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Podcast #16 from - Decluttering a Child's Room

Finally back to podcasting after a few weeks off!

In this podcast, the main focus is on decluttering kids’ rooms.

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  1. 1

    I totally get this because I have felt the space at the foot of my bed (that is currently/again cluttered with mostly clean clothes and hampers) BUT it felt strange….almost too big, so I let it clutter again, but it’s beginning to bug me so I want to declutter it. I just don’t know that I will love it the way you love your space because it feels wierd and not “ah, lovely” :/ any ideas what this is about? (I have the two ebooks u had on special recently, 28 days and ocean, just in case you need to refer me to a specific page)

    • 2

      Honestly, I advise (based on how I worked on areas) to keep decluttering it every day for a week or two and see if you can adjust to the new normal. My love of open/uncluttered space has greatly grown.

      • 3

        LOL, I thought I replied on the “square footage” post (oh well)…ANYWAY, after reading your reply, I was like, “m-K” and went about my business…then I walked into my bedroom and I said, “Ohhhh, THIS is what it will feel like! :D” because some time ago I decide to keep my hubby’s side of the bed clutter-free and when I walked in, there were a few dirty clothes there AND THE LIGHT BULB WENT ON! I now understand what you meant by adjusting to the new normal: that’s the feeling I have to achieve by continually decluttering that area. Thank you Nony!

  2. 4

    Today was the first time that ive looked at my home as a confessed slob ready to take my first step…i took ur advice and hit visible spots first and did one shelf inthe living room and boy does it look great! It felt so good that i got caught up and while.i was getting dressed i couldnt ignore that the makeup drawer was full of things that were just hampering me actually finding wat i wanted…so out came a garbage bag…and…thank u nony again!!! Its addictive!!

  3. 6

    Thank you so much… this makes since on how to help my kids out with there rooms… sometimes I wait to long and then we start in and it gets very frustrating… one day I recall cleaning it up before they came home and yes are they way happy… I’m going to have my dd clean out her magazine rack… because now Nony told me the rules… and the rules are that shelf can’t hold that much. LOL

  4. 7

    There is a point where you have to start at the back and work your way into the light. I started with a storage room before going to un-do the damage I did in my husband’s office. That’s because his office would spend some time being even more trashed, but the working storage room would allow me to get more “doesn’t belong in the office” into it and actually be able to walk to all walls.

  5. 8

    There are no podcasts on any of these pages that I can find. I know there used to be. I’m on my mobile, maybe that’s it? When I click on the numbered podcast link, I get the page detailing that podcast, but there is no play button, no audio file, no podcast. ?

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