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Podcast #32 from - After the Fail

Whew. I recorded another podcast. After stopping no less than TEN times yesterday, I finally blabbered my way through this one. (Ramble alert!)

In this one I talk about how I get back on track after failing. (Which I have plenty of experience with . . . . )

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    As always, I enjoy your Podcast. Since my dear husband put in our dishwasher (that was in the box for 3+ years in the den) I have been following your lead. I try to run dishwasher every night and empty of a morning. Sometimes I find we just pull out what we need to use, as we need it. I am so glad that the dishes are done. It is funny how I would ask where something is and I would say where it belongs and they’d say really? Again, thank you for your Podcast and especially your blog. God Bless and have a safe holiday weekend.

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    Thanks for this post. I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment with work as a teacher, which means leaving at 7.30 each morning, getting home around 6, and then usually doing schoolwork at home most nights. This, plus trying to keep my house clean, plus thinking I need to start an exercise routine, plus all our other commitments, makes for a very stressed girl! At least I don’t have kids yet! I appreciate your honesty and openness on your blog and in this podcast, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. We’ve been better about getting dishes and things done lately, although our house is still not ever what I would call clean. My husband is somewhat of a hoarder which is making this process difficult, especially as he doesn’t even see the mess and thinks it’s all fine! One question I have is what to do with gifts and things that you’re given. My parents like to give me gifts, particularly at Christmas, of random bits and pieces that tend to end up as junk. They’d be heartbroken if I asked them to stop as they love giving gifts, but we really don’t need more stuff in our house. They’re not into charity donations or anything instead, but I can’t think of anything we actually need to suggest!

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      Ask for new towels or linens, bathmats, tea towels/hand towels each year, then you can donate the old ones and they wont notice you haven’t kept the older ones. By rotating through different types it will be a couple of years before you ask for towels again so it won’t seem like you’re always asking for the same thing.

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    Your ‘rambling blabbering’ always encourages and motivates me – thanks so much for sharing what I needed to hear!

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    FINALLY!!!!!! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!! Thank you so very much for your honesty and your sharing on this blog. I just discovered it a few days ago and while keeping up with your regular posts, I am also going back and reading forward from the very beginning. You will not believe how much you have helped me already. I am like you… I clean up but I have a hard time maintaining….I get everything looking presentable then go right back to my old ways and in a week’s time you can’t tell I’ve done anything because it is as bad or worse than before. So, I began 2 days ago. My goal was just to clean the clutter off the floor so I could walk without walking on top of something, then carry out the trash every day that I pick up……..You will not believe what a difference just that has made already….. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Slob with OCD says:

    Hi Nony,

    This is the first time I listened to a podcast. It was super and super timely for me.

    I put it on while I was trying to get the kitchen straightened up and it functioned just the way I wanted, it was like having a good friend over who doesn’t mind your mess, who will talk to you and just hang out while you make it better.

    Also I found it reassuring and scary that you seem to be in my brain. Prefer projects (check). Think I have to design a “system” first. Check. Think that it’s the system that failed, not the follow through. Check. etc etc.

    So please don’t worry about rambling. Just like I don’t need imperatives about you must clean this way, I don’t want “27 Magic secrets to keeping your house clean” I need exactly what you are doing, talking one slob to another about what works as it crosses your brain.

    Good luck with the new schedule.

    In case I wasn’t clear I LOVE THIS PODCAST

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    Dana, I’m still catching up but I have to say – this is my favorite pod cast to date! I loved it! We’ve all failed (or I think most everyone who listens to your pod casts do) and we feel bad about that. Like WE are the failures. But you struck gold when you said we just need to take it back to basics to get on track. I love it!

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