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Podcast #13 from - Laundry Conquered! (& More)

Time for Podcast #13!

In this podcast, I share a little about what has been on the blog this week:

The Make or Break Step of Using a Dishwasher

Cleaning Out the Pantry (Again)

Cleaning Sounds Fun! (For, Like, 2 Seconds)

I also share how we’ve conquered laundry in our home:

My Laundry Metamorphosis

What Laundry Day Looks Like

Phantom Laundry – The Laundry Technique that is Rocking My World

The Space Time Continuum Defined (But for Slobs)

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  1. 1

    Awesome!! Thanks for the encouragement! Laundry is almost done… I didn’t put them away because of a silly thing. That silly thing became a habit… and so I did not get the laundry done. Thanks for opening my eyes…

  2. 2

    Ps.. Monday is laundry day here but I usually only get about 5 loads done… mostly of “what we need”. This next Monday I hope to keep up with the laundry and do at least 10 loads. I am slowly donating clothes that the kids don’t like or are to small. Even though I have though I do this I still have a lot and that tells me that I have a long way to go! :O)

  3. 3

    This was A-mazing! My laundry is done and entirely put away! It took 3 days and I didn’t yet tackle the build up, but I did put away extra clean laundry from even 3 months ago! Thank you!

  4. 5

    While doing laundry, our overflow pile was next to bedroom trash and in the trash was a seemingly good pair of jeans, after a quick hubby call, the jeans have a strategic hole, hence the trash. I was quite impressed with hubbys quick declutter. His response: just call me Toby-the-slob-comes-clean. (I may have mentioned your blog one or twice.. maybe)

  5. 7

    Thank you for this! We are trying so hard to get control of our laundry and have just 1 day to work on it. For years we have always done what we call the ‘rotation.’ Like you said, this is the clothing that we wear on a regular basis. We never get to the other things. Trying hard to get it all washed and get past that rotation!

  6. 8
    Brooke Rogers says:

    Hi! I love your podcasts. One thing though–they are very quiet, even on max volume (I listen on my laptop with an extra speaker and if I am doing the dishes I can’t hear you over the water!). Any way to turn up your max volume?

  7. 10

    Just found your podcast and I’ve been binge listening. I’ve decided to start implementing a laundry day and am very excited.. because the only person that runs out of clothes is me! All I ever do is the kids laundry it seems. Which is crazy because they have tons of clothes! So we’ll see how it goes.. my husband will probably fall over that I’m doing all his laundry too.. we married in our mid 30s and I’ve never done his laundry before =) I will be interested to see how much laundry we go through in a week. My twin girls are almost 4 and we are still getting through the potty accident phase with one of them. Plus they seem to want to change clothes all the time.. rambling now. anyways, loving your podcast!

  8. 11

    So–I just found you about 4 months ago and I am on Podcast #69!! You have been motivating me in my quest of cleaning my home. I feel like we are two peas in a pod! So, after listening to this podcast, I realized that having one laundry day definitely works best for me. My laundry day is on Friday (with a little into Saturday AM) My kids wear uniforms so it is so nice to know that all of the uniforms are washed and clean once Monday rolls around and I don’t have to scramble mid-week trying to wash shirts and pants!! After officially announcing that my laundry day was Friday, my 10 year old son came up to me a few days later and said, “Mom, I know that you said that laundry day is Friday but there are a few things that I would love to wear more often so I was thinking that maybe I would learn how to do my laundry. I was thinking that Tuesdays might be the best for me because I can wear some of those things to Cadets at church on Wednesdays.” He had it all planned out! We went downstairs and I gave him a little tutorial. 🙂 He doesn’t do his laundry every week but I think that it is definitely a step of independence for this kid! Thanks again for all that you do!

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