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I had to accept that clothing (or anything I have too much of) can be clutter. In this podcast, I share one way I attacked clothing clutter in the first year of the blog, and how my understanding of our clothing needs has changed.

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    When my kids were little, I was given lots of welcome hand-me-downs. For each kid, I kept everything that was too big in a giant, clear Sterlite container with a lid. We called this the (duh) “Too Big Box”. Clear was important because it helped me to see what was in there. I also had a “Too Small Box” which was equally as large but not clear so they couldn’t see what I was getting rid of. They had an unhealthy attachment to clothes that were too small for them. If I received hand-me-downs that I didn’t want, they went immediately into the Too Small Box. The items in the Too Small Box were handed on down or donated as soon as it was filled up. Both boxes were kept on a top shelf in the kid’s closet so I had easy access at all times. This way, at least, the clothes that were available in their drawers or hanging up were clothes that actually fit them.

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