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After the big Master Abyss Reveal, I felt like talking about something I’m good at! So this week, I’m sharing quick and easy recipe ideas, most using pre-cooked and shredded frozen chicken breast.

These are all recipes that come together super quick.

Chicken Fried Rice

White Chicken Chili

Chicken and Bacon Subs

How I Shred Chicken in Bulk

How Zaycon Works (where I get 40 lbs. of chicken at once)

Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Pasta

Chicken and Noodles

I said I’d link to this speaker, so I am. It’s much higher in price, though, than what I paid when I bought it on clearance at Walmart last year. Look around at similar items, though, because it really does make a huge difference to listen to a podcast through a speaker.


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  1. 1

    I love your blog!
    However… don’t know if this is under your control or not, but in the past few days a couple of the ads that show up on your website rrrruuuuuunnnnnnn continually, making my poor computer jump and start in fits. 🙁
    I’ll definitely still be reading EVERYthing you write (but this is driving me buggy).

  2. 3

    I also think chicken enchiladas are SOO much easier when I have the frozen shredded chicken.

    If you’re familiar with the chicken taquitos, those are my family’s favorite thing ever. So I’m more likely to whip some of those up if I have the chicken ready. The METHOD for getting those crispy in the oven? The spraying and salting…that works well for quesadillas, which pacifies them. I add black beans to the green enchilada sauce and cream cheese, a little extra of some whatever cheese, maybe corn, lime and cilantro if I have it, sitck that in a big burrito shell, folded in half and broil it, flip over, broil the other side. easy peasy dinner that I can get on the table in 15 minutes with the chicken pre-done.

  3. 4

    I have headphones that connect to my tablet (no smart phone for this SAHM) and keep only one bud in so I can listen to you and hear if the kids are killing each other. Love your recipes. I am going to look into bulk chicken but DH won’t like the price. 🙁

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