102 – Realities of Hiring a Cleaner Podcast

Podcast #102 from ASlobComesClean - Realities of Hiring a Cleaner


Sorry this is so late, y’all!!


My Thoughts on Hiring Cleaning Help – Post, Podcast

Layers of a Clean House

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    Yay! This is a struggle I have. I seem to always go around “picking up” the night before she comes….sometimes I think she enters the door and says, “Yay, it’s a total wreck so I don’t have to dust anything!”

  2. 2
    Christina Finley says:

    OOOOOOOH! I had to pause just to tell you that my new cleaners came two days ago…before I had one lady…and I could work ahead of her…I could wake up in the morning, get the kids off, and attack the mountain of dishes…and by noon (when she hit the kitchen) they would be done!
    New cleaners (other lady quit because my house was too hard!) are a couple who divide and conquer. Well…I still have dirty dishes shoved in my pantry, my oven (just a tip…always put a sticky note on the outside if you do this or you could have lots of melted non-oven safe dishes…ask my how I know) AND in my garage!
    Totally need to NoNi this and do my dishes every night!!
    Feel free to share – at this point I have no shame!

  3. 3

    My husband teases me for cleaning before the cleaners come. Now I have a fantastic, scientific reason to declutter so they can do the DEEP clean!! Thanks! 🙂

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