055 Junk Free Easter – Traditions and Easter Basket Fillers Podcast

Podcast #55 from - Junk Free Easter Ideas - Traditions and Easter Basket Fillers

I apologize for the audio! My mic isn’t working (or I can’t figure out how to fix it) and I used the built-in mic on my computer.

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  1. 1

    Hey! Do you have the resurrection biscuit instructions posted? So enjoying your daily podcasts!

  2. 4

    Hey the microphone isn’t an issue. I forgot all about it by the time you mentioned it at the end! Some people are audio quality snobs but I will put up with a lot for content I’m excited about! Thanks for the podcast!

  3. 5
    Mary Anne says:

    (I’m slowly catching up here.) I’m so glad you mentioned that your daughter hates marshmallows (sister!), because I was listening to this recipe and drooling and wondering if Jesus couldn’t be something nicer than a marshmallow, ick, but if she loves these I bet I will too.

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