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    Since I started decluttering I’ve learnt a few things about how to approach my own makeup clutter. What I used to do and doesn’t work was put everything together by type, lipsticks all together, eye makeup all together etc. It would be a mess all of the time and I would never be able to find anything. What I do now is to put stuff together by completely different categories, 1. Use every single time, 2. Use regularly, 3. Use occasionally or rarely. I keep 1st category down to a single layer – no stacking – in the easiest access location (such as the top shelf). The regular use stuff I also try to keep a single layer or in small makeup bags so I’m grabbing that one bag or tray and throw stuff back into that bag or tray. It all goes into the next easiest access location, second shelf). The third category gets stacked up high but also put into bags or boxes. I try not to reach for this stuff during my daily routine but I will regularly (when I’m not rushed) take a couple of things from this category and put them on the second shelf to see if I will reach for them more if they are easier to access and I will actively try to ‘use’ those category 3 items for a week or so. By doing this I often will find there is a reason I’m not reaching for those items and that I don’t like the texture or colour or something and they can be tossed or that I really like that item and I can swap it out for a category 2 item. Sometimes they just go back to being a category 3 item and they wait until the next time I add them to my weekly ‘fun – try and use it’ couple of items. So far this system has been far more functional then my old system.

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