Podcast 005 – Calling Myself a Slob and My Second (Of ONLY Two) Decluttering Questions

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Podcast #5 is a little late, but is now up!

In this podcast, I share Part 5 of my Slob Story, which includes the decision to call this blog A Slob Comes Clean, even though I had never called myself a slob before that.

I also tell about my not-normal week last week.

Other things mentioned:

My Two Decluttering Questions

Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer (The project when I developed the two decluttering questions.)

My Decluttering Page (Links to lots of decluttering posts)

My E-book: Drowning in Clutter? (Don’t Grab a Floatie, Drain the Ocean!)

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  1. 1

    I get so excited when you put up another podcast. I am always inspired to clean and always do so while listening to your podcast. Thanks so much, Dana!

  2. 3

    I teared up when you talked about not telling hubby. My new years resolution was to get the house under control and when I told hubby he just looked like here we go again. He normally is so encouraging but I’ve tried to declutter and given up so many times, he wasn’t as excited as I was. I’ve been working on the kitchen for 2 months and it looks much better.

  3. 4

    Thank you for your honesty.I have same problems. nice to know I am not the only one

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