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    *Whispers* “I put non dishwasher safe things in the dishwasher but I’m not supposed to tell you that.”

    Hahahaha i relate to so much on here and it keeps me laughing. Thanks to all the encouragement on these podcasts and blogs, today I declutterd two kids rooms and our master bedroom. And actually got laundry put away on “laundry day”.
    Thanks for encouraging, seriously what you do is so great Dana!

  2. 3

    Hi, Dana! I always love your podcasts! Just wanted to say that another group of people that would benefit from this way of managing unpredictable schedules is the disabled or chronically ill (I speak from personal experience here!) We have good days when we have lots of energy, and many not-so-good days due to serious pain, fatigue, etc. – and of course, can’t plan ahead for that. Happened to me last week, and just doing what I could in those awkward pauses saved the day – and my sanity! Bless you for always being so encouraging!

  3. 5

    This is exactly what I needed! For the past few weeks I feel like I’ve been in survival mode. I had over committed in many areas of my life. I’m a stay at home mom and was maybe home one day each week. So obviously every flat surface of my house collected piles of junk! i listened to your post last week and felt like I was gaining a little. Then after hearing this podcast I was totally energized! If I only have time to do one thing, DO THE DISHES! It sounds so simple but it is honestly life changing Nony! I’ve become pretty good about doing the dishes daily but this past week I just didn’t do them because I didn’t unload the dishwasher. It’s such a simple task but I truly just didn’t want to do it because I was so overwhelmed about all that I needed to catch up on. So after hearing this, I immediately did the dishes and it was so liberating! It’s like I broke through the overwhelming feeling of needing to clean the whole house. So thank you thank you for the entire podcast and all that you do! I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Even if where I am isn’t that glamorous!

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