A Container LightBulb Moment

I loved this picture and note that Angie shared on my Facebook page SOOO much that I just had to share it here!

container lightbulb moment at ASlobComesClean

Nony, I just had to share this with you and would like to thank you for introducing the concept of CONTAINER into my slob brain!

This is a picture of my son’s dresser.

All of the drawers are full and all of those clothes piled on top are no longer tormenting me since I now understand that I don’t have to over stuff as many shirts as I can into the dresser or find unused corners of his room to put too many pairs of underwear! The dresser is made for containing actually more clothes than he needs in the first place (he’s only 7 for crying out loud), so all of those extra clothes on top are getting donated!

When I asked her if I could share, she said:

Yes please use it! Also, see that bookshelf there to the left? I spent ALLLLL day yesterday making sure that this shelf actually CONTAINED the books that fit on it! I got rid of more than a half of a trash bag full of books that were stuffed in and around that thing. CONTAINER is making sense! I can’t believe it!

I’m so excited to see this life-changing concept in action!! Go Angie!!

--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


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    Apparently I haven’t read enough of your container posts because I just got that concept myself. And I realized that my house is the biggest container of all. If it doesn’t fit well, if it doesn’t look good, it’s time to start some serious purging. 🙂

  2. 2

    Ditto what Kristy K James just said! Just got it and thought big like my house-THANKS -Patricia

  3. 3

    I’m going through that right now… I have all these sweaters that I don’t use… as winter goes by I will be donating those that I don’t wear. I’m clearing off shelf space as we talk… I have sweatshirts that are in a bit from last year for my dh… I am putting them on the shelf and telling dh to go through them. This probably will not happen… maybe… we’ll see. I figure though if I get them out of the bin and on the shelf we will see what he wears and what he doesn’t. You see I pile the clean ones on top so the bottom ones that he never pulls out to wear will be the ones that go. I know sneaky… but what can you do. He was taught to keep things shirts and stuff like that. If he wears them or not.

    • 4

      such a good idea- I have been purging my own closet for 4 months- feels so good to have things neat- working full time with all the other stuff makes it that much more important to continuously purge what I don’t wear or use.

  4. 5

    PS… with my 7 yo one day this fall I brought out all the dresses and shirts and put them in two piles… she told me which she liked and which she didn’t. It was a great day. Those all got donated too. I will do this every spring and every fall with her. My 11 yo I can’t do that with… high functioning autism. For him I just tell him what he has on is to small take it off and go change… then I grab those wash and donate. You do what you can. ;O)

  5. 6

    Can you cancel my post?? I just went and got that box out and there were only summer clothes. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that empty shelf. LOL Ok… I’m so confused… and excited at the same time… I’m done and have a clean shelf. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 7

    I learned many years ago to measure my kids (me & hubby too) 2x per year…..I can measure clothing in a store to see if it will fit, before they even try it on……trying to purge? – we measure those items too….has saved us many (what would be stressful) shopping trips or purging sessions…..I can give more info in detail if needed…..

  7. 9

    Love it! That’s great.

    And a quilt on the wall – BONUS POINTS!!! 🙂

  8. 10

    When I joined weight watchers, they told us to shop in our closet and purge the big clothes. I need to get busy.

  9. 11

    I need to work on this. I buy containers but never seem to reduce the amount of stuff we have so they contain all of what they are supposed to. Great inspiration.

  10. 12

    If I could just think of my garage that way!!! Getting there. :-). Closet purging was made 1000 times easier after I studied the Dressing Your Truth website and ditched all the clothes that weren’t “my type.” Any categorizing system would work though— colors, sizes, styles– I recently helped my mom purge half her closet simply by taking each piece and asking, “Do you like this?” “Does it fit?”. Amazing!

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