Three Things I Pitched This Week

I could write an angst-filled post about each one of these, but I’ll spare you. They’re all things that OBviously needed to go, but still caused me to hes . . . i . . . tate before I decided to throw them in the trash.

Broken kitchen scissors.

Broken Kitchen Scissors at

I love my kitchen scissors, but as I trimmed my 40 lbs of chicken, they snapped. Thankfully, I was at about pound 36 when it happened. I bravely tried to keep using them, but couldn’t.

Good-bye sweet scissors, I’ll miss you. (But I’ll totally replace you.)

A reusable cup (with lid!!) that I liked to take to the gym.

Icky Cup

It’s pretty icky when water gets between the layers of insulating plastic.

Good-bye. I might think of you, but I do have other gym-cups to ease the pain.

Odd socks that have been coming through the laundry every week. You’re nasty and no-longer-white, so I have to guess whether you’ve even been worn.

Single Socks

Good riddance. You won’t be missed.

What have you pitched this week?




  1. Does expired food that no one will eat count? How about a partial package of chicken nuggets that my son totally would have eaten…but I confused with the mozzarella sticks he wouldn’t?

    And a less than six month old, NOT cheap can opener that quit working (and it’s not electric).

    • Yes. Expired food totally counts!!

      • Sweet! But I have to add one thing here… I forgot to mention what happened when I threw the can opener away. My son watched me pitch it in the trash and in shock and disgust said, “What are you doing?! We could use that as a back up in case the new one breaks!” Unless he’s looking for a sprained thumb, I’d rather just replace the new one when the time comes. I taught him well, didn’t I? :)

  2. emily grace says:

    Nothing yet, but the week’s not over! I have thought about tossing a few things.

  3. tossed: the multiple plastic & glass containers that I was saving because “I can use these for something”. Gone! In the recycle bin and Gone!
    In the box for a charity who called & will pick up at my door, a crazy blinking light that my grandson drug home but gives me headaches every time it lights up. He agreed to the departure.
    Plus in the charity box/bags: children’s clothing, baskets, decorative buckets and a few books in there too. I have put myself on ‘restriction’ from any other purchased books (far, far too many in our house), so am trying to read them & pass them on to others. The library is my new best friend.

  4. I cleaned mega-stuff out of my fridge also. I tossed out some clothes that no longer really fit and I know I will never mend, passed on some to others. A small start but it is better than no start at all. Last week I took a bunch of disposable containers to my church … they use them to send home food after potluck dinner.

  5. I’m trying to find something to go into a goodwill box every other day. So if you count good will, baby clothes, mama clothes, light fixture, some books, toys, DVDs and VHS, that’s . This week. And I’m excited I threw away clothes this week! I allowed myself to say yes we are poor but I’d rather they wear those I stained shirts 3days a week then ever be seen in this stained shirt! I am so proud, and The Lord always provides so I’m sure a new shirt will be handed down if we truly need it. :) . Along with my clutter which I see as a super mild form of hoarding, I realize for me it’s fear I can’t afford to let it go. Even though its broken a little or I don’t use it. I was thinking of things as blessings because they were given to us when we couldn’t afford them. Luckily The Lord is working on me, amen lol. And I’m realizing if it is only cluttering it isn’t a blessing, just stuff that is better off else where! Thank you so much for your blog/vlog/podcasts! <3

  6. I threw away a basketful of old papers, note cards, etc. and cleaned off the junky paper on my fridge.

    I also weeded out some clothes and other items for my yard sale box.

  7. Hahaha! My kitchen scissors snapped, not one, not two, but three months ago. I have kept them and used them, swearing I will throw them away as soon as I buy new ones. You have inspired me to bite the bullet and toss them.

  8. Lately I have tossed a lamp that does not work…. (that we had kept for about 8mths…) a steam mop that constantly leaked water everywhere (again, had been kept for many months….-.-) and about 8 bags of clothes that we had either grown out of or just never wore….. (donated to goodwill happily)

    We still have so much stuff to go :/

  9. My husband is a pro at throwing things away. He doesn’t put them back to decide later like I do. He does it NOW. Earlier he was cutting some brownies and broke the knife (no, it wasn’t the brownies fault). He immediately threw the knife away. No hesitation. It was broke and couldn’t be fixed so no discussion.

  10. We did the sock thing right before school started and probably got rid of half our socks. We then matched them all and have continued that process right when they come out of the dryer. Everybody is loving the ease of that morning ritual so they are helping with the matching WOOHOO!!!

  11. Momofthree says:

    Socks that no longer fit my boys – feels so good now to open that drawer and not have to dig to find socks big enough for their feet! Also a box of boots and shoes that are worn out and too small for my kids that has been sitting in our upstairs bedroom for about a year.

  12. I have thrown away some OLD school papers, along with random trash. I put 3 or 4 books in my donation box. This is unrelated, but I’m reading “28 Days to Hope for Your Home.” I did day 1 and am reading ahead, though I’ll reread the pages for each day. This blog has been sooo helpful to me in breaking old habits and forming new ones. Thank you!!

  13. i really should start throwing socks away. they have been hanging around the house way too long.

  14. I use the old socks and those missing their mate to clean/ dust with then I toss them!

  15. Faith Rich says:

    yep the broken kitchen scissors has happened to me, usually while i’m opening a fort knox-esque packet! And I could write a book about broken plastic! Odd socks are popping up all the time as well as my Hubby’s tools!

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