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  1. 1

    This ended abruptly. I think the end got cut off. 🙁

  2. 4
    linda coffey says:

    Three years ago, I got read of a bookcase and 90% of the books! I had to be realistic. They were taking up too much space. So Ai donated the books and was happy that someone else would get a chance to read them. The bookcase? Well, it fell apart! So I trashed it!

  3. 5

    I find that just looking through helps so much for when re-decluttering that second or even third or fourth time. If something I don’t use is still there by that fourth time my emotions regarding it, whatever they were previously, have often changed to ‘I just can’t be bothered with ever having to look at this and not know what to do with it again. Out it goes!’.

    With containers that I think there is just nothing in them that I would be willing to let go of yet, I will open them with the goal of just removing one thing, and usually I will remove more then one thing. Then soon enough that container will be empty enough to put the stuff from it in with another half empty container and although I didn’t get rid of everything in that first container I’ve still managed to get rid of a whole containers worth of stuff. Which always feels great.

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