059 – Two Very Different Clutter Stories Podcast

Podcast #59 from - Two Houses with VERY Different Clutter Stories

Y’all, I am shockingly close to having 50,000 podcast downloads JUST IN APRIL!!! For real. I really appreciate all the support!!

Mentioned in this podcast:

First, that affiliate link I promised to the book I talked about in this podcast: Coming Clean: A Memoir

It is available through KindleUnlimited if you are a member, or can be your monthly free borrow if you are a Prime member. (Another affiliate link: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

A Tale of Two Houses Part One: My Clutter History

A Tale of Two Houses Part Two

Nony’s House Then vs. Now (The Guest Post by the friend whose home I talk about in this podcast!)

Podcast: Don’t Get Organized! Just Declutter!

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    Am reading,”Coming Clean: A Memoir.” So far it is the fates of the pets that has upset me. Give a girl some warning! I won’t discuss the fleas. But I would have taken the dog instead of the pills. (And I have taken the pills.)

    BTW, I am so happy I found you.


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