But . . . I LOVE My Extras!!

But I LOVE my Extras!!! at

On Monday, I wrote a big ol’ post (seriously, it was long) about losing my keys and being reminded (for the ba-jillionth time) that having more of something does NOT make my life easier.

It doesn’t.

I know that.

I‘ve learned learn that lesson over and over.

But . . . I do love my extras.

As a not-so-fru-fru person who still understands that I look 1000x more put together if I wear earrings, I stick to my silver hoops. Like, every single day.

I almost always know where they are because I use them. (That’s one of the yay-for-me lessons from Monday’s post.)

But I don’t always always know where they are.

They get lost. They get pulled off from the ear I’m sleeping on for a Sunday afternoon nap. They bug me when I’m on the phone. They’re the victim of excessive expression when I’m telling a really great story.

So, over the years, I’ve had to buy a new pair here and there. Always silver. Always hoops.

While I’ve been known to wear two very different (though both silver and both hoops) earrings, hoping no one would notice, I hit the jackpot when I bought a new pair that almost exactly matched an old pair.

That means I have four earrings that match one another. Any of those two makes a pair.

Which is good, since I never ever know where all four are at the same time.

Usually, I only know where two are.

So I was rather frustrated when the one on the right in the picture above disappeared for a few days and then appeared in the bottom of the washing machine, quite whompy-jawed, the following Monday.

But later that day, I saw a glint of silver shining under my nightstand.

And I was back to two silver earrings that match as long as no one sees the back of them.

This is my problem.

These serendipitous moments.

They bring me such joy. Such justification for my issues. Such hard evidence of the benefits of having extras.

And then something like the Losing of the Only Set of Keys for More Than Two Whole Months happens.

And I’m reminded that my Love of Extras has a dark and sinister side.

The End.

No life-changing conclusion here. No wise words. Just the acknowledgement that this is an ongoing struggle in my Slob Brain.

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--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    This sort of thing happens to me too…. but only when I don’t have pockets.
    Perhaps you need pockets. Women’s clothes don’t have pockets because it supposedly makes you look fat.
    I look fat without pockets, so that’s not an excuse for not having pockets.
    Men with their pockets get so smug about their super organized ways. Phooey.
    Used to be (Medieval times through pioneer times that I know of) woman tied bags to their waists under their clothes they could access through slits in their skirts. Perhaps we need to revive the practice.
    Because, Noni, we need pockets.

  2. 4

    Can I just say that you’re my new hero? I am totally in love with you and your blog! You speak my language, I mean, you have put my struggle into words. I have tried so many little tricks to deslobify myself, and it is so refreshing and encouraging to read your posts and see that it will be a lifelong journey with little victories along the way. I can completely relate to the serendipitous moments that justify my sloblife – lol!
    Thank you. I’m looking forward to more of your wisdom!

  3. 5

    There are certain things every woman should have extras of without in any way being labeled a slob. Favorite earrings. Tubes of the shade of lipstick that looks fabulous no matter what she’s wearing. Cheaters for those over 40 – at LEAST one pair per room and extras for the car. Packages of breath mints. And… apparently… pockets! 🙂

  4. 6
    RedheadedCyclone says:

    Sooo… since you use silver hoops almost exclusively, why don’t you get permanent (that aren’t really permanent) ‘body jewelry’ hoops and just leave them in? Then you always know where they are… in your ears.

  5. 8

    I have 3 sets if the exact same hoop earrings.

  6. 9

    One of the best buys of my life. Yes, really. Of my Life! has been a mailorder offer for twelve pairs of sweatshirt gray socks. That was over 10 years ago. I have no idea how many I actually still have of 24. It’s not nearly 24, I know that. But I always have 2. And, alas, the heels and soles are getting thin. I will be very sad when the last 2 have holes and I have to throw them away. Or maybe I’ll find a cache of lost ones somewhere around here! Who knows how long they could last that way. One can hope.

  7. 10

    This reminded me of how I lost one of my very favorite squarish silver hoops way back in 2002 and was ever so sad. Until a year later when I found it under the front seat of my then boyfriend now husband’s car. And I’d kept it’s mate!

    Sadly, I ended up losing one of them again anyway.

  8. 12
    Jo Diehl says:

    The one thing I MUST have multiples of is a nice glass fingernail file–not the knock-offs, but the nice ones that cost too much, yet file my nails so “finely”!! I need one for my purse, one for beside “my chair,” one for near my *other* chair in the other room, & one for in my travel nail polish bag. Now, theoretically, that’s 4 nail files, but at any given time, one of them may or may not get carried somewhere else & temporarily lost, but at least w/ this many, I have a chance to find one when I need it!

  9. 13
    Beverly says:

    I like the lever-back earrings because they are more comfortable to wear especially if you are on the phone or fall asleep. My solution to having pockets was to buy a waiter/waitress apron, because the pockets are deep. It also works great for some occupations too. I brought my apron on Amazon and it was fairly inexpensive and it came in a pack of two.

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