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Welcome to Podcast #20!!!

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This week, I talked about how I fit in weekly cleaning tasks, specifically how I combat my T.P.A.D (Time Passage Awareness Disorder).

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My Weekly Cleaning Tasks (With Printable Checklist)

I can’t talk about weekly cleaning tasks without explaining that daily tasks are more important. Read about my Daily Checklist here.

I also answer (as best I can) a question from one of you asking for advice about an overseas move that requires major downsizing. Read Andrea’s question here.

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  1. 1
    Angela Ponder says:

    Very nice!!

  2. 2

    Hi Dana,
    Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the podcasts ! They are so inspiring, funny and real-lifey 🙂
    I guess I’m a half-slob-half-organized girl (weird!) so I really like reading about organizing and decluttering stuff, and I like your blog posts too, but I ironically get to reading too much about organizing (and many other hobbies) and whoops- the day is over and there are still dishes in the sink, not to mention more in-depths clutter… so your podcasts are great – it makes me motivated to get up and wash the dishes or the floor while listening and I also learn a lot from your tips !
    Thank you !

  3. 4

    Just listened to podcast 20 this morning (as I was folding laundry & walking around the house putting stuff away). Can’t tell you how much I enjoy these podcasts; I feel like you are in my head or something! We think alike.

    I agree that having a weekly cleaning plan gives you a point of reference as to how long it’s been since you’ve cleaned something…and also that daily habits makes the process of really cleaning go much smoother because you don’t have to stop & declutter first!

    Anyway, love love love the blog, love the podcasts. Thanks for keeping me on track!

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