a huge fan, and said it saved her tons of money and helped her family eat more healthy because she was cooking at home.

Here are the reasons I never thought I needed it:

  • I . . . cook. (Read that with a condescending tone.)
  • I know how to meal plan.
  • I know how to bargain shop.


  • I was cooking, but I wasn’t enjoying it. My family was getting rather bored as well. Every meal was thrown together, and if we ever wanted something different we didn’t have what was needed to make it.
  • I wasn’t meal planning. I know how, and have rocked it at certain times in my life, but I just wasn’t. It kept moving to the end of my list. And then never getting done.
  • I wasn’t bargain shopping. I gave up coupons a while back. I wasn’t even shopping with a list.It’s a documented (by somebody somewhere, I’m sure) fact that shopping with a list saves money. Shopping without one meant I was wasting money AND not having any variety in our meals.

I’ll admit that it took me a little time to warm up to the idea of someone else planning our meals.

eMeals has a BIG variety of meal plans. Some are for specific stores, some can be used at any store, and they have vegetarian plans, gluten-free plans, clean eating plans, classic family plans, etc.

I started out signing up for the clean eating plan. BIG mistake. I might think that sounds noble, but one look told me my family I wouldn’t eat anything on it. I switched to the Aldi Classic Family Plan.

(Be sure to check out sample menus for plans you’re considering, because you can only switch plans once per month!)

In my experience, the plans  are pretty realistic. There is a variety of difficulty each week, though none of the meals on my plan require amazing cooking skills or lots of time. Each week generally includes at least two VERY easy meals like sandwiches or breakfast-for-dinner.

At first, this offended me a little.

I felt I didn’t need someone to tell me what to buy to make sandwiches for a quick supper.

I know. I have issues.

But then I figured out how to use the plan for our family, and I got over it.

Basically (as really picky eaters), I choose 3-5 meals when I get my meal plan. Then we eat our family faves on the other nights.

Having those 3-5 meals planned for me means that I’ve tried new recipes. I love this and my family loves this. We’ve found some new favorites.

Here’s where I should explain the picture at the top of the post. That’s a marinade for chicken. I made chicken before I started using eMeals, but only ever sprinkled it with some seasoning. My meal plan helped me break out of that rut and try something more involved (though still easy). My family raved about that chicken.

Sure, I could search the internet for new recipes, but I don’t.

Every Wednesday morning (which just happens to be my errand day anyway), I get an email with my week’s meal plan. Each meal has a number. I choose the meals that sound good, and then look on the shopping list for those numbers. The email attachment is a PDF that opens in my Kindle App on my phone, and I don’t even have to remember to print anything out.

Sometimes I don’t even open the email until after I walk into the store.  

Another thought: Soon after I started using eMeals, I heard someone saying they were trying to start cooking at home. Like, they never cooked, and were starting from nothing. I think emeals would be PERFECT for someone in this situation especially. You could truly go from never cooking to eating at home 7 nights a week fairly painlessly.

The giveaway’s been over for a long time, but eMeals is running a great discount code through Dec 8!

Save 30% with code Cyber

I’m so excited that eMeals has offered to give one of you a free 3 month dinner subscription! 

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

You can get bonus entries by:

Liking emeals on Facebook

Following emeals on Pinterest

For each bonus entry, just leave an additional comment. Comments must be on this post on the blog.

This giveaway will end on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 at 9 p.m. Central time. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email or I will choose a different winner.  Winners will be randomly selected using the And the Winner Is WordPress plugin.

See my giveaway policies here.

They’re also giving away a Yeti Cooler on the eMeals blog!

eMeals gave me a year’s subscription to their service and I earn a small affiliate commission when you purchase a plan after using my link (though the price is the same for you), but all opinions and experiences are my own.


Giveaway: $100 Container Store Giftcard!!!

I am sooo excited about this giveaway!  Ebates is providing a $100 e-giftcard to The Container Store for for one lucky winner here at A Slob Comes Clean!

The Container Store!  It’s like a candy store for people who dream of having an organized home!

And have you seen their wrapping paper?  It’s gorgeous.

And . . . if you shop online through Ebates, you get 4% cash back!  If you’re not familiar with Ebates, it’s a site I’ve been using for years.  Anytime you shop online, just head over there and find the store where you’re planning to shop.  They’ll have available coupon codes right there for you to use, and when you go to shop through their link, you get the additional cash back credited to your account after your purchase.

Different stores have different cash back rates.  Cashback payments go out each quarter.  It’s a great way to save even more on your online shopping, and that quarterly payment by check or paypal is a really nice surprise!

If you’re not a member, I’d love it if you would go here to sign up through my linkThat will also earn you an extra entry into this giveaway! 

If you’re signing up now, you’ll also immediately get to choose a $10 e-giftcard to one of several stores, including Target and Kohl’s!  You’ll receive that giftcard as soon as you’ve made $25 in purchases through Ebates, which shouldn’t be difficult since it’s almost Christmas and Ebates most likely has cashback available at all your favorite online stores!

So what do you have to do to enter? (There are two possible entries so leave a separate comment for each!)

  1. Well . . . first just leave a comment and tell me if you’ve ever shopped at The Container Store and if you found anything you loved.
  2. For a second entry, sign up for Ebates through my referral link and leave another comment saying you did.  (If you’re already a member of Ebates, you can have that second entry too!)

Oh, and the e-giftcard can also be used in the stores!  (But if you use it online and go through Ebates, you’ll get that 4% cashback!)

This giveaway is open only to U.S. residents.  It will end on Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 at 10 p.m. Central time.  The prize is provided by Ebates, and I received no compensation.  I will, however, earn for anyone who signs up for Ebates through my referral link.  (You can earn for referrals, too!)  See all my giveaway policies here.  The winner will be chosen randomly by my “And the Winner Is” WordPress plugin.

OK.  And my last request.  Please . . . . like pretty please . . . use an email address in your comment that you actually check.  I can’t tell you how many times I have to choose another winner because the original winner doesn’t reply to my email in 48 hours.  That email is only seen by me, and I never even collect them.  They’re just a way for you to receive specific replies to your comments and to be sure you’re not a spammer.  The only way to end up on a mailing list around here is to sign up for my email list.



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