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Non-Overwhelming Decluttering Tasks

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    Nony-I love you!!!! You are always right on track! Thank you for going over those tips. Visibility. Hmmm…I think you hit the sweet spot! I know you have said it before, just really seems to click this time. Have been listening since last summer. You are amazing and love the gift the Father has given you! I await eagerly every podcast and listen over and over. (You’re right, we do work while we listen….and sometimes take a nap too!) No, but really, the info sinks in!!!
    What a blessing you are Dana…
    with love

  2. 2

    This podcast was awesome. Based on the title, I went out of order, because visibility is my issue. I’ve never been accused of thinking like everybody else (quite the opposite, actually), and so I struggle with knowing where the baseline is supposed to be.

    Are there other ways to retrain slobvision? You mentioned looking from the front door, and that has helped. Maybe there is a post on this already and I have missed it?

    Anyway, thanks for posting this, it has been a huge help. 🙂

  3. 3

    Sometimes I think we share a brain – I definitely have slob vision! This podcast hit the nail on the head – I listen to you as I clean my kitchen and I find myself nodding in full agreement! I also answer you out loud, too –
    Nony: Does that make any sense?
    Me: (Yelling) Totally! Perfect sense!

    I’m so glad I found you and my house is looking better all the time! I pre-ordered your book and cannot wait to get it!!!

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