115 Dealing with the Onslaught of New Stuff

Podcast #115 from ASlobComesClean - Dealing with the Onslaught of New Stuff



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  1. 1
    Mari Craig says:

    Hello! Thank you for the new episode! I felt really validated while listening, because I had done / am currently doing some of the things recommended in the podcast! ?

    Two days after Christmas I placed straight into the donation bag a good number of tights etc and cosmetics I had received as presents, since they either didn’t match my style or they were the wrong size or I knew I wouldn’t use! (I don’t feel too guilty, by the way, because all these things were given to me by a person who I know is very frugal and never spends too much on any one item, and is a great supporter of charity shops as well.) Out of a set of socks, I kept the pair I liked best, and donated the other pair.

    Today I finished one of my newest decluttering projects: the backdoor built-in cupboard! I created storage space in there for stuff I need and want to use (art, papercrafting and art-journaling supplies for my daughter and I), by reducing the number of things previously being stored there!

    My wonderful husband spent his precious off-work time over the past three days with repairing and painting the walls of that tiny room (hadn’t been touch since we moved in the house), and installing in there the new wooden cupboard we found in the bargain corner at Ikea the other day, which is the perfect fit! (It is such a perfect fit that it was a bit of a struggle rebuilding it in situ, but he did it! Yay, go hubby! ?)

    I feel super-happy to have gotten rid of a big amount of stuff over the holidays, and created usable storage for usable and necessary things! Couldn’t have done it without the constant support of the podcast, so thank you Dana once more! ?

  2. 2

    I can’t find the tack blog-post to comment there….
    Where did you put the tack? We have a bit of a tack problem and I’ve been wanting to know a sensible place to put them (contain them) so I won’t stab my fingers to death every time I fumble through the junk drawer.
    Inquiring minds want to know!

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