Dealing with Mold in My Enclosed Porch (Ugh.) Concrobium Mold Control to the Rescue

I’d been pretending this didn’t exist.

Moldy Wall Before Using Concrobium at


We had an intensely rainy May, and a leak in our enclosed porch meant this room was icky and damp for that entire month. The walls had mold on them.


But then summer happened, and with the intense Texas heat no one spends any time in that room (it isn’t air conditioned), so I successfully ignored it. So when Concrobium asked me to so a sponsored post using their Concrobium Mold Control product, I decided that was great motivation to tackle what had been bugging me but was also overwhelming me.

I mean, mold. Ick. Triple ick.

Using Concrobium Mold Control at

I figured I should give it a try.

The first step is to eliminate the mold. Down at the roots. All this involves is spraying the Concrobium Mold Control on the area with mold, and letting it dry.

Spraying Concrobium Mold COntrol at

That’s it.

After it has dried completely, the mold spores have been crushed at the roots.

But visibly, there’s no difference. Like, they’re crushed from the drying of the spray, but you can’t see any difference. That was exactly what the information said would happen, but it made me wonder if my house was going to look better when I was done. I mean, crushing mold spores is great and all, but I want it to be pretty.

I tried to wipe it off with a dry cloth after it dried. That didn’t work, and I got nervous.

But then I watched this video and saw what I was doing wrong. Once it was dry, I needed to wipe it off with a rag onto which I’d sprayed more Concrobium.

Cleaning the Mold with Concrobium at

For some reason, I didn’t grasp that until I saw the instructional video.  Once I sprayed the cloth, I was surprised at how easy it was to clean. Their video said you can use a brush if needed, but I was able to get it clean with minimal wiping. You can see exactly how much in the video I made showing the process.

And the difference was exciting. Hubby was impressed, too. It makes me happy to look out there and see my actual paint color on those walls!

Before and After Photos Using Concrobium Mold Control at

I was grateful my walls cleaned up so easily. It is possible for mold to stain surfaces. Concrobium makes another product to use for that, the Mold Stain Eraser. It mixes with water and requires a sprayer. I liked only needing the ready-to-use Mold Control spray.

Other facts about Concrobium :

  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia, alcohol or harmful chemicals
  • Physically crushes mold spores, and treated surfaces retain a protective barrier that prevents the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Effective against mold and mildew organisms on both hard surfaces AND fabric surfaces.

Would I purchase this product to deal with mold in my home? Yes. I would. But I’m excited to have more to use on the rest of the affected areas of my enclosed porch.

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Do you deal with mold in your area?




How to Avoid Cross-Contamination in Your Cleaning Products

How to Avoid Cross Contamination with Cleaning Tools at


I know. That is such a fancy, educational-sounding title. And the tip I’m going to give is too simple.

The tip: Label them.

Permanent markers are your friend.

So why a big ol’ fancy-sounding post on this subject?

First of all, keeping cleaning supplies separate is necessary. Don’t use the same cleaning tools in your bathroom that you use in your kitchen. Really. Don’t. It’s a basic health department rule I learned when cleaning at that camp back when I was sixteen.

Yes, I needed to learn it, but once I learned it and thought about the why, it seemed so obvious.

Because, really. Bathrooms involve . . . ummm . . . bathroom stuff. And I’d prefer to keep anything related to bathroom as far away from anything related to the kitchen as possible.


So it was obvious, but when I set up my own home, I’d find myself staring at a cleaning product (a sponge, a rag, a bucket) trying to remember which area I had designated it for the last time I cleaned.

Maybe the length of time between cleanings had something to do with my confusion??

Anyway, I found myself throwing away perfectly good cleaning products because I couldn’t remember which area they were for, and couldn’t risk using a toilet sponge in the kitchen.

Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

And if I threw away the cleaning product I needed to act upon the burst of Cleaning Energy I was randomly experiencing, that fleeting feeling was likely to vanish. I mean, now I’d have to head to the store and spend money. Two great reasons to put off cleaning. And anyway, to go to the store, I’d have to GET DRESSED.

Once I got dressed and went to the store, not only would the Cleaning Energy be gone, but then I’d not want to get grody.

So simply labeling with permanent marker, right across the most obvious part of the product, works in our house.

It’s also great for those who haven’t fully grasped the grodiness of possible cross-contamination of cleaning products.

Spell-check says grody and its various forms such as grodiness isn’t a word.

I’m a child of the 80s, so I know it is. Grody to the max is a thing. Bathroom cleaning is grody to the max.


How to Avoid Cross Contamination in Your Cleaning Products at 2

From the Mailbox: Timing a Procrastinatable Task - From Our Mailbox

You know I love to time myself doing various tasks. This simple thing helps me break through my delusions that I don’t have enough time to tackle a spot that’s been bugging me for way too long.

Here’s an email from one of you who did the same thing:

Tackling Cluttered Spots with a Timer at

Mornin’ Nony,

I copied you! First let me share, I’m the only soul brave enough to explore the Bermuda Triangle, I’m sorry . . . most people call it the laundry room. Anywho, it gets messy but who cares? I’m the only one that EVER sees it!

Except babies spill water on themselves, and sister-in-laws casually say “I’m just gonna throw this in your dryer for a few minutes” and they don’t expect one to yell “NO!! I mean, sit, I’ll do that for you.”

So, I copied you and it took 4 minutes. It’s a lot linty-er than the picture shows. Thanks for your daily inspirations!

After 4 minutes!

Only a little over 4 minutes!


Do you time yourself doing procrastinatable tasks??


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