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Dana will be publishing these “Share Your Experience” posts twice daily over the next several days. If you are receiving these via email, you may want to check for the extra post from yesterday – If My Two Decluttering Questions Have Made a Difference in Your LIfe I Want To Hear About It! This is your to share your story!
Normal people seem to keep up with housework without even thinking about. People with Slob Vision view housekeeping as a project, but shouldn’t! We need habits to keep up with housekeeping. Have you learned the importance of starting with habits instead of a project? Has this mindset made a difference in your home?
As members of our “Slob Club” you know that Dana has talked about having a Project Brain, but her house isn’t a project. She’s had to accept that focusing on habits first is the only way to make real progress in her home.
She would love to hear how you’ve experienced this in your home, especially if the slow approach and habits in 28 Days to Hope for Your Home made a difference for you. .

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Feel free to state your name as anonymous. As “Nony” Dana totally understands.

If all this talk about Project Brain vs. Focusing on Habits makes no sense, this form isn’t for you. If you want to read more about this whole concept, the posts below are a good place to start!

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