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I answer a few questions at the beginning of the podcast, including whether I’ve read the hit decluttering book by Marie Kondo. The short answer is no. I haven’t read it. I go into the long answer of why I haven’t and my thoughts on whether you should read it in the podcast. Here’s my affiliate link to the book on Amazon: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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    “It’s been a long week and with my day over and the dishes needing washing I snuck a moment to visit ASCC. Happy day! There’s a new podcast to listen to while I do my dishes (which I wasn’t going to do, but now I’ve got entertainment to wash to).

    Now I have to jump in with a tip for car cleaning from this really smart, funny, talented woman I know from her blog – now she doesn’t talk about car cleaning tips specifically but she does have this really great tip that I think will work really well – she calls it a ‘5 minute pickup’. 5 Minute pickups work like magic and I don’t think she’ll mind at all if everyone just goes right ahead and uses that tip any time they need to get their car decluttered. ‘wink wink’

    And onto the next part of the podcast. I am familiar both methods, the Nony Comes Clean method by Dana White aka ‘Nony the slob’ and the Konmari method by Marie Kondo.
    Right off I just want to say that they couldn’t be more different. Marie Kondo is what I would term a ‘Clean Freak’ and Nony isn’t. I would describe the Konmari method as being more useful for the ‘mildly disorganised’ and while her methods may be of some use to the severely disorganised they very well could leave them feeling totally overwhelmed and in dire need of some super organised clean fanatic to come and sort things out for them. The Nony Comes Clean method however is written from the perspective of how to get there by someone who has experienced slobdom and the sensation of drowning in stuff.
    The main area of overlap in these two methods is to get rid of the excess stuff but the journey there is rather different.
    If you’re just looking to empty a few cupboards Konmari is a good choice but if your hallways are stacked high and your flat surfaces threaten to avalanche Nony can help, more then that she can give you hope. “

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    T-Pad – HA – you nailed me! Great podcast. And you are correct – Marie Kondo is a cleaning consultant from Japan whose bestseller eventually crossed the ocean. After reading her book I found some of her concepts a little “out there” (no – I will not be thanking my purse everyday) and one or two were process changing for me. All in all, definitely worth the read. I’ve probably consumed about 30 such books – and I’ve gotten something from everyone and everything from no one.

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    I haven’t read the Marie Kondo book, but I’ve seen a few videos of her and of some people using her method. I think her book falls into the category of ‘books written by people who like cleaning and organizing’ :0)

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    I could not find any posts explaining TPAD other than this podcast, then had to listen to 17 minutes of rambling before TPAD even came up (it’s between about 17:30 and 25:00 for those who also came for that). I love the blog, but maybe you could provide a transcript of the podcasts or a note about where in the podcast the actual subject is.

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    I agree with Petra — also I read your blog while I’m on my break at the office, so having things that don’t require having the sound on are the best! 🙂 (I’m not saying “don’t have podcasts” — I listen to them in the car and they’re great — but I’d love to have transcripts or companion posts or something….)

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