Cute Story on Tuesday Night. Wednesday Morning, Tops.

It's Cute on Tuesday Evening, MAYBE Wednesday Morning at

What’s that? You see a strange white film on my dining room table?

Your hand sticks to the surface?

Oh. Well, that’s because we made ice cream at our Brownie meeting Tuesday afternoon. You know the kind. You measure the (white and sticky) ingredients into one storage bag and then place that inside a larger bag filled with ice and salt.

You should have seen the girls. They had so much fun measuring and dumping ingredients, were creative problem-solvers as they found various ways to deal with the intense cold while they shook their bags, and expressed their delight when the milk-mixture magically turned into ice cream.

Oh, and the funniest thing? Their leader (me), wasn’t thinking right and had each girl make the entire recipe in her bag, which wasn’t a single-serving recipe. Uh huh!! Each girl made enough ice cream to serve at least three (probably four) people!


Good times.


Oh. Let me just wipe down the table again so your purse doesn’t get stuck.

I think this is part of my Slob Problem. I see the memories in the mess. On Friday afternoon, as I was finishing up a quick pick-up before a guest arrived, I noticed the milky-white film on the dining room table.

It made me smile.

I role-played my Cute Story Explanation in my head.

But then I realized that while it was a cute story on Tuesday evening, maybe even on Wednesday morning, by Friday it was only a story of someone who doesn’t notice that her dining room table (the first thing someone sees when they enter her home) is . . . dirty.

So I cleaned it.




One More Thing (There’s Always One More Thing)

Doing that ONE last thing at

Yesterday, I shared my love/hate of the wonders that occur when I invite someone into my home.

Somehow, these pictures didn’t fit with the flow of that post, but I feel they are important to share. (Important to share as a Slob Blogger. Totally weird to share as a Normal Person.)

See that stuff on my fireplace? It was JUST outside the photo of my living area that OBviously needed to be picked up before someone came over.

I mean, if someone walked in my living room, they couldn’t help but see THAT mess. It had to go. But this mess might not be as obvious. It’s over to the side, and we probably won’t hang out in the living room anyway, and doesn’t dusting spray and a dusting thingy make me look like LESS of a slob?

But I did it. I bent over and grabbed the randomness (which includes a black wig if you’re concerned about the pile o’ hair) and moved each item to its actual home nearby.

And even though I could justify devoting mental energy to thinking of all the reasons why it didn’t matter if I left it, the small amount of physical energy I spent to clear the fireplace made it look so much better.

Oh, the Little Things I Try to Ignore at

Don’t ya think?


Note: That’s the black wig from some of my Clutter Guilt videos. Have you seen them?


Such a Great Messy House Solution that I Totally Hate

A Messy House Solution that I Totally Hate at

Clutter creeps in so quickly, y’all.

The house looked good on Saturday. So good that on Sunday, I could completely ignore the blankets I’d put out for my son and his friends. They were still piled on one of the recliners.

Sure, it was irritating when someone else claimed the “only” recliner before I could get to it, but we managed. (We’re good at managing.)

Ignoring the blanket/sheet pile helped the shoes, the books, the boxes and the TRASH collected over the week escape my Slob Vision as well.

Even the shoe ON the coffee table.

Did not see it.

But last Thursday, I had a perfect solution. Someone was coming over. I’m excited to start a one on one Bible Study time with a woman I’ve only recently met. She’d never even been inside my home.

That’s great motivation to take the 15-30 minutes needed to make the house look better. Still “lived in” but way better. And it was purposeful motivation. I actually suggested that we meet in my home. Hosting a church home group on most Sunday nights has done wonders. It keeps me from letting the mess get more than a week deep.

I figured adding in a Thursday guest would make that even better. Mid-week motivation. Yay for that!

But it’s like the rare occasion when I’m asked to sing a solo in church. When I’m asked, it sounds like a GREAT idea. Sure! I’ll do that!

And then the time comes, and I always (like ALWAYS without fail) wonder what in the world I was thinking when I made this commitment. The nervous feeling in my stomach and wobbling in my knees and lack of air in my lungs make me question my own sanity. How in the world does it still sound like a good idea even though I know from LOTS of experience that I always get this icky feeling? Every single time!

I always regret saying yes in those few moments before.

I always tell myself that next time I’ll say no.

And then I sing (or clean) and I’m (almost always) glad I did.

Really. I spent 30 minutes cleaning the kitchen, clearing the dining room table, and picking up the living room. 30 minutes I’d have justified skipping if the doorbell wasn’t scheduled to ring.

I dreaded it, but it wasn’t that bad. I’m almost giddy that my house looks (and feels) so much nicer.

After a Quick PickUp at

And I’m reminded (again, for the forty-eleventh time) what a good idea it is to invite someone in.


Note: I honestly don’t think I’d have noticed the PUMPKIN (from before Halloween) if not for the picture. I was surprised when I saw it in my viewfinder.

Another (obvious) note: I have issues.

One last note/rationalization/explanation: That’s a dog toy on the floor.


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