Do You Pre-Cook and Freeze Your Meet in Bulk? Tell Me Your Experience!


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Dana is in the last weeks of writing her book. And she needs YOU, her “Slob Club,” to help her out! If you have discovered the thrill of streamlining your meal planning and getting supper on the table for your family by pre-cooking, big-batch-cooking, freezing your chicken and ground meat, would you please tell her about it?

You can fill out the handy form below (or click here to go straight to it) and let her know how it’s changed your life. Or simplified your life. Or improved your quality of life. Or whatever. Your words and testimony are what she’s looking for, and they may end up in her new book or other projects!

Feel free to state your name as anonymous. “Nony” totally understands.

Freezer cooking isn’t your thing? That’s okay. We’ll have new and exciting posts coming out for you soon. Would you like to learn more about how pre-cooking her meat has changed Dana’s life? Check out the posts below!

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Do you have other challenges and victories to share? We’d love hear!  Click here for more questions in the “Share Your Experience” series.


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