Another Favorite Delusion: Tomorrow, I’ll Be a Potato Farmer

I love a good delusion!

Oh my word, y’all.

I abound with delusions. All sorts of them. Someday, I’ll be crafty, efficient, excited to exercise, and who knows what else.

When these potatoes started sprouting, it seemed like a great idea to hold onto them and start potato farming. I mean, I saw an instructional video years ago that sounded like it was super easy and all you needed was a trash can and some dirt. (At least that’s what I remember.)

My 10 year old (she was only 9 at the time) daughter was all for it. We researched, we dreamed, and we considered.

But we didn’t actually do anything. 

Making a potato farm out of old tires sounded fun. We kept dreaming and planning.

And then, the very next week on the way to the lake, we had TWO flat tires on our boat trailer!!! What luck!

Yay for us, the members of Future Potato Farmers of America, not so much for Daddy who had to change both flats and then buy and install new tires.

With the (totally rotten) spare, we had three tires to build our potato-growing contraption. But we couldn’t do it right then, because there was no room in the Suburban to actually haul them back home.

And then I never thought about our Potato Passion again.

Until my Slob Vision cleared on a day spent deep cleaning and I saw that the cute little sprouties of a few months ago had turned into alienish growths of terror.

And I gave up.

Goodbye, endless free potatoes.

Goodbye, dreams.

Goodbye, delusion.

I’m happy to do my part to support Real Potato Farmers. Besides, I learned we don’t eat as many potatoes as I thought we did. The bag of potatoes on the shelf below was scarily sprouted as well.

They all went in the trash.


Supporting My Local Library (With My Fines)

Supporting My Local Library (With My Fines) at

If you’ve been around a while, you know I have a fear of public libraries. Not of what they are, but of my own tendency to lose books or forget to return them for weeks months years on end.

But as I worked on my book manuscript over the past few months, my feelings of dread were mostly replaced with warm-fuzzies.

Y’all, when you need a place to work without distraction and without feeling obligated to buy really expensive cups of coffee, the local library is the perfect place to go. I spent day after day in ours.

So many days that I finally took a big risk and checked out a book for my son. He wanted to read it, but was way down the list to check it out at his school library.

I shoved down my panic, knowing I was coming every single day and that my chances of remembering to return this book were significantly higher than usual.

I walked to the Counter of Shame and told them I was sure I had a fine.

I did.

It was $25.

img Supporting My Local Library (With My Fines) at

A sufficiently embarrassing fine, don’t ya think? And yet, still, I felt warm fuzzies.

All that time in the library let me see how vital it is for our community. How vital it is for every community. I didn’t even know we had homeless people in our town, but we do. They get warm and spend time learning and bettering themselves every single day in the library.

As someone who has an Internet Presence, I forget there are those who don’t have access to the internet. But I saw people, young and old, in the library everyday, using the computers to take classes and apply for jobs and improve their lives.

I also know that as a young mom in a new town, the first friends I made were the ones I met at preschool storytime. (Though I purposefully avoided those noisy times when working on my book.)

I know. I’m mostly just getting sentimental. But even though I didn’t like writing a check for $25 to pay fines on things that could have been free, I was happy that the money was going for a very good cause. A cause I had personally benefited from for months.

Not that I’ve decided I can afford library books after all. I really can’t. I stopped checking out books for my son a few weeks before my manuscript was due because I couldn’t be ABSOLUTELY sure I’d be there every single day when he was done with it.

And I’m most excited that I can now check out books on my Kindle since I’m fine-free. You can’t even check out Kindle books if your KIDS have fines. Kindle books don’t get late fines, they just disappear from your Kindle!!

I am hoping that my future financial support will come from donations of books for their annual book sale. That sounds much better than $25 fines, don’t you think?

Supporting My Local Library (With My Fines) pin at


All I Wanted to Do Was Take a Funny Picture . . .

All I Wanted to Do Was Take a Funny Picture

Really. I just wanted a laugh from Hubby. I was going to send him a sneakily taken picture of this cutie-patootie:

puppy at

I was going to say something like: This is why I don’t eat food that I left in the living room, even just for a second. The picture I couldn’t quite get was of her shamelessly chowing down on what was left of my lunch within thirty seconds of me leaving the room to change over the laundry.

But I couldn’t get a good picture. The light was terrible. I zoomed and I repositioned as I tried to keep her from seeing me (she’s nice enough to wait until she thinks I’m out of the room and clueless), but nothing worked.

I finally gave up, but did swipe through all of the pictures to see if any might work.

And I saw that picture above.

Seriously? All I wanted to do was take a funny picture, and instead I get undeniable proof that I haven’t dusted that picture frame in who-knows-how-long. Blech.

Oh. The laundry pile? That isn’t a bad thing. It was Laundry Day and that pile was just waiting its turn.


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