025 Sell or Donate? Decluttering Advice Podcast

Podcast #25 from - Sell or Donate? Decluttering Advice

Podcast #25 is all about dealing with the classic Declutterer’s Dilemma: Sell or Donate??

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  1. 1

    thanks! this podcast helped me off the fence. I really need to donate more and keep less.

  2. 2
    Brittani A. says:

    I so look forward to thess podcasts! Was so happy ro see a new one so soon!

  3. 3

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. My big hangup is finding all the pieces (especially to my kids toys) because I just know that they are in the big pile in their room . . . somewhere. Because who wants a little people house without all the parts. Sigh.

  4. 5

    In my town there are three thrift stores and a children’s consignment store and at least two cherity closets as well as our apartment laundry room Facebook groups and a clothing shoe recycling box well more than one around town that would be were I take unrepairable stuff. Having different levels of thrift store helps me decided what to give where my laziness means kitchen stuff and not so nice clothes that I am done with go to my neighbors it is a low encompassing apartment I know I have the only baby so baby stuff would get throughenough away and her clothes and stuff are nicer but mostly not nice enough to justify going to the consignment store so it goes to the cherity closet because I can send it with the lady that comes to my house and I know I can freely take from that closet and I have done that because matching is an issue when you are working with a 100% hand me down wordrobe you end up with a lot of pieces that really don’t go with anything so I got a few things that would mix and match well and gave what I would let someone else match or styles of clothes that don’t fit my parenting style (early potty training and baby wearing ) clothes that are difficult to get on an off 10 times a day and pants that stretch in the crotch that don’t ride up I have been picky really picky I watched to many mom’s say anything at baby showers and drown in laundry a few months later I have better things to do

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