Jealous of Other People’s Houses

Jealous Of People Who Can Find Things


I’m not talking about swimming pools or jetted tubs or even closets that are bigger than mine.

I’m talking about finding things.

Now, there are often times when I do know just where something is. I remember being praised for my amazing organizational skills when we celebrated Christmas at my house three days before my first child was born. I told my mother and sister-in-law exactly where to find things as they worked in the kitchen while I rested on the couch.

(I was probably resting because I had worn myself out getting the house ready for their visit.)

But at moments when I need a specific something I don’t often need, but I know we have, I get so frustrated knowing Other People have “spots” in their homes for things like church directories.

Or houseshoes.

Or mop buckets.






  1. 1

    We HAVE places for things like church directories, but all too often someone moves it from its spot, which drives me crazy :-). I do appreciate your blog SO much. I am naturally quite organized and am blessed with 8 children, some of whom are not nearly as tidy as I am. I am understanding their brains so much better.

  2. 2

    You will get there, I have no doubt. In fact, creating homes for things is just the next step. You have home for probably 90% of you stuff. It’s not a big deal to find good homes for the rest of it. Take us on that journey, Dana! Series title: A slob gets organized! (Though you’d think of a much pithier title.)

  3. 3

    Me too me too! Frustrating…makes me feel better that you have these issues too. Thank you so much for your blog. Keep at it and I will too…

  4. 4

    Me. Too.

  5. 5

    We have the same problem here. Although many things have homes in our house nobody puts them away. The same nobody then complains when they can’t find it next time. **(insert rage face)**. Good luck with it, if you figure it out can you let the rest of us know? Thanks.

  6. 6

    I can relate! We have a homeschool room full of desks…one for each child. Guess what we spend about 2 hours a week doing? LOOKING FOR SCHOOL WORK! I often wonder why we have that room!!

  7. 7

    The last time I cleaned and organized, my husband told me that now he can’t find things. LOL!

  8. 8
    sam james says:

    My problem isnt that it DOESNT have a home, cause it does! My problem is the 5 year old & 2 1\2 year old constantly into stiff they shouldn’t be. So they move it. Or I have to move it every month as they get taller and able to reach it again. So it gets lost! Oh and a husband who cannot put it back where he got it from! Grr.

  9. 9
    Stephanie says:

    My husband says I have a black hole that follows me around. I can lose ANYTHING at any time lol. It doesn’t matter how organized I am, there will always be one thing that I really have to have right this minute that has gone astray. Thankfully I married a Finder and given a few moments he can find anything no matter how long it’s been lost.

  10. 10

    Handy hint that works for us, is to have supplies in more places.
    Example- I have a pair of scissors in every room of the house.
    Scotch tape is in the kitchen and a few rolls in with the wrapping paper, along with another scissors and a couple pens.
    A garbage can in every room is a great help too, it might not be the most attractive accessory- but it looks better than garbage laying around.

    • 11

      i recently came to the realization that i needed more laundry hampers! one in my bedroom, and one in the kids bedroom (which i already knew), but i discovered i also need one by the changing table (which is actually in the office–don’t ask) and in the bathroom, and i even have one in the laundry room (for donate-ables)

  11. 12

    Just found your blog and am happily reading (and laughing) my way through the archives. Found you on Facebook, by the way. FB helpfully thought I might like your page. I do!

    What’s funny is that my blog is, ostensibly, about the exact OPPOSITE type of person, in my case, the “born organized”. But, when I read your stuff, I get you, 100%. Just love your voice.

    So glad I found you. You’ve got a new fan. A neat, tidy fan with “places” in her home for every little thing, but a fan nonetheless.

  12. 14

    I just got caught up on all your podcasts! I think the only reason my house looks the best it has ever looked before is that my husband and I recently had a baby and reality set in quickly! I used to be jealous of my friends houses but now that my house is showing it’s true potential and beauty after we removed tons of crap, I am not anymore. It’s easy for me to get rid of stuff but not my husband. I actually invited friends over for the first time in years! Thanks for your blog I can relate to alot!

  13. 16

    I’m pretty good about being able to find things most of the time. However, my husband has figured out a method to my madness. When he can’t find something but he remembers where he last saw it, he looks in the nearest storage area to the item’s last location, and that’s usually where I put it.

  14. 17

    My problem isn’t in having a spot–normally I do–but in it actually being there! I’m an organized mess, I tell ya. -Tabitha

  15. 18

    My church directory, along with all important Things I need for church are In a blue binder also. So now I frantically search for that blue Binder every week =)

  16. 19

    I know this is an old post, but I had to respond. Yesterday I called my husband, all flustered, because I couldn’t find the vacuum cleaner. Yes, the very large very awkward appliance in our tiny 2 bedroom condo was missing. Where did I find it? Right in front of my face of course.

  17. 21

    oh i have spots. doesn’t mean the things are in the spots,but they definitely have spots!

  18. 22

    I have a place for everything!! (well I do have areas that I haven’t yet found a place for) BUT!!! I don’t always put things where they belong, then I can’t find them when I need them, then I get mad at myself because if I had just put it where it belonged, then I wouldn’t have to be driving myself crazy to find something that I should of put away in the first place!!!

  19. 23

    My problem is that the “place” for way too many things is “the top of the desk” or the top of the dresser”. When I ask your decluttering question, “If I needed this item, where would I look for it?” the answer is the place that it has has lived for the last decade or so, right where it is sitting. If I try to find it a new, more appropriate home, I can’t find it.

    My husband has at times called my paper stacks a WC Fields filing system since, if given an approximate date of what paper is being looked for, I usually know about how far down the pile it is and can find it.

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