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Reason to Throw Something Away: It’s Gross

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I have such great memories of Christmas candies at my grandparents’ homes. Brightly colored, never seen in the home of anyone that wasn’t a grandma, and still there at Easter even though hoards of grandchildren and great-grandchildren had paraded past the candy dish for months.

So, when I saw a package while I was in a spendy mood anyway before Christmas, I grabbed them.

Nostalgia. The opportunity to introduce my own children to my own childhood memory.

But y’all, they’re gross.

I was surprised, since I didn’t remember them being gross, I just remembered them sitting in the candy dish.

But since we’re talking about me, they must have always been gross. Because non-gross candy doesn’t last long in a candy dish in my presence.

So I threw them away. Here’s hoping I’ll remember this waste of money next Christmas when I see them again.

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