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Non-Expandable Cabinets (Boo!) & Making It Fit

Non-Expandable Cabinets (Boo!) & Making It Fit at

My cabinets don’t expand. Boo.

I know this is more than obvious to the average person who briefly considers any cabinet made of wood, but my actions show I assume my cabinets must be made of stretchy material.

In an attempt to work through my ever-re-appearing clutter and make a visible impact on my home, I went through my house mouthing and re-mouthing the words, “Make it fit!”

Did you go through the non-overwhelming decluttering tasks with me? If not, they’re all here.

Non-Expanding Cabinets 1 at

Here’s how “Make it fit” works. I consciously clear my ever-present Slob Vision and see things that usually escape my notice.

I finally realize my cabinet door hasn’t shut completely in weeks. (At least.)

I remind myself of The Container Concept. And that my kitchen cabinet is a container. A container with limits that don’t expand just because I’d prefer to keep shoving.

My goal for this Make It Fit task was to get the door to shut. Easily.

That was it.

No big, looming decluttering project for which I’d need to set aside an entire weekend.

Because that was my only, non-overwhelming goal, I looked inside and saw the obvious. Shoved in the very, very back, where I pretty much never venture, were things I never use.

Non-Expanding Cabinets 3 at

Lids, lids and more lids, and a skillet I avoid because I burn anything I cook on it. (Clearly, the skillet’s fault . . . )

And that pot that needed to be replaced anyway. (Remember?)

Once I pulled out just the OBvious stuff, the stuff that caused no inner turmoil whatsoever, I could shut the cabinet door completely without even the slightest grunt.

Non-Expanding Cabinets 2 at

I even tested and learned that two of my favorite pots (for which I almost never use lids) can share a lid. Yay for fewer lids!!!!

And that’s the point of Making it Fit. Giving myself permission to make visible progress in my home in just a few minutes.

Non-Expandable Cabinets (Boo!) & Making It Fit pin at



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