Tackling Puppy Stains (and a Giveaway!!)

Meet Scruffy.

Scruffy the Puppy at ASlobComesClean.com

She’s fit into our family perfectly since we adopted her from a local shelter in April. Really. She loves us, we love her, and my 8yo finally has the roommate she’s always wanted.

But Scruffy is the reason why I immediately agreed to try out Spot Shot carpet stain remover.

Scruffy’s done well with house-training, but since she sleeps in my daughter’s room, there have been a few accidents in there. Unfortunately, my daughter (Scruffy’s very best friend in the whole wide world), tends to “deal with” the accidents herself and I don’t know about them until I see the stain.

Stains stress me out. Like, they seem un-deal-with-able in my Slob Brain.

That’s the reason my kids weren’t allowed to eat in the living room until recently. Even on Movie Nights, we would spread out a sheet and they only drank water. Nothing with color or flavor or sugar. They’re now 8, 11 and 12 and I’ve just started letting them use TV trays.

Food or drinks in the bedrooms? No way no how.

My main stain defense has been avoidance.

But with puppies, pee happens.

It was time to get over my Fear of Stains. Specifically, two that were right inside my daughter’s door. They were making me crazy.

Spot Shot sent me several varieties, but I chose to use the bottle that was specifically for pet stains. It’s also non-toxic.

Treating Puppy Stains ASlobComesClean.com

To help conquer my oh-my-word-what-do-I-do panic, I read the directions on the can.

(Novel idea, right?)

I was surprised at the force of the spray. It did a good job of penetrating my oh-so-soft-but-oh-so-pink 80s carpet. The directions said to let it sit for five minutes, so I set the alarm on my phone. After the timer went off, I placed clean cloth diapers (which I now use for cleaning rags) over the treated spot and then pressed down with my foot to blot and draw up the stain.

Puppy pee left my carpet and transferred to the cloth. Totally gross, but totally cool.

With each full-body-weight foot press, I used a new, clean place on the cloth so I could see how much was still coming up from the stain. Following the instructions, I repeated this process until the stain was gone. For this stain, I ended up applying the Spot Shot Pet three times and using four diapers (with four or five “blots” each).

My stains had been there a while. I’m pretty sure a newer stain would require significantly less work.

Treating Old Stain with Spot Shot Pet at ASlobComesClean.com

Once the rags no longer brought up any wee-wee, I decided the stain was gone. Then, I had to figure out what the directions meant when they said, “After full stain removal, gently blot area with clean, cool water in all directions. Repeat and blot area dry.”

Here’s where I get re-stressed out. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? Blot with clean, cool water?? In all directions?

I feel like I must have missed that day in Home Ec! Oh, wait. I didn’t take Home Ec.

But I stopped my inner-crazy-talk and decided this was what that meant:

After the Stain Removal ASlobComesClean.com

It worked, so I hope I’m right.

I wet a clean rag and didn’t wring it out.

I pressed the soppy-wet rag onto the area where I’d used the Spot Shot and rubbed it in all directions, squeezing the water into the carpet. I decided this was to get the water all through the carpet fibers to “rinse” out the cleaner. I then pressed on the area with a clean white towel (with a picture of Shakespeare on it) to dry the carpet. I repeated three times.

I love that the stains are gone. (I removed two. One is shown in these pictures, and the second one was removed in the video below.)

My only complaint? The areas where I cleaned the stains look better than the rest of the carpet. Now I see how badly my carpet needs to be cleaned! (Or replaced. I’ve only been thinking we’d replace it “soon” for about seven years . . . )

Click here if you can’t see the video.

If stains stress you too, check out this list of stains Spot Shot will conquer.

Now it’s your turn to enter to win your own Spot Shot AND a $50 Walmart giftcard!!!!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post about which kinds of stains stress you out the MOST!

For an optional additional entry, you can like Spot Shot’s Stain Fighting Community Facebook page where you’ll find tips, coupons and more giveaways! Leave a second comment saying you liked their page.


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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, video, and giveaway, but all opinions, experiences, puppies and stain-o-phobia issues are mine.





Making Shower Cleaning as EASY as Possible

Just letting you know up front that I’m going to use Amazon affiliate links to the tools that have made shower cleaning so much easier for me. That’s partly so you can see exactly which products I’m talking about, and partly because I’m hoping you’ll buy a six-thousand dollar TV while you’re on Amazon and I’ll get the commission for THAT. Actually, if you can afford a six-thousand dollar TV, I recommend you get a maid and skip this post. (Right after you follow the dish soap link and buy your new TV.)

How I Make Shower-Cleaning as Easy as Possible at ASlobComesClean.com

In case you didn’t know yet, my cleaning tips aren’t based upon a love of cleaning.

Really, though, they’re not based upon a hate of cleaning either.

My cleaning tips are from the perspective of someone who goes through life NEVER EVEN THINKING about cleaning until she knows the doorbell is about to ring.

I’m all about finding ways to combat my T.P.A.D. (Time Passage Awareness Disorder – a totally made-up-by-me problem) and my Slob Vision.

What works for me?

Associating tasks with things I do regularly anyway. Putting reminders IN FRONT OF MY FACE where I can’t possibly miss them. Even though I still totally miss them sometimes.

This tip fulfills all of those requirements.

Keep a dish-soap filled, non-scratch dish wand IN THE SHOWER. Use it while you’re in the shower.

Even though I figured out a while back that dish soap cleans my shower as well as anything ever did (while also not freaking me out by its chemicallyness), and even though I figured out a while later that the very best time to clean my shower is when I’m already in it, it took me an even longer while to actually act upon this solution suggested by so many of you.

There’s not too much more to say. Having a non-scratch dish wand already filled with dish soap in the shower, hanging right in front of my face means I do a little scrubbing here and there while taking my showers. (Which I do every single day anyway.)

And the wand doubles as a pretend microphone, which is also totally useful in the shower.

You’re welcome.


Setting Aside a Weekend for a Twenty Minute “Project”

Before Cleaning the Playroom at ASlobComesClean.com

I look forward to the end of Daylight Savings Time each fall because dark happens earlier.

Not that I don’t love daylight.

But when darkness falls before 6 p.m. on Sunday nights, I don’t have to worry about the state of my playroom when our church’s home group meets here.

Our playroom is really an enclosed back patio. A sunroom. A sunny sunroom that gets crazy-hot  in the Texas summers and therefore doesn’t get played in from May to August. It’s not ideal, but it’s what we have.

I successfully ignore it.

But it also has a glass door from the living room. This means when people come to our house, they see it. TOTALLY see it.


And yet . . . I still ignore it and wait impatiently for Daylight Savings Time to end so the room will disappear into darkness.

Cleaning it just feels like SUCH a big deal.

I’d been meaning to set aside a weekend to work out there. A weekend with perfect weather and lots of free time.

That would have been nice, but I decided to go ahead and work out there this past Saturday for the hour or so I had to spare. Basically, I threw away a single grocery bag full of trash and then swept.

And it went from the before picture up there, to:

After Sweeping the Playroom at ASlobComesClean.com

Aaaaahhh, much less embarrassing.

I even tackled the spot I’d been avoiding forever, assuming it was going to require heavy duty tools and cleaners.

Icky, Horrible, Overwhelming Cleaning Job at ASlobComesClean.com

There used to be a rug in that spot. A rug that got wet when the roof leaked and then basically rotted.

Ick. So gross. I threw the rug away over the summer, but the “residue” remained.

On Saturday, I looked at the spot again with eyes that had seen how Dawn dish soap is used to clean a whole lot of stuff (that I’d never have thought to clean with Dawn) at the Marine Mammal Center. I decided I’d give it a try.

Overwhelming Cleaning Task DONE at ASlobComesClean.com

Fifteen minutes (or less) later, the nasty, overwhelming spot was gone. Dishsoap in hot water and a stiff-bristled brush did the trick immediately.


What big-and-daunting projects have surprised you lately?

Overwhelming Cleaning Task not Overwhelming at All ASlobComesClean.com

This isn’t a sponsored post, but Dawn did send me two bottles of soap. I labeled that one “bathroom” so I wouldn’t accidentally use it in the kitchen!!



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