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Reality Check 2/29

Happy Leap Day!!!

I have three pic-heavy posts almost ready to go, but today is turning out to be wacko so they’re not going to happen until later.

And wacko = time for a reality-check post.

The short version: We’re surviving.

The slightly-longer version:

It’s Monday, so it’s Laundry Day, even though I won’t be home for much of it at all. There’s a meeting this morning for parents of incoming ninth-graders.

NINTH graders.

Like, high school. And that is seriously freaking me out. But it also happens to be the day I am shooting my book cover at a studio an hour away from my house. So I’ll come home from the meeting, have the scheduled-before-I-knew-about-the-covershoot-but-it’s-the-last-day-of-February-so-I-can’t-reschedule online hangout for patrons.

This is one of those days (they happen a lot) when I’m so grateful to have routines. And not just routines, but the understanding of the importance of those routines because I’ve lived both with and without them. It’s only because the whole family knows Monday is the day when laundry happens that we sorted clothes last night, and I have the motivation to fold the load in the dryer and get a new load going before I rush out to start this crazy day. Most likely, it will be tomorrow (or Wednesday) before Laundry Day is done, but we’re 1000x better off because Laundry Day exists.

Without it, I’d never even consider trying to fit laundry into a crazy day.

The rest of the house is officially in the familiar state of: It Could Be Worse.

I keep running the dishwasher, emptying it and refilling it, even though the kitchen as a whole is far from Company Ready.

We’ve done two five-minute pickups in the last two days, which  means the living room (don’t ask about the dining room, please) doesn’t look like our house was hit by a tornado.

No dusting or vacuuming or mopping has happened in the recent past, but really, it could be worse. I’m still amazed (after 6.5 years and writing a book about the subject) at the impact of little daily tasks.

So there you go. A rambly post for your Monday morning. And an encouragement to keep going in the Midst of the Crazy. It’s worth it, I promise.


28 Days to Hope for Your Home Going Into Semi-Retirement

28 Days to Hope for Your Home is going into semi-retirement!!!

Please note: I was just going to send this out to my email list, but then decided to put it up as a post on the blog. If you happen to use that blue site where people love to hang out as your primary method for keeping up with the fun around here, consider signing up for my newsletter so you won’t miss anything time sensitive (like this). The blue site gets moody and you only have about a 10% chance that you’ll actually see things come up on your screen. Plus, with the newsletter, you get five days worth of solutions to the WORST decluttering dilemmas delivered to your inbox for free. Go here for that.


I don’t actually know what semi-retirement is, but it sounds like a good description for what’s happening with 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, which was the first e-book I released back in 2012.

I wrote it after MANY requests to develop a deslobification guide which people could follow to help them start getting their homes under control. I resisted writing it for a VERY long time. I thought I knew what people wanted. I assumed they were like me (before the blog) and wanted a guide to getting their homes perfect and keeping them that way forever. And always. Until the end of time.

I knew I couldn’t provide that. I was just a slob, trudging her way through her own home, making real progress and seeing real change, but also realizing perfection was never going to happen.

But then, one day, it hit me. I couldn’t tell people how to have a perfect home, but I could totally teach them how to have hope. How to get to a point where they no longer feel overwhelmed. Where they can look around their home and say, “OK. I think I can do this.”

So one Sunday afternoon, I started writing. As this Deslobification Guide took shape, it naturally fell into a day-by-day guide, starting at the most basic of basic tasks, the dishes.

So unglamorous, but it was the same path I took when I started my own journey. With each week, I added a new task to be learned and implemented in a way that prevents the feelings of overwhelm and despair that people like me are prone to when it comes to totally boring, day after day after day stuff that we want to ignore in favor of big, dramatic projects with snazzy results.

But ignoring the daily stuff is what gets us into the state of despair. Doing the daily stuff is what provides hope. And brings traction.

So I released the e-book, petrified people would hate it. In my sales page, I gave all the reasons why someone SHOULDN’T buy it. But people did. And the vast majority (like 99.9%) didn’t hate it. And I was reminded once again that I really am not the only person in the world to whom this stuff doesn’t come naturally.

And that little e-book I didn’t want to write keeps on selling and people keep on emailing me to say the habits in it have changed their home, and have given them hope.

But on Monday, February 29th, it’s coming down. Not because it doesn’t work anymore (doing the dishes will ALWAYS work, unfortunately there isn’t a better way), but because it will be included as an appendix to my traditionally published book, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing With Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets, which will be released on November 8th of this year.

So I wanted to be sure you receive fair warning that for NINE months (three months longer than I was originally told), it will be unavailable. Not that you can’t do your dishes, and find all of the information here on the blog and get started finding hope for your home without it. But if you want a step-by-step guide and don’t have this yet, get it now or wait until November.


But still, read all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy it. Because it’s still definitely not for the mildly disorganized.

Go here to purchase. (Or think about purchasing.)


085 – Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch with Alea Milham Podcast (Perfect Cooking Style for People Like Us!)

Podcast #85 from - Realistic Prep-Ahead Cooking with Alea Milham of Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch

podcast 85 Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch with Alea Milham Podcast 1 at

I know those listening on iTunes won’t see this excuse, but I have to state it for anyone who does read this! This is my first podcast interview, and I was nervous and forgot to plug in my mic!!!! It’s ok, you can still hear the awesomeness Alea has to share, but it’s a little lot tunnel-ey! And at times it sounds like someone is running a vacuum cleaner. Even though no one is.

You can watch it on Blab (where we recorded it) and see me talking into a mic that isn’t even plugged in. That’s dramatic irony. Where you know something the character on stage doesn’t know. You’re welcome.

Mentioned in this podcast:

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My e-book that’s going away soon: 28 Days to Hope for Your Home

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