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Today’s podcast is thanks to a suggestion from one of you! With the brain power going to book writing, I need help with topic suggestions, so please feel free to email me! If you’ve emailed before, email again. I may have lost it! (I do that.)

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  1. 1
    messee momee says:

    Podcast idea here:
    Clutter threshold and having an emtpy house. I took your clutter threshold advice which my limit is apparently nothing. I have couches and beds and nothing else, but I also have a clean house. However, I want to have a nice house too, which requires some type of decor. How do I start to add again without making clutter?

    • 2

      Start with framed art! Stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell prints for a small price in a variety of styles, I’ve even found cute pieces at Wal-mart on occasion! Maybe upgrade your light fixtures and switch plates, having nice fixtures goes a long way towards your house feeling dressy instead of blah. The same goes for window treatments and lamps, etc. I hope I can be in your spot someday, that sounds like a wonderful problem to have at this point lol.

  2. 3

    My podcast idea is to collect strange fixes for clutter problems from your readers! Surely we have all come up with some weird way of fixing a clutter problem that seems specific to our house, maybe it can help someone else! For example I just Velcro’d my 5yo’s mattress to his bed so he’ll stop flipping it onto the floor! I also recently added a padlock to the wardrobe in his room so he and his brother would stop dumping all their toys on the floor, now they can only dump what is on the shelf lol.

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      leisa Parker says:

      Bethanyh, we had the same trouble. My kids would take the top bunk mattress, turn it and use it to slide on. Not fun to put back on.

      I would like to hear a podcast about keeping your car clean. Sometimes I feel like it is harder to get cleaned then my house. One thing I’ve tried is dividing into zones. It’s a 12 passager van and I have 6 kids at home. They draw numbers so no one has the same every time. 1 zone is drivers seat 2 first row 3 middle row 4 back row 5 behind back seat and 6 is dashboard and dumping the trash can we keep in the van. This only works though when I realize it needs to be done. Guess I have a vision problem too.

  3. 5

    “If you are licking something, stop!” Very nearly a spit-take!!!! Thank you!

  4. 8

    My idea is one that has been plaguing my poor closet for 7 years….children’s clothing! How do you know what to keep/get rid of of hand me downs from one sibling to the next? I always feel like I’m wasting space by keeping all of these clothes! We have them in large Rubbermaid containers and I despise opening them and going through them bc of the mess it makes…would love to have a minimalist house and I have a cluttered one which results in a crabby mom! Everything goes in the spare room when people come over and they are forbidden to open the door!! So how do you store children’s clothing the most effective way…or should you? I’m a frugal mom who does not buy new very often and when i do it’s off the reduced rack at Walmart. Should I say no to used clothes hand me downs and just buy for my kids current sizes? (2 boys) thank u!!

  5. 9

    This podcast was made 6 months ago, but boy, does it ever address me where I’m at right now! It opened my eyes to try a new approach to some of the things I’m struggling with. I need to listen to it again, and maybe have my family listen with me! I love the way you say things, and laughing while cleaning sure makes it easier! My kids hear me and say “Mom must be listening to her slobcast again!” My 13 yo son was folding his clothes in the room next to where I was listening to you, and when he went to put his clothes away, he ended up emptying out and refolding his whole dressed! He told me “She must be contagious!” Lol!

    About mindreaders. We have someone in our life who is a manipulator, and I just realized how; she passively expresses dissapointment in us because we didn’t do what she didn’t tell us! And I do not want to be guilty of doing that to anyone, especially my family!

    Thanks for helping me understand my quirks and frustrations! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

  6. 11

    Awesome! One of my favorites so far! This one is extra funny and so true!!

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