018 Decluttering Clothing Podcast

Podcast #18 from - Decluttering Clothing!

Finally, another podcast! Just two weeks late!

In this podcast, I’m talking about decluttering clothing.

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    My husband ordered all new work clothes this week and he has promised me that e will allow me to get rid of the old clothes that they are replacing, instead of keeping both sets as we usually would! (YAY!) 🙂

  2. 2
    Angela Ponder says:

    Thank you so much…I was struggling and still am getting rid of work clothes from years ago. Which is funny cause I can now toss out the everyday clothes that I don’t wear…etc… just those work clothes that I bought when I wasn’t a SAHM. I don’t wear many of them and I think I have to just grab the ones I no longer wear and toss….buy knew ones if I ever get a new job. Since my memory is not the best once I toss the clothes I will forget the memories and that is a hard one. But new memories will come and it is time to get them out of there!!! The important memories will stay!! :O)

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