Year One of Available as an E-Book!

Get Year One of in e-book form.

I’ve mentioned a big ol’ project recently, and it’s now officially DONE!!

I have received requests (MANY times) to put the blog into e-book form. I recommend that newbies read the blog backwards. Like, from the beginning.

My reason is it shows in “real” time, how the process went for me. From the first post when I had no idea how to get started through each and every moment of frustration, success, failure and trying again.

I know MANY of you have done this. You’ve spent days or weeks or even months reading post by post and commenting and sharing and emailing me.

But for those who have asked for it in e-book form . . . here you go.

With the e-book versions, you’re getting the EXACT same thing you would get clicking through post after post here on the blog.

Really, there’s no reason to purchase the e-books unless you want to be able to read offline or to not have to wait for pages to load if your internet isn’t the greatest.

As the World’s Biggest Cheapskate Ever, I would probably suffer through the clicking.

Each year will be put into its own e-book. Right now, Year One is ready. We’ll see what the response is and then decide if it’s worth it to put the other years into e-book form as well.

The price of the e-book version of the first year of is . . . $15. I know. That’s a LOT! But when I happened to glance down at the finished document and see that it was (are you ready for this?) . . . over 800 pages and almost 200,000 words . . . I realized $5 wasn’t going to make up for the loss of more than 800 pageviews and a whole lot of time on site.

As I’m sure you guessed, though, I have a code to give a discount! Use YEARONE to get the first year of in e-book form for $10. That’s 1/3 off!

It has been fun to go back through that first year. I had no idea that I wrote the post about how I pre-cook my ground beef in the VERY first week of blogging, before my husband had any idea I had started a blog. (It says something about our relationship that he didn’t demand to know why I was suddenly taking pictures of dinner prep!)

I also loved seeing how quickly there was a difference in my home. Just doing the dishes made an impact that shocked me.

If you’re considering purchasing Year One of, go here to find out more!


The Finish (or Starting?) Line: 2 More E-Books on Amazon

In addition to the insanity of the final days of school, I put two more e-books up on Amazon this week.

I was determined to have those things over and done with before today, the much-anticipated Last Day of School.

Yep. I can’t wait to put my energy, my TIME, and my creativity into my kids for the next few months.

Wanna know what the e-books are?

Well, there’s a VERY good chance you already have this one:

ebook1 (586x640)

Yes.  I finally put Teaching Kids to Clean on Amazon.  I’ve been warning on Facebook for weeks that it was about to come down as a freebie and go up on Amazon.  Through the weekend, it’s only 99 cents, and will occasionally be offered for free. If you’ve read it, would you mind leaving a review over on Amazon? I’d greatly appreciate it.

And not related to cleaning in the least, I also turned my Disney site into an e-book on Amazon:

What We Ate With Mickey (Everything Our Family of Five Ate On Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan)

 What We Ate with Mickey (Everything Our Family of Five Ate on Disney's Quick Service Dining Plan)

And while we’re talking e-books, I thought I’d send you over to this one.

From Garbage to Gourmet

It’s called From Garbage to Gourmet, and it’s written by Carrie Isaac who also put together Grocery University. She’s smart.

Like, really smart.

This e-book focuses on helping you save money by learning how to not throw away as much food.

Which . . . is smart.

And through tomorrow, she’s offering a free download of a sample page from the e-book.   And next Monday through Wednesday, the e-book itself will be 50% off.


This post contains affiliate links, of course.


Chore Charts, Values for Girls, Photography and Crock Pots

I really debated writing this final post about the Ultimate Homemaking E-book Bundle.    I’m sorry.  This sale is now over.

Really, I don’t love selling (not that you’d know from this past week), and I’ve been amazed at how many of you have  purchased. I’ve already made enough in affiliate commissions to make this sale worth my time, so I’d really prefer to crawl under a rock and hope for a few last sales to trickle in while praying you don’t all hate me for having mentioned it EVERY day for a week.

But . . . I had planned all week for today’s post.  It’s the one where I highlight some e-books I didn’t know about before this sale, and that I am sooo excited to own.

I love them enough that I want you to know about them too.  Even if you can’t purchase the bundle this week, maybe they’ll be ones you’ll keep on your list for the future when/if you need them.

And just so you know, I’ll be using my affiliate links to the individual items in this post, except for the first two I mention. They don’t have individual affiliate programs. I wish they did, though, because I love them.

Balcony Girls

Balcony Girls

I had no earthly idea what this e-book was when I opened it. I know who The Reluctant Entertainer is, so I assumed it was about folding napkins or making radish roses or something like that.

Not at all. It’s a curriculum Sandy Coughlin created for weekly Balcony Girls meetings she held for her daughter and other girls.

When I started Balcony Girls back in 2005 (my daughter was in 3rd grade) the idea originated from wanting to teach young girls about virtues and friendships. It takes time, love, and effort to invest into their lives, but it’s so worth it.

Each Balcony Girls afternoon consists of a lesson, craft or snack idea, a game or object lesson that goes along with the study, and tips, ideas and instruction on how to make it all personally impacting for the girls.

Books One and Two contain eight lessons each, and both are included in the Ultimate Homemaking E-book Bundle. Balcony Girls alone is a $19.90 value.

Y’all, when I started reading Balcony Girls, my Mom Heart began to sing.  I want to do this with my daughter. They are so well put together and full of depth, meaning, and fun. I’m praying about how I’m going to use this with my daughter and her friends beginning sometime in the next two years.


iPhone Photography – the visual guide

This one’s just cool. Glancing through it I’ve already learned things. I didn’t think it would happen to me (as a lover of my “real” camera), but I’ve realized so many of the pictures I take of everyday moments in my kids’ lives are taken on my iPhone.  Ten years ago, who would have thought we’d all have cameras in our purses or in our hands at all times when we left the house?  I’m excited to learn to use mine better.

And this one is 9.97.  I promise it IS a coincidence that the two I’ve talked about so far basically add up to the cost of the entire bundle.  Really.

Easy Peasy Chores


I have no-frills chore charts for my kids that you can print for free here, but this is one awesome chore system. Easy Peasy Chores is full of printable, picture-based (perfect for non-readers) chores with instructions on how to use the system in your home. Seriously, it’s cool. You can print it in either black and white or color, and the color version includes various skin-tones for the parents in the pictures (LOVE that!).

easy peasy chores

Also, the one you’ll get as part of the bundle is the homeschool edition.  If (like me) you don’t homeschool, don’t worry. It’s exactly the same as the regular version, but with the addition of cards that have to do with homeschool-specific stuff.

It’s 17.99 on its own. Ummmm, are you doing the math here? Just the three I’ve mentioned so far are more than 45.00.  Just sayin’. (The whole bundle of 97 e-books that is available ONLY THROUGH TOMORROW MAY 4TH is only $29.97.)

Crock On


Crock On! is a crockpot cookbook (which is all I usually need to know), but it’s also funny. The pictures look delicious and the recipes don’t include canned cream-of-something soup. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cream-of-something soups.  But sometimes I think about thinking about being healthier.  I’m planning to use this e-book to help me find some go-to crockpot recipes that don’t use them.  (Since most of mine do use them.)

And honestly, most of the cookbooks included in the e-book bundle are whole-foods based.

And last but not least, I thought I’d mention that if you already have my e-book, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, that’s included, you can enjoy all these e-books and send 28 Days to a friend. 

Right. If you’ve already purchased 28 Days, you can send the second “copy” to someone else who might need hope.

Or to someone who needs to see what goes on inside your head . . .

Oh, and if your husband isn’t sure about you spending  almost $30 on e-books . . . casually mention that one of the e-books is called 31 Days to Great Sex.

Please don’t hate me for sharing this last post about the Ultimate Homemaking E-book Bundle. Yes, I’m excited about the money I’m making from this sale, but I also really didn’t want you to miss these things that are included. And there are more that you’ll love. I just couldn’t highlight them all.

And the sale is over May 4th, Saturday night at 11:59 EST.  If you’re a procrastinator, you need to know that.

Please come back Monday for a post with no selling whatsoever that will have a really funny joke in it.  Seriously, it’s a joke written by my professional-comedian-cousin that my kids ask to hear over and over.  I can almost guarantee you’ll laugh.

Oh, and just to be legal, here’s ONE MORE reminder that the links to Easy Peasy Chores and Crock On are my affiliate links. But you knew that, right? I’ve never pretended I’m not in this blogging thing for the big bucks. Maybe I’m not even really a slob and just made that up so I could talk people into buying stuff.  Maybe I took all those clutter pictures at someone ELSE’S house. 



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