87 What “Treasuring” Something Really Means

Podcast #86 from - More Clothing Hangups!


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The Medicine Cabinet Clean Out

Treasured Items Aren’t Treasured Items if They Aren’t Treasured

My Changing View of Value and Stuff

Bring the Beauty Out of Hiding

It’s Not Clutter if I Use It



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  1. 1

    It isn’t showing up in my android podcast addict app. 🙁 I want my Dana.

  2. 5
    Christin says:

    It isn’t on my iphone podcast app yet either! I’ve been checking all day (I know, so nerdy)

  3. 9
    Deirdre Morris says:

    Hi Dana!!! I love your podcast and left great reviews. They have helped me! One way is in keeping my car clean. Even though you said you’re not touching that. I took other tips you have stated and applied it to my car.
    Every time I get out of my car I take any garbage with me. When I get home I /we take everything that doesn’t belong in the car OUT. So like you said you start with a clean car and remind kids to take their stuff. Even if I have to take garbage out of car and throw it out in my house that’s now what I do. Also, containers for cars ( there are so many great ones) Each kid gets one and that’s it. lol! And I have one too that clips on between the two front Seats. So now my car may have pepples and leaves Etc but not garbage or clutter. ?

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