Decluttering Clothing: Is It Hanger Worthy?


I was hanging clothes as I took them out of the dryer.

I came to a top. My top. My new top. A top totally worthy of one of my favorite velvet hangers. A top in need of the anti-sliding, anti-unintentional-closet-floor-cluttering characteristics of those beautiful, beloved hangers.

But I couldn’t find an empty hanger. 

After searching in all the places I might hope to find an empty velvet hanger, I scanned the hanging bar in my laundry room.

What was less hanger-worthy than the new, somewhat-flattering top?

I saw this beloved top. Beloved in theory, but proven not-worthy-of-love when someone posted a photo of me wearing it last spring.

Y’all, I should have tossed that ridiculously unflattering top the moment I saw the photo. Or at least the moment I got home after seeing the photo. Because, y’know.

But I didn’t. I justified keeping it for all the reasons I thought I loved it before. I like stripes. I like the cut (in theory). I like the length. I like the colors.

Just enough I likes to let me talk myself out of sticking it in the Donate Box.

So yesterday’s turning point was just what I needed to get it out of the house. I only have X number of velvet hangers. I have more clothes than I need. I definitely do not need to buy another set of 30 velvet hangers for a new top when I have one I’ve know for a fact looks awful on me. Besides, 30 more hangers would exceed the natural limits of my closet/container. 

It’s the one-in-one-out rule with an extra reality-check.

Is it hanger-worthy?

The new top was definitely hanger-worthy, so I just had to find something less hanger-worthy.

Yay for reality checks.


Do you have velvet hangers? I bought mine at Costco, but here is my affiliate link for some on Amazon. There are lots of options there, so I just tried to choose one reasonably priced with mostly good reviews. You might look around to see what you need. I earn a teeny-tiny commission on anything you purchase on Amazon after you follow my link, so feel free to shop for furniture while you’re there. 

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  1. 1

    LOVE my velvet hangers! I think I finally have everything transferred over to them. I have MANY in 2 different colors! My next goal is to organize my fall/winter clothes onto 1 color and spring/summer onto the other. It just seems like an organizing thing to do! lol. Btw…….ordered your book over the weekend!

  2. 2

    I also have the velvet hangers – I was surprised when I converted all hanging tops that I had used up the Costco box of hangers. Now if I buy something new, I have to retire/donate something. Keeps things under control!

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