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Giving God the Worst of Me - A FREE E-Book from Dana K White of

You’ve heard me mention a HUGE project, right? Well, it’s done. FINALLY.

It’s only about 60 pages, but has taken me almost all of 2014 to write it, and the experience has been gut-wrenching and difficult and has caused many tears.

Basically, this e-book is my heart.

It tells the whole story of how I came to the point where I started a blog about being a slob and of my journey to acceptance that this is, after all, my “real” blog.

The main point, though, is the spiritual side of this crazy road I’ve been on for the past five years.

I’d love for you to read it. And it’s FREE! Just go here (or the form embedded below) to get it.

Enter your email (just so I’ll have it for future book releases and special promotions, you won’t be added to my regular email subscription), OR enter “No Thanks” if you don’t want to share your email. I’m fine either way.

You’ll go to a page with a link to download the PDF for free. No strings attached. Just be sure to save the file so you can come back to it.

P.S. I planned to write something profound when I released this e-book, but instead I’m just trying to get this post published before I have to leave the house. I’ve waited too long, and I can’t bear to wait another day!


Year Two in E-Book Form!!!

Year two of in E-book form!

Last May, I released the first year of in e-book form. Now, almost six months later . . . Year Two is done!! It took so long because I only work on it for one hour each week during my daughter’s gymnastics class, and she didn’t go to that during the summer.

This one is LESS than 800 pages!! 786 is LESS than 800.

In case you’re new here, let me explain why I am putting the blog into e-book form.

People read the blog backwards all the time. I recommend it for people who are completely overwhelmed in their homes and need to see in “real” time the process I went through (which includes many struggles, failures, and successes) coming to grips with my own Slob Problems.

You can read the blog backwards for free. It’s all available at any time to anyone who wants to click through each post. For convenience (and after many requests to do so), though, I’m offering the same content in e-book form. This allows people to read offline on their Kindle, their computer, or other reading device.

Year Two is the exact same content you’ll find on the website itself, but I did remove the time-sensitive-and-therefore-currently-irrelevant posts about random deals. Year Two was when I started experimenting with monetizing the site.

Year Two in e-book form is $15. I know that is a lot, but it’s what makes financial sense for me when it means the loss of more than 750 pageviews.

If you purchased Year One in e-book form, there was a code at the end to get Year Two for $10. For a limited time, I’m posting that code here for those of you who didn’t buy Year One but want to get Year Two.

The code: YEARTWO

Totally creative, right?

Go here to purchase Year Two of in e-book form.


Or if this is a new concept to you, and you want to start with Year One, go here.


If you’re interested in reading backwards, but (like me) would never pay for something you could technically get for free, go here to learn how to get started.



Year One of Available as an E-Book!

Get Year One of in e-book form.

I’ve mentioned a big ol’ project recently, and it’s now officially DONE!!

I have received requests (MANY times) to put the blog into e-book form. I recommend that newbies read the blog backwards. Like, from the beginning.

My reason is it shows in “real” time, how the process went for me. From the first post when I had no idea how to get started through each and every moment of frustration, success, failure and trying again.

I know MANY of you have done this. You’ve spent days or weeks or even months reading post by post and commenting and sharing and emailing me.

But for those who have asked for it in e-book form . . . here you go.

With the e-book versions, you’re getting the EXACT same thing you would get clicking through post after post here on the blog.

Really, there’s no reason to purchase the e-books unless you want to be able to read offline or to not have to wait for pages to load if your internet isn’t the greatest.

As the World’s Biggest Cheapskate Ever, I would probably suffer through the clicking.

Each year will be put into its own e-book. Right now, Year One is ready. We’ll see what the response is and then decide if it’s worth it to put the other years into e-book form as well.

The price of the e-book version of the first year of is . . . $15. I know. That’s a LOT! But when I happened to glance down at the finished document and see that it was (are you ready for this?) . . . over 800 pages and almost 200,000 words . . . I realized $5 wasn’t going to make up for the loss of more than 800 pageviews and a whole lot of time on site.

As I’m sure you guessed, though, I have a code to give a discount! Use YEARONE to get the first year of in e-book form for $10. That’s 1/3 off!

It has been fun to go back through that first year. I had no idea that I wrote the post about how I pre-cook my ground beef in the VERY first week of blogging, before my husband had any idea I had started a blog. (It says something about our relationship that he didn’t demand to know why I was suddenly taking pictures of dinner prep!)

I also loved seeing how quickly there was a difference in my home. Just doing the dishes made an impact that shocked me.

If you’re considering purchasing Year One of, go here to find out more!


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