033 Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess Podcast

Podcast #33 from - How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess

Podcast #33 is up!!!

In it, I share the ideas from this post:

How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess

So, in order to get this up ASAP, I’m just sending you there for links to the things I mention!!!

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    So excited to listen!

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    THIS podcast describes my life. … to a T. I agree with you totally about the keep box … as I always have this problem. I have two problems trying following your instructions.

    ONE my daughter and grandson moved back in with us and I have lost all my space and storage because they have taken over those spaces. I use to have a place to put every-thing but now their stuff is in my storage space.

    I use a KEEP BOX because physically I can not run around the house putting things away like I use to when I was younger. My knees just will not do it … thoughts of climbing stairs results on stuff on the stairs or right where they were. This does work better for me …. because now I make my DD put everything away. I usually have several KEEP BOXES… mine and hubby , grandson’s and daughters. She then puts my box on my bed and I make it a point to put things away as soon as possible … No going to sleep til the box stuff is put away…..It is really hard to sleep with a box on the bed.

    GREAT PODCAST …. YOU are helping me look at decluttering in a better way.


  3. 3

    I really wish I was able to take things to the place the belong straight away but I am disabled and it’s very painful to walk already so I am stuck having a box for each room of the house and sorting the area I’m cleaning into those boxes. Sometimes some of the boxes don’t get put away but I don’t know what else I can do at this point, my house is always trashed and I feel so helpless, any advice for me?

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