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Christmas Gift Ideas

Here in the U.S., it’s Black Friday. Personally, I don’t brave the crowds (or sacrifice sleep) to do my Christmas shopping on the craziest shopping day of the year.

Actually, at this very moment, I’m probably still enjoying my internetless week with my family. But I thought I’d make a few shameless attempts at earning a blogging buck by giving you some Christmas gift ideas. Each and every one with its very own affiliate link, of course.

All You magazine is the only magazine I currently receive. It’s fun to read, focuses on real people, and I loved it (and subscribed) long before I wrote for their website.

And right now, you can get two subscriptions for the price of one. You buy one one-year subscription for 19.92 and you get another for free. Two gifts or one gift with one for yourself! Click here for this great deal.

Don’t forget about the great eMeals deal I mentioned recently. I truly think this would be a great clutter-free gift!

Save 30% with code Cyber

And don’t forget that if you shop on Amazon for ANYthing after following any random link like this one to my very favorite movie of all time (which happens to have a newly-released 75th anniversary edition), I earn a small commission on anything you purchase.

Happy shopping!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your day!

Enjoy your home (whatever state it is in) and your family (whomever they are) and everything you have to be thankful for (whether you can find it or not).



A Container LightBulb Moment

I loved this picture and note that Angie shared on my Facebook page SOOO much that I just had to share it here!

container lightbulb moment at ASlobComesClean

Nony, I just had to share this with you and would like to thank you for introducing the concept of CONTAINER into my slob brain!

This is a picture of my son’s dresser.

All of the drawers are full and all of those clothes piled on top are no longer tormenting me since I now understand that I don’t have to over stuff as many shirts as I can into the dresser or find unused corners of his room to put too many pairs of underwear! The dresser is made for containing actually more clothes than he needs in the first place (he’s only 7 for crying out loud), so all of those extra clothes on top are getting donated!

When I asked her if I could share, she said:

Yes please use it! Also, see that bookshelf there to the left? I spent ALLLLL day yesterday making sure that this shelf actually CONTAINED the books that fit on it! I got rid of more than a half of a trash bag full of books that were stuffed in and around that thing. CONTAINER is making sense! I can’t believe it!

I’m so excited to see this life-changing concept in action!! Go Angie!!


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