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Podcast #108 from ASlobComesClean - How is How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind different from other organizing or cleaning books?


I’m running ragged, y’all! And I must (like must, must) go get my nails done since I’m going to be on Channel 4 tomorrow in Dallas. (Set your dvrs for around 8am if you’re in DFW!)

So just listen. And then order the book here.





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    I just want to say, that having read the advance copy, this book is fantastic! It IS different from the blog, it’s great to have the info right there saying ‘do this and at x stage you will see the difference, and that at x stage it gets easier’. It lets you know exactly what to do, what to expect and even when you’re likely to feel discouraged and that if you push through that you will not only see results but you will FEEL how much easier it gets as you stick to it.
    Having just gone through 2 of the craziest weeks I’ve had in a long time I am sitting here on Saturday night (the end of my week) with a clean kitchen and Monday’s laundry day is looking like a walk in the park. And that is because of Dana. Dana knows what she’s talking about.

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