Taking a Minute to Straighten the Bathroom Counter (Like, an Actual, Literal, for-real Minute)

one min bathroom counter at

“I need to let the plumber into my master bathroom.”

Little strikes terror into the heart of a slob like those words. Even a vastly-improved slob. A vastly-improved slob whose bathroom had returned to slobbiness while she wrote a book about how to not be such a slob.

Anyway, this is the before pic of my bathroom counter:

one min bathroom counter before at

Yowser. Obviously, I hadn’t been doing that “Check the Bathrooms for Clutter” thing.

Because I figured an emergency-bathroom-cleaning was good material for a slob-blogging post, I took a photo of the time on my phone before I started. 8:09.

I slid things that go in the drawer into the drawer. I threw trash in the trashcan eighteen inches away. I hooked the hangers onto my closet doorknob without even taking a step. I moved the iron to the cabinet where it goes (directly under the counter where it was sitting).

At 8:10, it looked like this:

one min bathroom counter after at

Seriously. In case you can’t see the phone, here’s a closer pic:

one min bathroom counter one minute at

One minute. ONE minute.

Don’t worry. I’m properly horrified at myself for not doing this sooner. Or daily. When it takes less than one minute, and which allows me to actually clean the bathroom when it needs an emergency cleaning instead of just straightening it and hoping the plumber forgets to wear his glasses.


And by 8:23, I had also straightened Hubby’s sink, cleaned the shower, and straightened the out-in-the-middle-of-the-floor-chair-which-we-pile-up-with-good-intentions so Mr. Plumber’s first impression would be less horrific.

One Minute Bathroom chair before after at

These are the moments when I really want to show people the before pictures so they can know I really did do something before they showed up.

But I also want them to think this is my “I HAVEn’t cleaned!” bathroom.

What can you do in one minute in your home?

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Is an “Easier to Clean Toilet” a Real Thing?

Attention: This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m not being paid a dime to write this follow-up/reality-check-report from a post I wrote in December (which was a sponsored post). I am using an affiliate link, though.

Are Easier to Clean Toilets a Real Thing at

Back in December, I got a new toilet. It’s the Optum VorMax from The Home Depot.

It’s a “high-tech” toilet, and has features that are supposed to keep it cleaner. I was excited to have a shiny new toilet to replace my old and wobbly one.

But let’s be honest. Easier to clean? Is that really possible?

I did see immediate difference due the lack of a rim on the toilet. No rim means no place to get scary-nasty. I also saw how it flushes differently than other toilets and could understand how that would make a difference. If you want to see the flush in action, go see the original post about it here.

But the only way to truly know if one toilet is easier to clean than another is to use it.

Like, use it use it.

For a long time.

I’ve now had this toilet for five months, and it has been used. Like, used used.

So is it different? Is it actually easier to clean?

Yes. It really is.

While I’ve learned I don’t really love a taller potty (like some of you warned me I wouldn’t), I’ve also learned  there are quite a few features I didn’t even notice at first that really do help it stay cleaner.

As a persnickety Slob Blogger, I challenged the toilet by purposely NOT scrubbing it until I saw something that needed scrubbing. I don’t recommend this. (I know from way too much experience that bathroom cleaning is much easier if you go ahead and scrub regularly whether it “needs it” or not.)

Five months later, I still haven’t scrubbed it for anything other than “special circumstances.” I won’t describe the details of “special circumstances” but what I’m saying is that for five months, it hasn’t gotten a ring around the potty.

But let’s talk about the “easier to clean” features I didn’t even notice at first.

I didn’t notice them until, while wiping down the toilet (which I did do weeklyish over the past five months), I didn’t have to bend over and put my face scarily near the toilet to clean those wee-wee-collecting spots at the base of the toilet on each side. I also didn’t have to scrub all around the place where the seat and lid attach to the toilet itself. See these pictures?

Easy Clean Toilet at

They’re random day pictures.

Not that every day is that naturally free-of-pee.

But when it does need wiping down, it’s generally only the wipe-downable spots that need wiping.


If you are an all-girl household, go read this post about making cupcakes. But if you have boys, you may know what I mean.

The thing that makes a toilet “hard to clean” isn’t what you can see, it’s what you can’t see. Or get to easily. It’s all the places where two parts meet and cause a little gap. I now realize that the ickiness on the sides of the toilet base likely comes from “liquid” getting to the hinge and dripping through the holes down the side of the toilet.

I assume. I don’t know exactly. I just know that in trying to figure out WHY this doesn’t happen with my new toilet, I noticed that the hinge is significantly different from the hinges on my other toilets.

The hinge is designed to block “stuff” from getting into the hard-to-clean places.

So it’s not that things don’t get messy, it’s just that the places that make you want to lose your mind on Bathroom Cleaning Day are protected and therefore don’t get as messy as easily.

Make sense?

Again, I’m not trying to sell you a toilet. I just know that I’m super-skeptical about anything that claims to make cleaning easier, so I’d want to know how it has worked in the long run.

I was also quite surprised in December about how many people were excited to talk about toilets, so I thought I’d continue the Potty Talk.

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, I do recommend looking for some of these features. I also recommend, as one of you commented last time, that you check your pride at the customer service counter and SIT on any toilet you’re considering purchasing to see if the height is right for you.

I did look for “easy clean toilet lids” on Amazon, but they didn’t have any pictures with the lid raised, so I couldn’t tell if the hinge design is like this one. Next time I need to replace the seat on one of our other toilets (like I did in this post), I’ll try one.


If it sounded sexist when I suggested girls go read about cupcakes, I’m sorry. It was the first non-toilet-kid-friendly post that came to mind. Go read about hosting water balloon fights instead.


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The First of Two Things: Clearing My Bathroom Counter

Before-and-After-Pictures-of-My-Bathroom-Counter title at-ASlobComesCleanI’m rather behind posting some decluttering “projects” I’ve done over the past month. The weather has been beautiful, and we’ve had lots of randomness going on each Saturday. But a few weeks ago, I decided to do Two Things.

I knew I couldn’t get EVERYthing done that I should/desperately-needed-to do, but I could do two things.

Two small things.

Bathroom Counter Before Picture at

Choosing two small areas to tackle gave me the mental freedom to start without worrying about all I could be doing.

I followed my own Visibility Rule and started in my Master Bathroom.

(Not that the Master Bathroom is visible to anyone but our immediate family.)

I cleared my bathroom counter. My bathroom counter hadn’t experienced the benefits of my most basic of basic tasks in a while.

That was my goal. Declutter the counter. The counter that had been piled upon for who-knows-how-long.

Perhaps the pile started when I multi-tasked and threw on some make-up as I counted change from the Daisy Dues bucket before I ran to the store to get a snack for our Brownie meeting. (Brownies. Which means we haven’t changed the bucket label since we were Daisies.)

Once there’s one Piece of Randomness, other Pieces of Randomness join in the fun.

Since I needed a Donate-able Donate Box, I chose to make one out of the box full of Kleenex that I had been tripping over for more than a week.

Making my Donate-able Donate Box out of the MOST obvious choice at

I purged the trash first:

Trash Found On My Bathroom Counter at

Right. Clothing tags I’d used as lipstick blotters, packaging that should have been thrown away in the trashcan 2.5 feet from the counter, and that sticky-but-not-stuck-down drawer liner that just wads up in the corner of drawers.

And lids from mousse. I could say I have a lot of hair (which I do), but there’s really no excuse.

Next, I tossed the Obvious Donations into the Donate Box.

Obvious Donations from My Bathroom Counter at

Hair product that hadn’t been opened in the time it took to go through five cans of mousse? Obvious.

A scarf that always felt a little odd so I never wore it? OBVIOUS once I noticed on the tag that it was made out of RABBIT HAIR!!!! For real. How do they even get the rabbit hair? Do they shave them? Or sweep up their cages???

And once the obvious donations were out of the way, it was time to take things where they go (right now!).

Decluttering Project at

The razor went to the cabinet a few feet away where I would look for a razor . . .

Hotel shampoo (and more hotel shampoo) went to the guest bathroom where we keep that stuff. The DS charger went to the room of the kid who bought a new charger because he couldn’t find this one. Pens and pencils went to the kitchen drawer where we search (unsuccessfully) for pens and pencils.

We never, ever search for them in my bathroom drawer.

And yet, every time I clean out my bathroom drawer, we find oh-so-many.


About 20 minutes later, it looked like this:

Bathroom Counter After Picture at

Much better. Don’t you think?

Before and After Pictures of My Bathroom Counter at ASlobComesClean

That I let it get this bad again? Boo! Hiss!!!

That it only took 20 minutes to clear it and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my mostly-still-clear bathroom counter for almost a month? Yay!

I’ll share the second of my Two Things later this week.

(And seriously, I’d love to know the deal with the rabbit hair. It’s not “fur” but woven hair. As someone who is allergic to almost everything, it kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies.)The First of Two Things Clearing My Bathroom Counter pin at

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