Last Chance to Pre-Order!

Just a quick post to be sure you see that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER!!!

The book comes out tomorrow is out!!! For real. And yes, I feel like I’m in a daze!

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets will be around and available for a very long time

For those of you in the UK and Australia, I have no concrete details (so I’m not guaranteeing anything), but from what I’ve heard, while the paper copy will be released on December 15th for you, some people are seeing that the digital version and possibly the audio version (the downloadable kind) will be available for you tomorrow. It’s worth checking out.

Go here to get links to places to order, or just search How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind at your favorite bookseller!


--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


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    I preordered my kindle copy yesterday and have already read a bunch. Good Stuff. I filled out the form for the preorder goodies, but wasn’t sure when I should be receiving the items. Thanks!

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    Candace Bright says:

    Ugggg, I pre-ordered back in October and reminded myself every time I listened to a new podcast that I had to go get the pre-order goodies and then as I was catching up on podcasts just now realized that TODAY IS THE DAY!! So first off – WOOO I’m so excited that I get the book in the mail tomorrow!! Secondly, I totally missed the all the pre-order goodies even though I pre-ordered 🙁 Any way of getting around this?

  3. 5

    I got my book today! I got my book today! Yay me! Thank you

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