101 To Do Lists: Yes, No, or Maybe?

Podcast #101 from ASlobComesClean - To Do Lists? Yes, No or Maybe


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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Daily Checklist (listen to the podcast if those words overwhelm you . . . )





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    I have listened to ALL of your podcasts…you are definitely a kindred spirit and (not to be creepy) but we are friends!
    I am also a writer, but because I haven’t found my niche yet…I do not have a public blog.
    I also have slob brain, project brain, love Amazon/Costco, have a patient but annoyingly neat hubby, and have slight ADD which I think I caught from my 4 kids…specifically the last three which are 10 year old triplets!
    My best friend is a drama teacher and my mother used to call me “the Great Sara” (after Sara Bernhardt a famous actress because I was so dramatic.
    I have been listening for over a year, but I finally have a contribution to make so I am just now emailing!
    That journal thing you got from Swiffer is called a bullet journal.
    There….now you know how to refer to it. And I got this info from another podcast that I LOVE called Taking Control, The ADHD podcast. But don’t be fooled it is for more than just ADD people. It used to be called Taking Control, The Organizing Podcast and I have listened to all of theirs too and they have tips and tricks about keeping life under control. So while I clean, organize, and mow the grass (yes, I mow because it is the only thing I do all week that doesn’t get undone in an hour and a 1/2)…I listen to you, to Taking Control, and to Freakonomics…my three favorite podcasts!!

    Ooooh and you are just talking about lists for shopping at Costco, etc…..Well, we use an Amazon Echo…so I just tell it to “add (blank) to the shopping list” and it makes a list on my phone. My kids can say “Alexa (her name in our house)…add toothpaste to the shopping list” and it MAGICALLY appears on a list on my phone! Cool, right?

    Have a great day! Maybe someday we will meet at a writers conference or something!
    Oh, and I had a business in an antique/boutique mall and that is the website I listed.

    • 2

      The Alexa thing is freaky, but sounds awesome! So is it listening to everything you ever say??

      • 3
        Christina Finley says:

        No! Only the things you say to it. My kids love to ask for a joke or better yet (to them) a fart…she has an amazing repertoire!
        Anyway, I love just saying “Alexa, put sugar on the shopping list” or “Alexa, put close cabinet doors on the To Do list”…then it is on my phone. We also use her to control the lights using smart bulbs. So all the lamps in the living room go on when we ask her to turn the lights on! It is awesome! I will try to make a video for you this week. I am also a new Circle user…this is a device so you can control/monitor your kids internet use. So far it is cool. Update later! BTW, we are both Texans…so when you talk about weather or seasons…I get it!

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    I am so glad I found your blog. I feel like I have met someone whose brain works like mine. I have all your lists and I am slowly getting better at cleaning, but I admit I need more guidance. I work full time and really long hours. I haven’t figured out how to adapt your weekly and daily cleaning lists. Do you have any ideas?

  3. 6

    Hey there–I can totally resonate with the whole grocery list thing. I found an app that I really like called AnyList. I usually write out a list anyways so to do it on my phone is not really any extra time. It arranges things by categories (Produce, Meat, Dry Grocery, etc) so you are not going all over the store. You can cross things off the list and it will save all of the items for a future time that you can just click and add back to your list for another week. You can make multiple lists for different stores (Target, Aldi’s, Costco, Meijer, etc) AND all of these lists also are shown on my husbands phone so that if he happens to go to Costco on his lunch break, he knows what things we need from there. Love this app and helpful when I happen to have a random thought about something that I need, I just quickly add it to my list before the thought disappears from my brain. Win! Win!

  4. 7
    Christina F. says:

    That cool journal with the circles is called a bullet journal!
    I thought I submitted a comment but it didn’t show up here…hmmm!
    Anyway, I am a big fan and fellow writer!

  5. 8

    About your side note about ADD diagnoses…
    Something is only considered a learning disability if it effects them in school settings and requires an IEP. However, one can still have it without it being an LD. But I totally think I got it from my kids!!
    But in all seriousness, every diagnosis is on a spectrum and everyone falls somewhere on it. It only becomes diagnosable when it impacts their daily life or interferes/bothers them in daily activities. (Im a therapist).

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