Is It Really Lost If I Put It There?

Losing Things after I Hide Them. Ugh. at

Recently, I’d been missing my cast iron skillet.

And my favorite medium-sized knife.

Oh. And my potato peeler.

All of these are things I use all the time, but I had NO idea where they were for at least several weeks.

Since I do have another skillet, and a bigger knife will do, I just managed.

I was pretty irritated to have to peel potatoes with a knife, though. Barbaric.

But as I tend to do, I just went on through life. Making do with whatever I happen to have.

Until one day, as I performed the now-rote task of reaching under the sink for a dishwasher tablet . . . I thought I caught a glimpse of something.

Waaaayyyy back in the back. So I contorted and twisted and reached waaaayyyyy back and pulled out . . .

My cast iron skillet. Ohhhhh. That’s right. Sometimes, when the dishwasher is full-to-capacity and already running and it’s time for the doorbell to ring, I shove extra dirty dishes under the sink.

And then (obviously), I forget about them.

I can’t even blame it on the fact that the skillet is black and was hidden in the shadows, since once I looked around, I saw my favorite knife and my peeler right there in the very front, not hidden behind anything at all.






  1. This just made me snort my coffee… I can sorta relate. I usually lose things when I put them away for “safe keeping”. Then I can’t remember WHERE!!! lol

  2. One time, as a child, I remember my mom putting a stack of dishes that were more than would fit in the dishwasher, in the cold oven. (Can you see where this is going?) I believe we were having company so she wanted them out of sight. Then a few days later she needed the oven and on to heat. A horrible smell soon began to fill the kitchen and she suddenly remembered those dishes. Half of them were plastic which melted and ended up ruining the non plastic dishes as well. So, at least you didn’t do that. :) And I have only once put dirty dishes in a cold moved to hide them but made sure they were oven safe in the even I forgot them. ;)

    • I … um … hid a countertop griddle/grill contraption in a cold oven for a house showing. Then forgot it. Then, days later, turned on the oven. After the fire trucks left, my daughter and I stayed in a hotel for 6 days while a disaster company cleared the burnt plastic smell from our house and an appliance company delivered a new stove to replace the one the firefighters smashed with their axes in order to put out the flames. I don’t hide things in the oven any more.

  3. Make that cold oven not cold moved lol

  4. I am laughing with you – not at you !!!!! :-)

  5. I “lose” so many things when people show up unexpectedly and I shove items in random locals to hide them. It’s only a problem when I need the item. LOL

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I have learned in my life that when I hear the thought “put it in a safe place” I need to NOT do that… put it on the Fridge… at least someone who isn’t blind to what is there has a chance of seeing it when I am frantic and can’t find it. I realize that this doesn’t work with Skillets and Potato peelers, but still…

    and… please, gods, tell me that you DON’T put your cast iron in the dishwasher….

    • I don’t!! I guess I just wanted a cleared sink!

    • Kelekona says:

      Yep, putting it in a safe place is the surest way to lose something.

      I am really glad that I’m not so ashamed of having a few stray dishes in the kitchen. Once I pushed vegetable cuttings off the counter but neglected to sweep them up. It made the company curious about the spice collection because he noticed a connection between creatives and cleanliness.

  7. Michelle says:

    I had to laugh at this. When I was a kid we had a babysitter who was grounded. She was grounded by her mother because she had wanted to go to the movies with her friends, but she wasn’t allowed to go until all the dishes were washed. She washed the plates, but shoved the plastic bowls and pots and pans into the oven and told her mother she was finished. While she was at the movies her mother decided to bake something. Without opening the oven, she turned it on to preheat. My babysitter arrived home from the movies to find the house stinking of melted plastic and her mother royally ticked off that all her pots and pans were ruined. The babysitter said the moral of the story was to hide the unwashed dishes anywhere but the oven.

  8. I burned half my house down with the dishes in the oven trick. Now if you show up unexpectedly, either you deal with my dirty dishes or just don’t come in!

  9. Oh I have lost so many things by randomly hiding them. When I was a kid I actually had a closet avalanche that buried the cat….He was fine but he never came in my room again haha. Now that I have a bigger closet and less clothing I’m doing much better at keeping it all cleaned up but I did have my suitcase fall off the shelf onto my head….Really I should only keep very soft things in my closet lol

  10. ok, I usually “lose” things by thinking “I’ll put this here because then when I need it I’ll know where it is.” But then when I go to look for it next year for the same thing, I can’t remember where I put it… Sigh!

  11. Oh I laughed so hard at this … I always put stuff “just out of the way over here” (usually paper) until whatever time and that time never comes and then 6 months later it shows up and I can’t BELIEVE I actually put it there.

  12. Love this post!

    I once ordered four boxes of checks because it was WAY cheaper than ordering just one box of checks. I use my debit card (or cash) for practically everything, so it take me literally years to go through a box of checks. Well, after I’d used just the first pad from the first box, which was months after I’d bought them, I went looking for the boxes to get another pad, and I could not find them anywhere!

    I knew they were lost in my home somewhere, confident that they had not been stolen. So, after a decent time spent searching, I ordered more. In the meantime I needed to write a check, so I went to my credit union for some counter checks, which cost me like $5. Grrr.

    When the new order of checks arrived, I said to myself, “self, where should I put these where I will know where they are?” I decided that a certain compartment in my desk would be a good place. I told my tween-age daughter where I was going to put them because she was a much memory than I do. So … I proceed to my desk and open the door to the compartment and what do I find? The original four boxes of checks.

    Now I have like a 20 year supply. And I know where they.

  13. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty! You make me feel so much better about these “dirty” secrets!

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