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Poor little me had a band-aid on my poor little finger last week.

Crazy Weather = Dry Skin = The Side of My Thumb Splitting Open = Kind Of Hard to Type Which Is a Big Ol’ Part of My Job as a Blogger

So I used a band-aid. And then took a shower. And then the band-aid fell off.

I felt it fall. I saw it on the floor.

And I walked right on by.

And then I stopped to stare off into the future. The future which I know exists due to my past.

I saw myself FINALLY getting that blankety-blank band-aid off the floor. In the vision, I’m wearing rubber gloves.  In fact, I’m all decked out for bathroom cleaning. My forehead is glistening/sweaty and my countenance determined.

I’m on my hands and knees. I’m using various tools and substances to peel, then scrape, then scrub and clean what is by then a gooey, sticky black stain. A glue-based stain. A glue-based stain that has attracted dirt and hair and other such bathroom-related disgustingness. Ick.

And then I see my Future Self look straight into my own Right Now Eyes. And I say, “Don’t wait. Do it now while it’s just a band-aid.”

Finally, the Right Now Me gives in, bends over and takes the half-second required to pick up a not-yet-stuck-to-the-floor band-aid and throw it away.

Even though Right Now Me knows that Future Me was being a little dramatic, her incessant drama is exactly the reason why she/I/whoever would have put off this task until it took waaaayyy more than half a second.


--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    haha! i realized i was beginning to MISS you right when i snorted coffee into my nose! that was about line number 6.

    yes, i actually got up and wiped the keyboard splatters too.

    thanks. 🙂

  2. 2

    Good for you! I try to think like this as I walk by the stickers that my 2 yr old took off the sheet and left on the hard floor. Sometimes I succeed, and other times I create extra work for myself by delaying.

  3. 3

    Hahaha! I love your blog. It’s like you’re me! This is why I look forward to all of your posts. Keep keeping it real!

  4. 4
    Kim Saint says:

    Noni, are you my long lost, twin sister? Or do you have secret cameras placed in my home? Because this post (and many others) of yours is so me! BTW, a great salve for cracked fingers, bug bites, and general “boo-boos” is:

    We’ve tried several lotions,balms, etc., on our dry cracked hands and this one works the best hands down 🙂 It is a liitle pricey, and it does stink.

    • 5

      Stink?? OK. That’s kind of a deal-breaker for me . . .

      • 6
        Kim Saint says:

        Maybe stink is a little too negative of a descript, maybe natural herbal odor would be better. LOL! All joking aside, it’s beyond me why products seem to require a unpleasant fragrance to actually work. But this one does work really well.

  5. 7

    This is a lesson I try to explain to my kids. If they know it’s going to be hours before I’m in my kitchen again, and they spill milk on the counter, or dribble syrup, or anything, it’s going to take them half a second to wipe it up then. If they leave it for me, I’m going to be stuck scrubbing it. Learning the ‘do it now’ concept makes housework a lot easier.

  6. 8
    MaggieSays says:

    So. Much. Yes.

  7. 9
    Elizabeth says:

    This is something I have watched my husband do over and over and over….. and over… which is why we have 4 dishes on the floor from feeding our two cats in the evening… he kicked them twice this morning making his lunch… and they are still there… so is the bowl that is in the hallway for some reason and the battery for the power tools and…. and…. and… drives me insane… I will be the one who picks up the dishes. I will be the one who picks up the bowl. I will be the one who has to find the crap that he left on the dining room floor until I pick it up and put it where I will know where it is… ’cause sure as sh-ootin’ he’s not going to know where he dropped it…

    • 10

      I soooo feel you, and the two kids are exactly the same. Really gets me when they get mad cuz they trip on something they didn’t pick up. As if no one could have know that would happen:) I’m a slob but no where near as bad as the rest of them, more than likely because I’m normally the one who cleans it all up!

  8. 11

    This is something that I’ve slowly been working on. It goes along with the rule that you should bring something with you whenever you walk out of a room. So if I’m going to the kitchen I should bring my dish with me or if I’m leaving the bathroom after a shower I should bring my clothes to the hamper on the way out. Great post Nony 🙂 I needed the reminder

  9. 12

    Great post Nony! It is hard to remember at times that the reason we have to spend such energy and time could have been avoided had we taken the 2 seconds to take care of the task before it spiraled out of control. I am still working on this myself. 🙂

  10. 13

    I love it! Makes me think of stopping to scrape stickers off of my floors with my fingernails which kind of takes the “fun” out of mopping.

  11. 14

    Because of this blog…and you, I now stop and pick up the little bits and pieces as I see them. Slob vision was STRONG on this one.

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